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20 Awesome Tips on Getting Rehired after Being Fired


Is it possible for an employee to join his/her previous company if the employee was fired from the same company?

How practical is it to get back to a company that had once asked you to leave?

It is observed that in many places the employees join back to their old organization.

This could be due to many reasons. But one interesting and important reason for the change is for a better salary package.

Employees who have been fired from a company often go through a lot of thinking process before they decide to get back to that company.

Getting rehired may occur to be the best solution because their ability in the company need not be proved time and again and also they could be offered a better remuneration.

On the other hand, the company need not spend much on the training aspect as he/she has been an employee previously.

Getting rehired after being firedOften in a new job, one needs to earn trust, confidence and get to know the team better, all which can be gained over a period of time.

The employee again needs to show good performance as per the expectations or even more. A mutual understanding needs to be built with the organization.

Hence looking into all these facts, an employee may decide to gain back a job from their previous company that had once fired them.

How to Get Rehired by a Former Employer?

Firing an employee is nothing unusual, though this is tough for the co-workers and the employers too, there are instances when such steps need to be taken. The reasons for it could be anything like misconduct, low performance, or even cost-cutting.

There are also tough times when the employer has to layoff few employees and promises to take them back if everything becomes normal. Sounds fake, but believe me, it can also happen.

A corporate finance director Melissa said that she was shocked to know that her employer fired her and even more shocked when rehired her back.

Melissa said, “I’d been with the company for 10 years, so I’d seen a number of leadership changes, We got a new CEO in 2014, who was at odds with various layers of the management team. She fired me and two other directors. By the time the board of directors got wind of what was going on, she quit and they had to quickly pick up the pieces. So six months later they offered me my job back.

Being fired and then offered job back is not a new thing and it can happen to any employee, irrespective of their job designation. Now before moving forward let us see few of the causes of getting fired.

Reasons for Firing:

  • Losing trustworthiness
  • Not being a good fit for the company
  • Poor performance
  • Conflicts with co-workers
  • Quitting voluntarily
  • Being laid off

Getting Rehired after Being Fired:

Usually, it is a sensitive decision to be made by an employee to get rehired. This is often the process that will be associated with self-dignity and values to each other that matter to get employed back into the old place.

On the other hand, when the employer thinks of rehiring an old employee, it still brings in a lot of analysis in terms of his or her capacities, efficiency, etc.

On the whole, either of the party considers a certain level of thinking before going ahead with recruiting or being recruited.

Some of the important or rather major reasons from both the employer’s and the employee’s point of view is listed below:

How to Get Rehired after Termination:

1. A suitable vacancy that might attract an old employee:

Sometimes employees find a suitable vacancy as per their routine and other commitments towards life, which makes them approach the old company that had once fired them.

2. Salary package:

higher salary package job Salary packages or perks make a lot of difference; hence this also could be one of the reasons to choose a job offer from the old company although it had once fired.

3. Position change:

If your old company is offering a better position with a good hike in salary then there is no harm in trying an opportunity to get rehired.

4. Social benefits:

Most women employees while searching for jobs consider the location of the company.

Based on the distance, they analyze the package they earn and the sacrifice they make to enjoy that benefit.

If it seems to be giving more and earning less, then they may consider the old company which is closer to commute and also get to enjoy a reasonable package.

5. Work environment:

work environment impact on employees For some employees apart from money, position and job domain, the work environment also matters a lot.

If they find difficulty in coping up with their current job, they could as well try getting rehired in their previous company as they need not adjust for anything new instead, it would make their environment more comfortable due to known faces and relationships.

6. Budding opportunities:

An employee may seek an opportunity to get rehired from an old company because of its growing standards and market position.

This naturally gives better opportunities for the employees within the company.

Pros and Cons of Rehiring an Employee:

1. Cut on training cost:

An employer may reconsider an old employee who had been fired for cutting the training cost that the company may incur if they recruit a new employee.

2. Win-win situation:

interview win win situation From both the employer and employees situation, we may know that it is beneficial for an employer to recruit an old employee and also good for that employee to be back in the same organization for mutual benefits.

3. Known pupil:

Many organizations rehire old employees because it allows them zero opportunity for adjusting with the company and also with the work environment. It’s easier to work with known people/colleagues around then to start from scratch.

4. Training time:

The training time involved in training a new employee from inception is avoided as the old employee knows better and will be in a position to learn new skills much quicker.

5. Relationship:

Although an old employee was not performance oriented, an employer could rehire the person because of his improved productivity skills, good nature and professional behaviour with other fellow employees.

What must an employee do while away from the old organization or job?

walk away from job

  1. Need to improve on those qualities or aspects which the company has pointed out before firing.
  2. Get a job that may give space for improving these qualities
  3. Take extra initiative/projects to prove that you have grown better in the field
  4. Make simple changes in your routine that people may appreciate or pat your back for
  5. Understand the company goals and mission
  6. Make sure you are also appreciated on papers as a proof
  7. Picking a job from a small company may give ample room to re-organize yourself

It is important to respect the companies’ philosophy and mission once an employee decides to rejoin. It is also important to prove that one has become a better employee.

The employee should upgrade skills since the time he/she has left the company, be competitive and smart to work with. This will be an advantage for seeking a better salary package.

Any kind of document to prove your improved abilities such as letters or certificates from colleagues and supervisors may help.

It is always important to know why the employee is planning to get back, with right answers and correct reasons. These will be expected to be answered to consider the profile back.

How to Face an Interview for getting Rehired?

job interview after being fired

  1. It is important for an employee to share his or her interests in joining the old company. In-fact openly mentioning the fact that you are genuinely interested in working with their firm again is very important. Meanwhile, with enough facts and figures, you need to inform the company about your improved abilities, efficiency and productivity. Also, a couple of references could help the company draw a check line regarding your professional behaviour with other employees in a company. You may allow the recruiter to compare the person you had been while the termination previously and the person you are now with some examples that may help you regain the job.
  2. If the company is still not convinced of you to recruit back, you can always use alternatives such as – asking them to hire you on a temp base or for a trial allowing them to check your performance thereafter. This could actually act as your exam to perform beyond the expectations of the company to prove to them that you are now the better version when compared to your previous records.

Getting rehired is a task in itself and needs a lot of scope to be proved as a better employee for your previous company.

How to Ask For Your Job Back After Being Fired?

Asking for a job back can be done in several ways but taking proper procedures would lead to chances of getting employed easier. So it is very important to maintain good relations with your managers or bosses when you quit or leave your organization. This would help to make your comeback a little more smoother.

Considering you for rehiring would be very simple and effortless if at all your past work history is quite impressive. Even if you are not, then here are few ways on how you can ask your former employer your job back after being fired.

Let us begin with the ways,

  • Asking via Email
  • Asking “Live”

Now the steps to follow are,

  1. Emphasize your professional abilities, skills, and traits
  2. Have a vision
  3. Be convincing
  4. Ask a short-term trial run to prove your worth
  5. Willing to compromise
  6. Being humble (always)
  7. Acknowledging your past mistakes