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How to Hire a Good Designer for your Business or Startup


When we started to talk about a good designer, people often think that what designers do is to make something look good no matter the field of designing, whether it is architectural or fashion designing.

People really have a false concept about the designers which often make a good designer unsettle and result in changing jobs or looking for better opportunities.

The designers are more than someone who makes things looks pretty; the design is all about how the thing actually works and not at all about how it looks.

So the better question is what traits make a good designer? Read the article to know all about designers and how to hire them.

Good Designer

What Traits Make A Good Designer?

Designers are not those, you can just hire in a simple interview. There are a lot of things that make a good designer and you must know what traits make a good designer whether you are the recruiter or the designer of it.

The job of a designer is much more complicated than what most people think because they are average people with the average thinking mind, but a designer thinks on a whole lot different level. Here are some traits that make a good designer.

1. Creative:

Designers are creative and they think out of the box. A designer never works to the perceptions and preset rules, but they are responsible for finding solutions to their design.

Innovativeness is the key of a designer; if they are not innovative their design would lack freshness and appeal.

2. Meticulous:

Design is important and all the part plays an important role in the overall design of it as well whether they are very small or large. A designer must be meticulous enough to pay attention to every minor, insignificant detail because every detail is important in the whole design.

3. Unbound:

Incredible designers are unbound by principles. Planners need to comprehend social standards, desires, and restrictions of assembling, promoting and different parts of outline usage.

Nonetheless, as opposed to being constrained by convictions, points of reference, and desires, awesome designers are interested in the not exactly evident answers to issues.

4. Communication:

Without expressing, designs would stay in the psyche of a planner and never have an opportunity to have a beneficial outcome in the world. Designers impact by portraying, making models, utilizing PCs, composing, talking and some other important devices.

5. Hard worker:

The designers are in charge of discovering answers to the problem by designs. All that understanding and listening would be squandered on the off chance if it doesn’t prompt to an answer which is the waste of assets and good money as well as bad reputation on the part of the designer.

At the point when an originator has an objective or a target, he or she is planning an answer for a current issue.

Much of the time, they ought to outline answers for issues individuals will pay cash for. On the off chance that a plan doesn’t take care of an issue, it’s regularly viewed as a feeble outline. Incredible designers discover desirable answers.

6. Patient:

Patience is another quality a designer must have because designing is a task that generally takes the tool for the designer and they still have questions to answer and something do not go the way they have to redesign. So patience is indeed a great deal for a designer.

7. Grounded:

Extraordinary designers have a comprehension of our general surroundings. They search out answers for genuine issues and have a longing to improve the world. Incredible creators know how to share their thoughts and make them genuine.

Essential Skills Every Designer Should Have:

A designer is a person who we think can create magic by the design, but the reality is the designers are the people with a little different approach compared to normal people.

They never see the grand outlook of a thing, but like to understand the thing to the core so that they can learn what the fuss is all about.

There are few skills a designer should possess essentially because a designer is not a designer without the skills. Here are the essential skills every designer should have.

1. Basic HTML and web design:

Basic HTML and web designing are important in the current designing field. They are not hardcore programming, they are just basic and easy enough to use. A designer must know the basic designing language.

2. Photography:

In the wake of ensuring that the hues, text styles, and whatever remains of the format function admirably together to shape an outline show-stopper, the exact opposite thing that you need is to have a not exact engaging picture demolishing everything.

A solitary picture can influence everything else around it, and the wrong photograph could put all your exertion in making every page perfect to squander.

3. Typography and typesetting:

A photo might be justified regardless of a thousand words, yet now and again you simply require one. Typography is one of the foundations of visual depiction and it ought not to be dismissed.

Logo creators specifically need to comprehend the better parts of typography, including picking, controlling, and notwithstanding making sort faces. Concerning typesetting, you can’t think little of its esteem.

4. Digital print production:

While numerous visual creators tend to concentrate on the photographing control and delineation segments of configuration, given their emphasis on innovativeness, once in a while the specialized parts of craftsmanship get disregarded.

While inventiveness and the capacity to execute on it are surely essential, it is additionally profitable to have the capacity to go about as a professional utilize those manifestations definitively.

5. Color theory:

Colors are an important part of a design as the use of color can make something attractive or ugly. A designer needs to understand the color theory as most clients like or hate design instantly based on color.

6. Networking:

A worldwide view of the designer has changed a lot in the last decade. A good designer also understands the power of networking and how important it is for their designing career.

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Designer:

Designers are not someone who can work for few hours and give you the result, in all honesty, most designers are different from regular employees because of their working style and the way they look at the world and see things through. Here are the top ten qualities of a great designer.

1. Creative Ability:

An incredible originator has a characteristic masterful ability and is gifted in an assortment of craftsmanship procedures.

2. The consciousness of the Audience:

An incredible originator knows about his or her group of onlookers and tailors the work to meet the desires of that specific crowd.

3. Correspondence:

An incredible creator has fantastic relational abilities. They are great audience members and ready to collect what a customer is anticipating. They can participate in significant discussions with customers to guarantee both sides are in understanding the work that is being finished.

4. Innovativeness:

An incredible originator is extremely inventive and ready to grow new, creative thoughts for tasks. They are continually considering distinctive methodologies and systems.

5. An eye for Materials:

An awesome designer has an eye for shading, surface, texture, space, and the different components that go into the different outlines. They know about the broad assortment of materials accessible and comprehend what functions admirably specifically extend.

6. Modesty:

An extraordinary architect has a solid feeling of quietude and perceives that individuals have changing tastes. They are not anxious about feedback and can deal with proposals for change.

7. Critical thinking:

An extraordinary architect has sharp critical thinking aptitudes. At the point when tangles emerge on the plan, they can rapidly and placidly build up an answer.

8. Cooperative person:

An awesome originator cooperates with other people. Frequently, outlines require the contribution of different originators, and an extraordinary planner must have the capacity to function admirably with anybody required in the outlined procedure.

9. Specialized Skills:

An awesome designer has a wide assortment of specialized abilities. They can utilize PC projects to help with the planned procedure, also extraordinary manual outline methods.

10. Vision:

An incredible planner has a fantastic feeling of vision and can get a handle on what a customer is requesting. An extraordinary planner can picture the final product and set an unmistakable objective.

Designer’s Salary:

The salary of designers depends on various aspects like location, an organization they are working for; their clients and level of designing. On an average scale, a designer earns $61000 which is pretty good. A designer earns well only if he/she knows how to design and how to design for the solution.

Tips to Hire the Best Designer for Your Team:

Hiring a designer is always a tricky decision and the problem is most recruiter doesn’t understand that how should they hire the designer. There is no official procedure that can be followed, but here we are trying, to sum up, everything you need to know how to hire a good designer.

1. Portfolio:

A portfolio shows the working designer has done so far, but you can ignore this if you are hiring someone for the junior post and candidate is promising enough as well as you trust yourself that you will train the new into what you want.

But if the designer is going to work from day one then you should really go through the portfolio and let them recount the story about the work.

2. Can they recount the story?

Narrating is urgent expertise of architects. To start with, would they be able to recount a convincing tale about the pieces in their portfolio? Regarding why an outline is a sure way and not another? Recounting a story or narrating tells the recruiter how much they are involved in the work they do actually.

3. Do they design all the time?

A person who loves to design can opt for a profession of designing. A person who designs out of love for designing is different from the person who just designs to earn a living. Genuine designers who have a passion for the work never sit idle or forget to design.

A real designer always thinks of something related to design and never works to earn the money and that’s why that makes them the best choice out there.

4. Are they fit for your job description?

There are many designers out there with education and talent, but are they really fit your job description? Hire only those candidates who fit the job description and have talent and education as well.

5. Do design exercise:

Today’s designers are smart enough to prepare an eye-catchy portfolio, but it doesn’t mean they have done all the work in the portfolio of the work they are showing is going to solve your problems.

Do design exercise, that way you will know the actual designer and how problem-solving they really are, as well as got to check the real designing work in front of your eyes.

6. Trust your team and guts:

Your team is the one that actually is going to work with the designer, so trust their judgment because someone can be good in the interview, but not with your team, on the other hand, trust your guts as well. Your gut feeling comes when you find someone suitable.

7. Recruit a designer yourself:

You are the one that needs designs; your team of recruiter doesn’t know what you need and why you need a designer. Be a large part of the designer recruitment and don’t leave everything on the recruitment team as they only check the qualification, not the suitability.

8. Could they scrutinize/take feedback?

One expertise that applies for about each sort of designer occupation is the capacity to evaluate others and to acknowledge feedback well. If a man isn’t great at this then you should let go the person instantly, even if the person has a most amazing portfolio because the person who cannot work in a team is useless.


A designer basically is an important candidate and hiring them is not a piece of cake. In this article, we had tried our best to show you a way you can use to hire a designer and we really hope this article helps you in one way or another.