Thinking about starting a new business and providing all sorts of arrangement to start a business takes a lot of planning.

Most of the time when a person starts a sole trading company or new business, he or she manages necessary arrangement for the smooth flow of the business.

And eventually, when that business makes a profit and starts growing, then at that time the businessman need to think about making some changes in the business. Most importantly, some changes like hiring new employees and HR managers.

How to Hire HR Manager

When to Hire a Human Resource Manager?

As the company or a business starts growing, the businessman or head of the company needs to make changes in his/her business or company.

And to do that the company needs a human resource manager, who can help the directors of the company with their company related issues.

Moreover, this discussion over human resource manager is about finding those necessary reasons through which the company decides to hire a human resource manager.

1. When there are more than 50 employees:

It is not necessary that thought of hiring a human resource manager should come to the person only when his or her business or the company maintains more than 50 employees.

There are certain rules and regulations even for such company or a business who maintain less than 50 employees and such regulations can be handled precisely even without any extra help from others. But when the company handles more than 50 employees, then that business requires an experienced HR manager.

2. When the business makes a greater profit:

As it is very common to know that whenever a person starts their business, then the end results of those businesses are measured in terms of their company profit and loss.

Similarly, when a startup makes a greater profit, then the directors of that company or the business need to think about hiring a human resource manager for the well-being of the company. Therefore, taking a decision to hire a human resource manager when the company starts earning better is an intelligent decision.

3. When there is company emergency or crisis situation:

While starting a business a person understands all the requirement of the necessary positions in the company. But some of them have a misconception that it is a waste of time to hire a human resource manager and they think like that because the initial impression of the human resource manager is that they are supposed to help the company with the hiring process. Moreover, this misconception changes during emergency and crisis situations in the company.

4. When it is cost effective:

Most of the time the company needs to follow all sorts of labor law to protect the rights and benefits of their company employees. But some of the laws which are in favor of the employees need to be handled with the expert advice. And that word of advice can be expected from a professional human resource manager. Therefore, it is quite cost effective when the company decides to hire a human resource manager to minimize their regulation costs

5. When it requires better communication:

Sometimes some issues between the employer and the employee can be way more difficult as it seems. So to handle such situations during crisis situation, the company or the business head need to think of hiring a human resource manager.

A human resource manager is a link between employees and the employers, he or she is the one who acts as a communication level of connection between the company activity. And it is quite necessary to understand all the advantages of having a human resource manager.

What Makes a Great HR Manager?

A human resource manager is a person who handles all the manpower related activities of the company. Not only that, the human resource manager also provides financial and organizational related assistance to the company. There are several things to be considered to make a great HR manager.

1. Excellent working experience in HR roles:

The human resource management consists of different roles of actions. And one of the common elements that need to be expected from every human resource manager is that they are supposed to handle all those roles of actions perfectly without any extra effort. And that is why while appointing a human resource manager, the candidate must have prior experience to the position applied. Therefore, prior working experience in HR roles provides all sorts of benefits to the company and the manager as well.

2. Knowledge about human resource management:

It is essential to understand each and every aspect of human resource management. Moreover, the important elements of human resource management are that to handle all the legislative designs of the company and its employees. And to do that company needs such human resource manager who understands and obtains prior knowledge about activities of rules and regulations in favor of the human resource management.

3. Decision-making skills:

It is not entirely up to a human resource manager that he/she can take all sorts of the decision of the company, but his/her opinion matters the most in the activities of the company. The actual decision-making process in human resource department takes its way through the human resource manager and, then it will take its turn to the director of the company. Therefore, it is not entirely a decision made by the human resource manager, but his/her opinion about a decision weighs heavier than anyone else’s opinion.

4. Motivating staff member:

Most of the while working in the office, people talk about their manager and rest of the staff of the company. But when it comes to a manager and his or her staff, then it is quite different from others. Apparently, the manager handles his or her staff as per the duties and responsibilities are given to them, but some of the managers misuse such power. So instead of pissing all the employees off, it is better to understand them and gel with them so that they can provide better performance. And to do that the HR manager needs to motivate his or her staff regularly.

5. Ability to handle excessive workload:

It is quite possible that the human resource manager is supposed to handle all sorts of activities of the company. Most people misinterpret that a human resource manager can only handle employee-related issues of the company. But the actual scenario of the job description of the HR manager is that he or she should know how to handle a situation with what type of solutions. Therefore, the human resource manager needs to be active with his or her project handling.

Qualities & Characteristics of a Good HR Manager:

A good human resource manager is supposed to have certain qualities and skills that is necessary to deliver his/her line of duties and responsibilities. Most of the qualities and characteristics listed out in this discussion are commonly experienced and known by the human resource manager.

1. Communication skill:

A good human resource manager needs to be great with his/her communication skills. As most of them involves training and presentation sort of work. And to do that the human resource manager needs to be fluent with their communication skills to reach the understanding level of their clients and employees.

2. Creative:

Nowadays, the employment system changed several working environment in the company. The employers used to think that people with a prior experience in the field of work can handle any type of work assigned to them, but people changed their thinking with a twist of innovative and creative ideas. Currently, those who create new ideas in their work and try to complete their task with better profit are preferred better.

3. Time management:

The most important factor that is expected in every field of work. The time management can be measured in terms of their punctuality and précised work. A good human resource manager should be good at those both to handle his or her duties better.

4. Multi-tasking:

The human resource manager needs to understand all the factors of working on different projects at once. It is not necessary that the human resource manager should excel in his or her duty line which is expected from his or her position.

5. Leadership skills:

People always misinterpret the difference between a leader and a manager. Apparently, the funny part of the difference is that the manager needs to have a leadership skill to deliver his or her work. Maintaining a leadership quality is not so easy, but if a human resource manager identifies its parameters of work, then it is achievable. A leader must lead his or her team with the motivational aspects of work.

HR Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

There are several duties and responsibilities of the human resource manager and they are as follows.

1. To deliver the work of employee training:

It is one of the duties and responsibilities of the human resource manager that he or she need to make a prior decision of recruitment aspects of the company. And eventually, recruitment process involves on the job training and off the training sessions. Moreover, the human resource managers need to take over all these duties for the development of the company.

2. Handling recruitment process:

A human resource manager is a person who has all sorts of power and understanding about the potential candidates. Therefore, during interviews the HR manager handles all the sessions of interview personally so that there won’t be any mistake while choosing a perfect candidate for the post.

3. Identifies legislative needs of the company:

The most part of the company includes all sorts of governmental legislative work in it. And to deliver all those employment legislative work the company hires a human resource manager. The human resource managers need to identify the needs and provisions of the company employment policy.

How to Find a Great HR Manager?

Finding a human resource manager is easy but finding a great human resource manager is not easy. A great human resource manager needs to understand his or her duties, responsibilities of the human resource management. Moreover, he/she also needs to obtain qualities and characteristics of the management as well.

1. Strong academic background:

To be a great human resource manager a person need to obtain a strong academic background. The certification of human resource management provides knowledge and capabilities to handle his/her duties and responsibilities as a human resource manager. Therefore, to be a great human resource manager a common manager need to acquire greater knowledge about the human resource management.

2. Understanding roles:

Most of the human resource managers take their responsibilities very lightly. Moreover, the level of their work is comparatively lower than the rest of the staff. Therefore, human resource managers need to handle his or her parts of work, then take correct actions to deliver that part of the work.

3. Nature of equal fairness:

Most of the time while working in the office people experience some sort of discriminating factors in the company. And to avoid such issues in the company, the human resource manager need to be fair to his/her fellow employees. It is a core and essential duty of the HR manager because he/she is the one who handles all the requirements and benefits of employee welfare.

Finally, the bottom line is that at the end of this discussion over how to hire an HR manager, all the participants and readers of this discussion can understand one small thing about the human resource manager, and that is their duty line. Therefore, to avail more and beneficial information on human resource manager interested readers can read all the above mentioned working criteria of the human resource manager.