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Best or Highest Paying Internships for Students


Now that you are to complete your graduation and want to upgrade your skill set to get ahead in a career, you must be on the lookout for good internships that offer a good incentive scheme. There are many companies that offer incentives for projects being executed in their premises.

Highest Paying InternshipsWhat is Internship?

-It is an opportunity to integrate work related experience into graduation course study.

– Internships are, basically, provided to students, whether graduates or postgraduates, who are on the lookout to improve their skills and gain experience in their domain of study. It is the work experience provided by the company to graduating students for a short period of time.

-The firms that extend this support includes governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, and businesses whether small or big.

-The organization, in turn, recruits those who are talented and have a good academic performance to get new ideas and suggestions to improve their business.

– Every year the process of recruitment involves new students who bring in new ideas. Thus the business is benefited by working with those ideas and brings in a change to their business.

-The internships are mostly organized by third-party groups that recruit on their behalf. But it varies from company to company and country to country wherein the interns are treated accordingly.

– There are paid, unpaid, partially paid and research-oriented types of internships.

– Invariably it creates a network with professionals and leads to employment opportunities for the future.

– The student gets the benefit of getting hands-on experience in their field of interest.

– By choosing internships, students choose their field of work with interest and get ahead in a career.

Objectives of Internships

There are Five Objectives of Internships. They are as follows

1. Assessment and Counseling Objectives
2. Crisis Intervention Objectives
3. Multicultural Awareness Objectives
4. Consultation Objectives
5. Professional Identity Development Objectives

Paid internships:

Most of the postgraduate programs are paid by a small amount to promote higher studies and research in that field. It motivates students to take up higher education for pursuing research work in that discipline.

The interns are paid on a regular basis, usually, monthly in the form of stipends. The amount is based on the average of the hourly wage rate depending on whether he/she is undergraduate or post-graduate.

Why Internships are Important?

  1. When added in a resume, it is advantageous for the graduating student to land a full-time position in a renowned company.
  2. Even unpaid internships are considered by college graduates as it helps them to build their resume and gain experience.
  3. It helps to establish contacts with professional personnel.
  4. The service rendered by the interns is sometimes replacing that was cut out.
  5. The student is able to understand what would suit them as a full-time career after they complete their graduation.
  6. It allows the students to connect with their mentors.
  7. The students, as interns, are introduced to the work culture and etiquette before they start their real work experience.
  8. The students accumulate new skill sets during the course of their training at the workplace.
  9. The real work exposure makes the student be aware of time management.
  10. The company gets to know if the student is suitable for the related task.

Getting hired as an intern requires you as a student to upgrade your resume and add on skill set.

Highest Paying Internships:

Now while reviewing companies that pay for an internship, facts are available that brings out, which company offers the best package. Let us review the highest paying internships

From various sources, it is claimed that Facebook interns are the highest paid with a median monthly salary of $8000. Sources providing data has listed as below.

1. Facebook – $8000

Ranked as #1 as its open to different cultures, has world-class mentors and provides real-time opportunities. The interns working are provided with free food, transportation, and housing facilities. They have the advantage of attending to paid events as well!!

2. Microsoft– $7100

For those aspiring to be a software developer, this is the best place to groom yourself where it offers rotational experience. For those who are graduating in computer science, electrical engineering, and computer engineering, it’s an excellent place to take up an internship. The company is beaming with a diverse workforce, where talented mindsets meet and share their inventions.

3. ExxonMobil – $6507

The interns are guided by dedicated coordinators who define the tasks to be executed. These tasks are mostly intended to contribute to the daily business work and the interns are assigned work, as a new hire would be. The tasks cover process simulations, safety procedures, standard operating procedures, monitoring studies, process controls and also economic studies.

4. Salesforce – $6450

The interns have exposure to real-time world business scenarios that help them to work on. It helps them to get connected to their counterparts on a global level. Besides, the interns experience guidance from mentors in their portfolio and can get enrolled in talent development courses.

5. Amazon – $6400

The interns here experience a wide range of positions that they could choose from and work on challenging problems. Their training modules are robust giving the interns exposure to experiential learning techniques. They are also guided by mentors to be involved in this fast-paced innovative workplace.

6. Apple -$6400

The interns get to work on projects that are globally recognized and experience, being part of it too. The culture here is diverse and innovative. They also get to work along with teams that support each other making them accustomed to working in coordination.

7. Bloomberg -$6400

The training program designed for the interns helps them to contribute to the business as they are given positive feedback from their managers. Moreover, the interns also get to be in the culture of Bloomberg’s through its events that are organized regularly.

8. Yelp -$6400

The interns here are exposed to a 3 months training program. The service rendered by the interns does impact the success of the company’s business. Various categories of interns are recruited. There are lots to know and learn, while at Yelp.

9. Yahoo -$6080

There is always a wide category of positions offered and workforce are from diverse backgrounds. It could be from robotics to social media. Innovation is the word that they look out for. The interns here gather a lot of knowledge through work and play. In one word, it provides an opportunity to learn.

10. VMware -$6080

It is known to offer a variety of opportunities that helps interns to expand their network and learn. They get exposed to industry professionals who provide meaning to their work experience. Also, they get the opportunity to expand their network by getting to share their work experience.

11. Google -$6000

The interns are selected from various backgrounds that bring together talented minds to help the business move ahead. The interns are also involved in problem-solving. The operation team works in collaboration with the sales, marketing, technical teams to find the right solutions for users.

12. NVidia – 5770

The interns here are given real-time projects that get them to work alongside the employees. In fact, they also get to attend meetings with other interns so that they could extend their network and build relationships. The advantage is that they have flexibility in selecting or changing projects.

13. Intuit -$5440

The internship programs in this organization bring in experience with cloud, web, mobile technologies. The programs are unique for an entry-level position as the jobs are rotational such that all get a taste of all the fields of work. This helps one to enhance their career, knowledge networks, and experience.

14. Juniper Networks -$5440

By recruiting new interns, the company gets more new talented developers who are passionate about their work. The company is committed to bring in changes through its pool of talented young generation, who bring innovation to their business. There is transparency to a higher level of positions for the interns.

15. Workday -$5440

The interns, who are passionate and innovative are selected for working here. The programs here are designed to provide challenging roles that help to develop future leaders. Interns here get the privilege of being treated like their own employee.

16. BlackRock -$5400

Being a global investment management corporation, interns joining here get to learn the methods of guiding firms of their financial investments and managing assets. There are various field of work that they can select, namely investments, client business, technology, analytics, and risk, etc.

17. Adobe -$5120

Known for making changes in the digital world, interns get to work alongside people who love to dream and make their dreams come true. This inspires them to nurture their ideas and be part of the change. They also get the opportunity to work along with statisticians, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, activist, etc.

18. Mathworks -$5120

Getting an internship at this place provides valuable experience as the interns get to work on their own projects with the support of a mentor, who provides regular feedback on the performance. It provides a good learning experience. The internships last from 3 months to 1 year.

19. Qualcomm -$5000

Being recruited into this firm makes the intern experience being a part of the telecommunication company. Not only the intern gets exposed to working in the lab but also be part of writing codes.

20. Capital One -$5000

The program offers interns exposure to company critical business areas that allows interacting with best-talented personnel. It also motivates teamwork. The program lasts from June to August. They also teach about work-life balance.

21. Chevron – $5000

The internship helps the student to get exposed to the real problems so that they provide the right solutions. The invaluable experience gained is uncommendable as it is a potential career opportunity.

22. Accenture – $4960

The interns joining here learn to kick start their career as they get exposed to a variety of work including conducting research, analyzing data, software testing and writing reports. During the course of training, the interns learn to network, learn new skills, and known about corporate culture.

23. Deutsche Bank– $4640

The internship program here provides the students with various options to select from, that includes investment, banking, human resource, and risk management. By exposing to the work, the interns get prepared to work in international banking environment.

24. AIG – $4616

As it is related to the industry of insurance, students can select their choice based on their interest. To name a few, they can take up underwriting jobs, actuarial jobs, data analyst jobs or insurance jobs after they complete their studies.

25. Bank of America – $4570

The internship programs prepare MBA students to engage them in real-world business projects related to retail banking, small business banking, global marketing, corporate affairs, etc.

26.Directi Internship – $870

Directi seems to offer great summer internship opportunities for engineering students.

Here are the Few Common Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are internships paid?

Answer: Yes, the Internships are paid. Here is the list of companies that pays well.

2. When do Internships start?

Answer: Most of the Internships Start in the Very First Monday in June and the duration can be 8-10 Weeks and some of them can be extended up to 12 Months also

3. Does Google have internships?

Answer: Yes, You can find the details above here

4. How Internships benefit companies?

Answer: Yes because they bring the talented students to contribute to the organization’s goals and mission also they provide additional support and increase the organization’s workforce