Employment has become very important for any individual to survive in the present competitive world. You should have a job so that you can take care of your daily needs and also to take care of your family. But in order to get the employability you need to be very smart and multi-tasking – because in the present corporate world they prefer individuals who are able to do different tasks at the same time.

Hobbies That Boost Employability

Diversity in Jobs:

In the olden times it was only men who used to take care of all jobs – but now women have entered all the areas in the corporate world as well as skilled jobs. You will find that women are working in all aspects of work unlike the olden times.

1. Women empowered jobs:

In the traditional times women were supposed to be just housewives and were allowed to do only non -substantial work. They were considered as persons who are just meant to take care of the household and children; they were never considered at par with men. But with the passage of time and requirement of the society women have become stronger and are entering in every field in the industry.

2. Latest trend in employability:

The trend has taken a drastic turn during the last few years and you would find that most of the top positions are adorned by women. Women are now considered equal to their male counterparts in all fields and all levels. The general conception is that women are more patient, they are good listeners and moreover they have better management skills. There are simple reasons why you would find females in almost all type of jobs.

Diverse Jobs for Women:

There is a huge diversity in jobs for women in the mainstream industry which offer excellent earning opportunities to the women. They are able to satisfy their intellectual skill and also their management skills. The experts have always mentioned that there is no field where the women cannot excel but still here are some of the jobs which have proven excellent and the most rewarding for women.

1. Teachers / Education and training experts:

Teaching has been the most dominated field by women. The observant and caring nature of women helps them in making good teachers. As compared to the olden times there is a huge development in this field. More and more investment is being pumped into the education industry and hence it has become the most lucrative industry for women. The women have a varied choice in the education industry and each position depends on the educational qualifications.

2. Human resource executives:

Human resource is dominated by women. Human resource calls for excellent communication and inter personal skills which are inculcated in women thoroughly. This department is the most important department in every organization and hence the women get a chance to excel themselves in this field. Besides it is also a financially lucrative field. There are many institutions who impart the degree in specialized Human Resource Management which is important to get into various human resource positions.

3. Medical practitioner:

In the olden time the medical career was limited to males as it had many stringent rules and regulations; but with the passage of time more and more females are entering into the medical field. There are many women professionals and experts who have created a niche for themselves in the medical field. They have been successful because of their patience and also caring nature which is most required in this field.

4. Fashion and Media:

When you watch any fashion show you shall find more women on the ramp as compared to men. Most of the times men are working at the backend; but the times have changed you have more and more women working at the backstage – there are many noted fashion designers in our country who have earned name and fame in India and abroad.

Hobbies and Employability:

In the recent times hobbies have taken a forefront in order to increase the employability of the person. It has been proved through various studies that if a person is involved in their best hobbies then it increases their performance. Here are some reasons why hobbies help you to increase your chances for better employment.

1. Increasing your skills and passion towards work:

When you are into a job then you are given on the job training – this is because you would be having almost the same skills as others. This training is just to make you more known to the company and your job responsibility. But if you have hobbies that are not followed by your colleagues you can make a different mark in your career. The hobbies should be such that it increases your passion towards your work.

2. Enhancing performance at work:

In the recent times there have been various studies which have been conducted in order to understand why few employees of the same level are not able to perform properly. It has been noticed that those employee who thoroughly follow their gut instincts and have hobbies of their own perform better as compared to others. This is because they have a spark in themselves and this keeps them motivated.

3. Faster adaption:

Those who have their own hobbies and interests are very adaptable as compared to those who do not have any hobbies. It is easier for them to adjust in any of the working environment and the best part is that they can face the competition faster and they are the persons who prove to be winners in the long run. They combine their personal skills along with their technical skills and this works wonders for them in their career.

4. Accomplishing nature:

When you have a hobby you will definitely try and win in your hobbies and this trait continues while you are working. You would always try your best and become number one in all the activities you do during your employment. You will always have the boosted energy while working in their jobs.

5. Excellent combination:

When you are giving an interview – they generally ask about where you have worked and what are your present job responsibilities – you would have noticed that after all this they will ask what are your hobbies. This is because the management can gauge your personality traits. They can easily understand how good you are at managing the staff or what is the best way to utilize your skills in the company. Hence having a hobby is a value addition to your resume.

Which hobbies help your Employability?:

Hobbies are regular activities that are generally done for pleasure; these activities are usually done during the leisure time one has. The employers look for employees who have a combination of personal and technical traits in order to work for the company.

The hobbies include collection of various special items, playing different types of sports, making creative and artistic paintings or you may pursue various other amusements which vary from your daily life. When you are engrossed in your hobby for a long period of time then you tend to have more knowledge about that particular hobby. There are different types of hobbies people prefer to pursue – let us discuss few hobbies that actually help in your attitude towards your work.

1. Bungee jumping:

Imagine that you jump off a tall bridge with just a big rubber band attached to your feet – this is an adventurous sport and can be performed by brave hearts. Proper precautions and training should be given as bungee jumping could be fatal and dangerous. This is a hobby which increases your self-confidence over a period of time and you are capable of facing any tough situation at any given point of time.

2. Scuba diving:

The biggest problem a person faces with any kind of diving is shortage of air while diving. In scuba diving you need to carry your oxygen cylinder and mask and when you feel you are out of air then remember that you have to de-pressurize the oxygen cylinder just before you crack the surface of the air. Here you will be trained to be patient and understand things in a better manner. Those who have been doing this are more patient and think things differently.

3. Sky diving:

Any diving where you freely fall just with a bit of fabric between you and earth – now when you go sky diving you need to make sure that while you jump your parachute is well in place and at one click it opens up to protect you from a deadly fall. You will never be afraid of heights – you will have more of will power and you can easily face any dizzy situations.

4. Ski jumping:

You would imagine that what are present between you and the ground below it is just two strips of wood. Yes this is a deadly hobby to flip one place to another that too with a ski; you can add tricks to this dangerous sport. This is definitely one of the deadliest hobbies but those who have been interested in such feats are very adventurous and take up some most tough projects in their employments.

5. Heli skiing:

Here is a hobby that is breath taking – you need to jump out of a helicopter you get on to your skiing slope and as you move forward you have loads and loads of snow avalanching behind you. Imagine you jump out of a flying helicopter it required lots of confidence – so you see it builds up your confidence.

6. Cliff diving / base jumping:

The cliff diving could be dangerous if not done correctly. There are many persons who have died while colliding with the rocks while cliff diving.

7. Boxing:

In this sport your only aim is to beat your opponent. Boxing is sport which is practiced and appreciated all across the globe. But over a period of time the person has to take care of the various injuries which affects your body. You are more concentrated while you are working – your targets and dreams are very clear.

8. Rock or summit climbing:

Mountains are dangerous very often. There are many people who have taken this as a passion and hobby. You need to take care of your safety while you climb mountains.

9. Motorcycle racing:

Normal motorcycle racing may not be dangerous but imagine a race in which your bike jumps upto 30 feet. In such stunts make sure you have a helmet for yourself along with various protective gears. Racing is generally considered as racing against time – in case of employment you are so fast and perfect that you reach ahead of your colleagues.

10. Hang gliding:

In hang gliding the higher you go the lesser chances of falling. This is considered as the most deadly hobbies. Here it will help to lose fear and take up new projects wherein you will do something new with a confidence that you will succeed at any cost.


Hobbies are very important in the present career they are a motivating factor for any individual. These hobbies bring out the creative skills of the person. There have been cases where the individual may not be having much experience in a particular work but have good external and creative skills. The companies should bank upon these skills and help the individual to bring out their best during their employability. The hobbies also reflect the nature of the person – it helps the management to understand whether the person is an extrovert or an introvert. How they shall react to various situations – what are the type of jobs that can be handed over to the individual – thus helping the individual to grow and at the same time the performance of the company is also enhanced.