In general terms, group cohesiveness is being committed to a group or to group members where all the members of the group find similarities in their nature and interest.

It can also be called as team cohesiveness. It is a circle of people who share the same interests and abilities. And such group and their group members are reliable for each other.

Moreover, reliability can be positive and negative as well. Most probably it is up to a person in which kind of group or cohesive team, he or she is in.

Group Cohesiveness Advantages Disadvantages

What is Group Cohesiveness?

Group cohesiveness can be defined as a group session where in which, group of people connects them with the help of similar interest and program. Moreover, it is a process where a group of people for a group or a team consider their similar interest and ability.

1. Similar interest:

Being a part of a group or a team is not that easy as it seems. Some groups and teams maintain a certain type of ground rules for their group. And those ground rules can be measured in terms of the common interest of all the group members.

If anyone wants to join such a team considering their common interest, then they should follow all the ground rules given by the team leader.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand that all the group of team maintains the same level of interest in their team formation.

2. Group dignity:

Every group or a team maintains a certain level of pride and dignity with their team and team members. And to maintain that dignity and pride of the group the members deliver certain responsible services in favour of the society and whoever concerned.

Moreover, it is an initial process of every group activity and in that process, they undertake several services according to the pride and dignity of the group. And every single member of the group takes part in such activity of the group.

3. Commitment:

Commitment is a word which describes a person loyalty and honesty relating to the group.

Most probably every member of the team needs to show some sort of commitment towards their work within the group and for that, they need to take active participation in the activities of the group. This can lead to develop high performing teams.

Therefore, it is very much necessary for all the members of the team that without commitment a group cannot survive in their future activity.

Important Factors of Group Cohesiveness:

To understand the importance of group cohesiveness, one should well understand the group cohesiveness definition and cohesiveness meaning. Therefore, with this additional info about group cohesiveness, one can have a better clarity on it.

1. Equal mindset:

As people join some group with a thinking that they can be a part of that particular group as they share a similar kind of interest, then they definitely should go ahead with their decision and join such team or a group.

Most groups which maintain a certain focus element in their group considers their members’ interest to carry on with their group services.

Therefore, most of the group accepts those candidates who are very much interested in their activity. And other than that no group accepts a person with different nature of interest.

2. Communication:

As it is explained earlier that, communication between the team and its team members is very much necessary.

If there is any sort of miscommunication between the team and its members, then it is quite clear to everyone that there will be all sorts of doubts between the team members.

Therefore, communication creates a link between the team and their member’s point of view as well.

3. Trust:

Sometimes trust holds all the main activity between people, whether it is a company, organization and the team. And that is why all the people who are in connection with the team or a group need to maintain a positive trust on their team and their decision.

Therefore, it is very much necessary to understand all the factors of trust in the team and their decision and moreover handling all the facts relating to that.

4. An objective of the group:

Every group or a team maintains their objective for that particular group and that group delivers their objective in the form of their services and activity. And that is why objective holds all the basic need of the group or a team.

Therefore, maintaining an objective for a group or a team is necessary to continue with their positive intention about their social activity.

Eventually, these social activities with a positive objective can bring them a positive recommendation for their future benefits.

5. Experience:

Experience means their previous group experience. Most of the time these group experiences create a difference with the new group.

This difference can bring up all the new and creative ideas within the members of the group and which is a good thing for the overall growth of that particular group.

Therefore, all the things which come with the help of a previous experience in group cohesiveness can provide overall growth.

Importance of Group Cohesiveness:

When it comes to valuing something in one’s life, then people experience some sort of issues with it. And to understand such importance of that particular thing, a person need to appreciate its worth, which is possible only by handling all the activities either it is group or individual.

1. Performance:

As it has been explained earlier that, the factors which brings up all the importance of cohesiveness of group performance can be measured in terms of their activities.

Performance matters in the group cohesion and especially when it is mattered with the services delivered by each and every valuable member of the team.

Therefore, performance matters with the activities which is delivered by the group cohesiveness behaviour.

2. Satisfaction:

The main issue that every member of the team face while working according to the expectation of the group that the team members might feel a bit left out other than a team leader.

It is not necessary that all the valuable members of the team need to be treated well. It is even expected, especially from the team leader that he or she need to treat all the members of the team same so that they can feel complete satisfaction with their work assigned by their team.

3. Emotional factors:

Most of the time while working in a team people used to feel a bit attached to others who are active members of the team. And it is normal to feel emotional around them.

It is even possible that all the things which come up or which come along with the help of group cohesive behaviour is quite a result of hard work and team spirit.

Therefore, emotional factors always weigh heavy in terms of group cohesive nature.

4. Pressure of assurance:

It is quite possible with all the element and characteristics of group cohesive behaviour that most of the factors comes up with the help of group working or because of the team task.

Therefore, it is very much necessary to understand all the matters which can bring up with the help of all group related behaviour and eventually this creates a level of pressure with an assurance of work completion.

Consequences of Group Cohesiveness:

According to Richard M. Steers, “Specifically, when cohesiveness is high and acceptance of organizational goals is high; performance will probably be high. In the same way, low cohesiveness will be directly proportional to performance“.

True group cohesiveness and closeness experienced by members of the group had an important positive impact on performance result. Some of them are,

  • Higher Influence
  • Higher Participation
  • Higher Communication
  • Higher Productivity
  • Higher Conformity
  • Higher Success
  • Higher Personal Satisfaction

Advantages of Group Cohesiveness:

All the factors and study elements relating to the group cohesive behaviour is a cover-up for all sorts of benefits of group cohesiveness. Therefore, these advantages or benefits can clear out all the fogs surrounded and can show a ray of sunshine.

1. Motivational elements:

As it is explained earlier that, all the elements which help a person to join or to be part of the group are the motivational elements which can be bought from the members of the team.

Moreover, these members can create some sort of differentiation between their improvement and courage in terms of their motivating behaviour.

2. Better cooperation:

If it is a group of members who share similar interest and attraction as compared to each other, then it is quite clear that all the things which can be delivered with the help of group cohesiveness behaviour can definitely produce better cooperation between the team and their members.

Therefore, because of group cohesive behaviour, the group can embrace better cooperation with their rest of the team members.

3. Time-saving:

A work or a task allotted to a group of persons instead of work allotted to an individual can definitely approach a positive side of the work.

For instance, when it comes to an individual person, then the person might take a little longer time to solve the issues, but when it comes to group of people, then the solution can be better and quicker as compared to the individual doing the work.

4. Improves communication:

As it is a task of a group or a team, then the team leader might be aware of all the consequences of work assigned to a person. And because of the group cohesiveness, the whole team can experience some sort of change in their communication levels.

These communication levels create a difference in their personal and professional life as usual. Moreover, it also provides good confidence to all the members of the team.

Disadvantages of Group Cohesiveness:

Most parts of the study material with the subject line group cohesiveness can clear all the doubts among its readers and with their team. Therefore, it is necessary to know more about the disadvantages of group cohesiveness, and then these disadvantages can help a group of people with all the growth and success of their daily work.

1. Low level of productivity:

Most of the time, working in a group can not favour a company or an organization with the help of their own group, and that is because all the teams own their own thinking.

And in this case of production, a group cohesiveness brings it down to a low level because most of the team members available in the team are from the same field of work.

Moreover, it is a fast moving generation and that is why it’s necessary to understand the, low level of productivity among the team members.

2. Lack of creativity:

As most of the members of the team share a single and simple interest and eventually this type of similar interest can deliver the same sort of results each and every time.

Therefore, because of group cohesive behaviour the company can lack behind with their creative elements. Moreover, all the elements in the group cohesiveness provide a lower level of creativity among their group or a team.

3. Lack of innovation:

It is quite similar to the topic that one can understand better. At most of the time people involved in a group can come up with a low level of innovation and that eventually lacks creativity in their field of work.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand all the things within this group cohesiveness. Moreover, this creates a lack of innovation among their members.

4. Domination:

The domination can be experienced because of the team leaders of each and every group. Most of these type of group leader domination can never benefit the company, moreover, it can damage the unity of the group.

Therefore, all the team leaders need to understand that if they need and want their team members to work according to their direction, then they need to treat as equals in the group.

Finally, the bottom line is that at the end of the discussion about group cohesiveness, a person can understand all the definition, factors, importance, advantages or benefits and disadvantages or cons of the study material stated above about group cohesiveness.

Therefore, it is advisable to all the interested people that if anyone needs to know more about the group cohesiveness, then they can follow and read all the above-mentioned discussion and find all the answers to their questions.