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How to Brainstorm When Working Alone: 22 Creative Ideas


What is Brainstorming?

It is a magical connotation when you recollect the phrase brainstorming. Brainstorming is a methodology for solving problems. There are sometimes creative ideas required to solve problems where creative brainstorming meetings can be a perfect choice.

Creative brainstorming alone can be beneficial in many ways in terms of idea generation. When you brainstorm alone you can have the independence to offer any idea anytime and there is no need for you to worry about others. Other ideas cannot put you down or crush you. Below mentioned pointers gives you an idea about how to brainstorm when working alone.

brainstorm when working aloneHow to Brainstorm Effectively?

The following mentioned are few brainstorming tips on how to brainstorm ideas when working alone and different brainstorming strategies

1. Doing something different:

At times of brainstorming new ideas, it is important for the employee to do something entirely different. The employee can go out of the office and get involved into something that is completely different from his industry.

Generating ideas which are new is not possible, when you sit in the same circle. When you involve and do something unrelated to business every week, ideas grow which later leads to innovative ones. These innovative ideas can be applied to business.

2. Reading books:

It is good to possess a collection of books so that you can read something different when you have an issue. Once you read something off-topic you can get fresh new ideas when you come back to the issue. This can be one best technique to brainstorm program when you work alone.

3. Writing down and walking:

When it’s time to brainstorm completely, make sure to pen down brainstorming ideas. Also remember to take a break, a hot sip of coffee or a walk in peace. When you come back, you are fresh and you can edit or update your written ideas.

4. Visual ideas:

Visual ideas are always catchy and sometimes initiators for new ideas. It is better to use visual sources such as Google Images, Pinterest, Etsy and more to obtain visual ideas. By this way creativity is sparked and one can gain more new ideas through visual images.

5. Taking ideas from varied perspectives:

Browsing up sources which are unlikely is another way to brainstorm alone. You can check out with sources and materials which are completely different from your industry and a varied audience. By this ways you can find out if your coverage offers a more innovative idea which matches your industry and audience.

6. Drawing maps:

When you have planned to brainstorm in a solo manner, it would be good to draw maps. The way to be proceeded is by drawing maps and associating them with ideas. By this way when we walk down the brainstorming corner you can eliminate unnecessary ideas and choose only the perfect ones that suit your project.

7. Ignore thinking:

During brainstorming sessions alone, it is always good to remember that solutions arise when the problem is stopped thinking. You can gain more creative and innovative ideas when you force yourself. Another successful way can be by marking a deadline, as a deathlike gaze of time crystallizes your brain more.

8. Get fresh air:

Clear up your mind by stepping out and getting fresh air. Your mind can be cramped of creativity by sitting all day long in front of the laptop. When you are rejuvenated you can gain good ideas and creativity for your issues.

9. Feed your mind:

Never forget to feed your mind often; it is always good to feed your mind which can lead you to great ideas. To gain creative ideas, few tips can be to ask questions to others listen actively, take notes, and speak to other people.

Make sure that you stuff yourself with movies, plays, poems, comics, novels, magazines and lot more. All these are ways to explode with new ideas and never make you dry.

10. Judge your ideas:

It is always a habit that you may have good ideas sometimes and leave them out as they are utter ones and convince you. Make sure that you are able to evaluate yourself and judge your own ideas. You should know to edit your ideas and present innovative ones. Always take time to analyses and know your ideas if they are perfect.

11. Go beyond measures:

At times of effective brainstorming alone make sure that you aren’t careful. Try to go beyond measures and invite the wacky. Try to jump and go beyond ideas that are safe. Try to think in a sensible way so that you are suggested with creative ideas. It is true that sometimes non-sensual ideas lead to perfect solutions.

12. Leave behind technology:

When your left brain is busy with emails, text, messages and other interruptions, it makes it completely unimaginable for your right brain to storm with ideas. When you’re going to brainstorm, working alone make sure to disconnect yourself from technology so that you aren’t distracted.

13. Get bored:

When you are brainstorming alone, getting bored is common and always take it in a positive manner. Research has proved that boring leads to creativity and so new ideas are thus generated.

14. Being optimistic:

For ones who are planning to brainstorm alone, it is always good to take a deep breath, believe and smile that great ideas can be executed. Positive attitude is very important to run individual who like to brainstorm.

It is found out that brains coordinates well with optimism and hence can generate great ideas. Reading Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie are suggested as the brain responds well with positivist.

15. Fresh and comfortableness:

When you are brainstorming alone, make sure that you wear a comfortable dress that it does not interrupt your thinking. Start brainstorming when you are fresh and rejuvenated without interruptions. If not take a walk or take a break and make yourself comfortable.

16. Materials to use:

While brainstorming alone, small things add up, few people do not concentrate on these small things, but it is vital. It is important to have a smooth flowing pen which is quite comfortable in your hands. Get away from your usual work desk so that you gain more fresh ideas, use a laptop if it can help succeeding you in your thoughts.

17. Setting goals:

Set a goal for yourself where you can gain about 50 ideas, 100 ideas or more. Your brain as well as the complexity of your problem plays a major role in this session. When you set a goal, your brain will meet the criteria and work accordingly.

18. Matrices of ideas:

Another way to brainstorm alone can be to combine varied ideas. You can make use of matrix idea where different categories of solution for a specific problem are created. When you list out varied solution according to the criteria then you can get a number of possible outcomes.

19. Recording idea:

When you are brainstorming alone, you can use your ideas which you desire. In that manner recording good ideas can be a method which can be glimpsed through at the end of the day to pick the best idea. This helps in gaining you good results.

20. Use Google and alerts:

When you have decided to brainstorm alone make sure that you use Google and Google alerts. Use the right keywords so that whenever you open up, you get fresh ideas each day. This can be a great way to solve you issues.

21. Work when you brain is active:

There is a creative time for each and everyone when the brain acts perfectly by providing creative ideas. Some may have a creative time early in the morning, for some after coffee. In that manner there is a perfect time when your brain acts in a creative and refreshed way.

22. Making use of few apps:

Brainstorming methods alone has become a part of the industry and there are few brainstorming apps which can help you gain ideas. In order to organize your thoughts and think in a creative way dozens of apps are released in the market. hunting for the latest technology ideas and apps that are prominently used can be found out and utilized. This can be a great way for how to brainstorm alone.

Finally :

Brainstorming process in a group has a number of disadvantages where your idea can go unchecked, someone may steal the show and lot more. Here criticism is one main aspect which can block others ideas. With all these in mind, ideas can be grained when analyzed free and hence brainstorming alone can be a great way to gain more ideas and thoughts. For employees who wanted to boost up their creativity can run through these ideas above mentioned and get benefited. Apart from group brainstorming, individual brainstorming has more benefits and can reap you with desired results.