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How to Hire Freelancers with an Irresistible Job offer?


Of course, you want to hire freelancers who are the best and most qualified to do the jobs you need to be done. No one sets out looking for the second or third best person to work for them. But remember that the hiring process is a two-way street – potential candidates also need to want to work for you.

Hire FreelancersAlso, effective hiring is about more than just posting a good job description – it’s about making your offer irresistible to potential candidates. After all, the best talent wants to work for companies that value them. That’s why it’s crucial to craft a compelling job description and utilize proven techniques that not only attract but also retain top freelancers.

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Tips to Hire Freelancers:

Make it easy for them to find your job offer:

This sounds like a no-brainer. Of course, you wouldn’t willingly make it more difficult to find your job posting, but you could be doing this without even realizing it. Putting a heading at the top of your job posting may make it stand out from the rest.

While it’s great to set yourself apart from the crowd, steering yourself too far away could make you less visible.

Remember that candidates are going to search for certain keywords, so you’ve got to include those keywords within your title. You can include those keywords in a different and creative way, but for your posting to show up in a relevant search, those words have got to be there.

Let the candidates filter themselves:

Chances are you’re going to get a lot of applications, some much more qualified than others. You shouldn’t be wasting your time reading through applications of candidates who are far too under-qualified to be considered.

Instead, let them take themselves out of the running, by specifying in your job posting those qualities that are non-negotiable. If an applicant sees that they don’t have the qualifications you’ll be looking for, they’re more likely to not bother applying. You’ll end up with fewer applicants overall, but the crop you’ll be choosing from will be better filtered to start with.

See who’s paying attention:

You want to hire someone who pays attention to detail and listens to instructions. An easy way to see if a candidate has these qualities is to include a specific instruction within your job posting.

Doing this helps you determine who has taken the time to actually read through the entire posting, and then has followed through and done what they’ve been instructed to do.

The simplest way to do this is to ask candidates to put a specific word in the subject line of their application email. Without even opening and reading their message, you’ll be able to see who reads through and follows instructions.

Don’t skip the editing:

No matter what your deadline for posting your job offer is, editing and proofreading cannot be overlooked. Putting out a mistake-laden job posting reflects poorly on a company, and shows a level of carelessness that may turn off potential candidates.

Get Rid of Errors in your Writing with the Help of These Tools:

Best Grammar Checker Tools:

Paper Rater:

There’s no need to download anything with this free online proofreading resource. And, with a paid membership, there are so many more features to make use of.

Polish My Writing:

Get instant feedback about the content of your job posting with this checker, that will point out mistakes you’ve made, as well as provide you with helpful suggestions for making your content better.

Assignment help:

When you have questions about the rules of writing and grammar, Assignment Help is there to help you find the answer. Letting mistakes go unnoticed may turn away the best-qualified candidates, who are unlikely to miss the mistakes in your content.


Download Ginger to any device, so you can write, edit and post your job offers, no matter where you are. Don’t let errors make their way onto your job postings, simply because you’re typing on the go.


It’s always ideal to have a live person checking over your writing since they can see things a computer just isn’t able to. Errors in the context that are easily missed by a computer won’t get past a professional proofreader from Paper Fellows.

Hemingway App:

Put your content through the Hemingway App to check for readability levels, grammatical errors and suggestions for improving the quality of the writing overall.


Plagiarism checkers from Academized can help you avoid embarrassing and potentially reputation-killing mistakes.

Easy Word Count:

Some job postings are limited to a certain word count. If you work within restricted counts, rely on this tool to help make the most out of every word you can use.

Slick Write:

It’s fast, it’s free, and it’ll help turn your good writing into great writing. Slick Write breaks down your content into different categories and aggregates information, so you’re able to see exactly what your job posting is composed of, including detailed word count breakdowns.

Big assignments:

Don’t let the all-important job of proofreading your job post done by anyone less than an expert. Big assignments can match you up with a professional who’s perfectly suited to get your job done flawlessly.

Don’t leave anyone out:

If someone applies to your posting, reply. A simple acknowledgement of their application can go a long way in keeping the doors open for future opportunities. You never know what may happen down the road. Another job opportunity may arise, or your chosen candidate may not work out as planned. Establishing a good rapport with all of your candidates means you can confidently contact them in the future if you need them, and expect a positive response.

Attract the best, and hire the most qualified freelancer you can find, by putting together an irresistible job offer. Using these tips and techniques, you’ll bring in a higher number of quality applicants to choose from.

About Author: This is a guest post by Gloria Kopp who is a web content writer and an e-learning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from the University of Wyoming and started the career of a creative writer. At present, she works as a freelance writer and editor. Besides this, she has recently launched her Studydemic educational website.