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Going back to Old Job after 2 Months: How to Return Tips


We often leave a firm or organization after deciding never to return there again.

There are many things in the firm or organization that irk us and make us think that a switch can help to make things better.

We have to go through the whole job seeking process, attend several interviews, be selected and then we land in our next job. This whole job seeking process requires a lot of time and effort.

After all this if you are forced to return to the previous organization, it can be really disappointing.

But it happens often and we need to be able to face life as it comes. Here are some easy tips and suggestions to deal with such a situation

going back to old jobThings to Consider When Returning to old Employer:

1. Challenges when you return to the same job:

Here are some of the most common challenges faced by an employee when he thinks of returning to his previous organization. You need to know how to deal with such situations.

2. Difficulty Facing Ex-Colleagues:

When you get selected into a better firm by the employers, your colleagues are sure to envy you.

But when you return to the previous organization in a couple of months, you become a subject of mockery. People around you are bound to tease you or make fun of you.

They may purposely ask questions relating to the previous job and the sour experience there to hurt you. You need to have the strength to face all this and move ahead.

The best way to tackle your colleagues is to tell them that you didn’t fit well in the new job. Hiding the truth is a very bad way to tackle colleagues as they are sure to question you again till they get the truth out of you.

3. Difficulty Convincing Your Ex Boss To Hire You:

Many times, candidates leave their firm or organization when the firm needs them most. This affects the trust of the firm on the individual candidates.

If you return to the previous company, your ex-boss may hesitate to trust you. He may think that since you have switched the firm, you have not been loyal to the organization.

The whole thing has a very negative impact on your job reputation. Convincing your boss may turn out to be quite a task. You may remind your boss about the merits you possess.

You can show him how you were an asset to the firm when you worked there. This reminder may convince your boss to hire you again.

4. Difficulty Negotiating and Fixing a Better Salary:

When you return to your previous organization in a couple of months, the hiring managers know that you are desperately looking for a job. They may try to misuse this opportunity by offering you a lower pay than you rightly deserve.

Convincing them to hire you for the same salary as the previous organization can be quite a tough task and will depend completely on your negotiation skills.

Try to tell the hiring managers why you deserve a higher pay. Remind them of the many benefits of hiring you instead of a complete newcomer. Show them the benefits the firm will have by hiring an experienced and intelligent candidate like you.

5. Affected Confidence Level:

One more thing that is affected greatly when you have to switch jobs too quickly or return to the previous employer is your confidence level.

If you have been told to resign by the new employer, you may get the feeling that you are really not fit for any job. The negativity in this emotion can greatly affect your performance.

You must thus make it a point that these factors do not hamper your inner confidence level. If they break you from within, getting back in form can be quite difficult.

You need to tell yourself that there are several employees who fail to adjust to a new company environment but that does not mean you lack ability.

You need to keep reminding yourself of your skills, knowledge and abilities. Keep trying and never let the break extend too long.

6. Altering Lifestyle:

When you join a new and better company, you get accustomed to a better lifestyle. You may have pickup service to pick you from your doorstep. Sodexo coupons may help you have lunch at cheaper rates.

Better comforts from the company tend to relax you. But when you lose such a job, it gets difficult to adapt to the previous lifestyle.

You may have to get accustomed to travelling by public transport again and arrange for food or carry a tiffin. It is not easy to make these alterations in lifestyle when you are used to a better lifestyle. These factors may also frustrate you.

If you are mentally prepared to accept these challenges, changing jobs can be much simpler. You won’t have much difficulty returning to your previous firm.

7. Benefits of returning to same job again:

There are countless benefits in returning to your previous firm when the new job hasn’t been very impressive.

That is the reason why most young candidates trace their steps back to the office of their ex-employer to get back the previous job. Here we have mentioned a few of the major benefits in this case.

8. You are aware of the work culture:

A newcomer takes a lot of time to learn the ways of the firm and act accordingly. Since you have worked in the firm prior to getting into the new job, you know the work culture in the firm and are able to act accordingly. This is surely a point in your favour.

Since you already know the work culture in the firm, you can dedicate all you time to understand the project at hand and complete it efficiently.

9. You know the people in the firm:

People who lack proper communication skills or people skills take a lot of time to get acquainted with people.

You cannot get to know people unless you spend time interacting with them. The benefit of going back to your previous organization is that you know everyone out there.

You won’t have to separately invest time to understand your colleagues. This helps you concentrate on your work completely.

If you have to co-ordinate with your team, knowing the team can help you assign the right work to the right team member.

If you are thrown into a completely new office with a stranger team, you may have to spend a lot of time understanding the skills and abilities of each team member before assigning work. Here again, returning to your previous firm offers you a benefit.

10. You know the risks and politics:

Every firm or organization have a group of shrewd employees who play politics. In a new organization, you won’t know who are these people but in a known firm, it is easy to gauge each one’s mindset.

So you can easily calculate the risks and dangers of assigning work to certain individuals. You will also know how to convince certain individuals with a little sweet talk.

Knowledge of these facts play a vital role in the corporate environment.

How to Convince the Company to Take you Back?

Once you have made up your mind to return to the job you left to join the present company, you need to take the next steps at war footing. Here is a step by step way to approach your previous company to hire you.

1. Stay in Touch with your Colleagues:

If you stay in touch with your colleagues, you get to know the actual situation in the company.

You will know if there are any relevant vacancies that you may fill in. You will also get an idea about your boss’ impression about you.

Once you know all these trivial facts, a face to face confrontation will become much easier.

2. Prepare to Answer Countless Questions:

The face to face confrontation with your ex boss is not going to be easy. You may have left the organization when your boss was least prepared.

Now when you return to the same firm in a couple of months, your boss would surely think twice before he hires you again.

He may think you have not been loyal to the firm. Your boss may ask you why you left the present firm, why you wish to come back to this firm and what if you get a better job opportunity soon. You must be mentally prepared to answer all these questions convincingly.

3. Don’t be sure you will be rehired:

Even when you have given the most convincing answers, don’t be too sure that you will be rehired.

The firm may hold a grudge against you and may consider it better to make a fresh start with a new candidate rather than depend on you.

Going back to the ex- employer for job is surely going to be tough, but if they hire you back, that is the greatest favour you can get. You just need to work hard and be loyal towards the company in return.