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How to Find or Get a Part Time Job under 16


Opting for part time job under 16 years age has been a very common thing now a days for most of them at an early age.

A lot of factors act as an enforcement for students to opt part time jobs. If completing the high school is one part of the responsibility, earning has become the other part of high school journey.

With enough maturity and intellect, students think it is the right time to earn a part time job to experience the world of work, independence, challenges of a work place, competition involved, to get more expertise, to save for further studies, to repay liabilities if any, to sustain the student life and many more.

It is not very difficult to get a part time job at 16. The socio economic conditions of the society and the political environment in most of the countries have paved way to earn easy jobs and to make fast money.

Having said this, getting a part time job also depends on how it is looked for. We will also look into this aspect of the article and detail the objectives.How to get a part time job at 16Some of the important aspects 16yrs old students have to consider before getting to search for a part time job are:

  • Need of the hour
  • The choice of work
  • Priority of time
  • Limit of earning
  • Importance given to money

It is a world full of opportunities and high school students can utilize the resources available at its best.

Many part time jobs (sometimes even full time jobs) do not require excessive research or in depth knowledge of the subject. Such jobs are performed on simple terms and just require understanding of the product and the job flow.

Before penning on what kind of part time jobs are looked for by high school students or by a 16yr old student, let us know how these can be figured in the market and their methods to approach.

Tips to Get a Part Time Job under 16:


One of the simplest ways of searching part time jobs at this age is to contact family, friends, relatives and other close associations in the social world.

By this jobs are found quickly and one can enjoy the benefit of getting a better job under known association because recommendations have more value than general approach.


Online ApplicationIt is the world of information science. Hence utilizing the internet for applying jobs online always works easy and the news spreads quickly.

This is one platform that can publicize an individual’s requirement on a wide spread social network at a single point of time.

There are numerous online portals helping candidates to find their dream jobs. These also offer interesting part time jobs; such as summer jobs, Christmas jobs, semester holiday jobs etc. Uploading resumes to these sites definitely brings in more jobs.


Advertisement is one of the old methods of searching what one wants. Students can search part time jobs in local news papers, classifieds, magazines, ad papers etc


Gossips at work Students can visit shops, stores, companies, agencies personally and hand over their CV’s/resumes. And when there are requirements for staff, these resumes will be considered and called upon.


Searching for part time jobs can actually begin by seeking help from the college or school authorities. The place where a student studies can be the best place for work.

Hence approaching the school authorities for part time jobs can lead into time saving offers and can also be the best in terms if one gets a job that is related to their studies.

Above mentioned are a few important and useful methods of searching part time jobs.

Now reading ahead, we can see what kind of part time jobs, students can expect. Here is the list of jobs high school students can take up.

What Part Time job can I get at 16?

1. Campus opportunities:

For students aged 16yrs working in their college or school premises is one of the best choices they can make.

This enables easy work hours, will avoid commutation time, also reduces the travel cost, can manage a good balance between work and studies.

2. Library Assistants:

Teaching assistant Students can look out for jobs in libraries. Although a degree is a must to get a job here, there are assistant jobs that students can try.

3. Tuitions:

High school students can easily earn money by conducting tuitions or tutorials for primary students.

This can bring in some good amount of money during summer or winter vacations. This job can also be considered for weekend.

4. Sales assistants:

sales assistantSales jobs at stores, malls, retail shops, super markets etc can be a good option to earn part time.

5. Administrative jobs:

Small and medium sized companies need a helping hand in maintaining petty things and such jobs can be chosen by the high school students.

6. Media jobs:

media jobs There are a plenty of options in the field of media. Students can host channel, anchor shows, become a video jockey, radio jockey, be a part time model for ads and ramp walks, assist the news hours, etc.

7. Service jobs:

Jobs at restaurants, cafe’s, food joints, college canteens, pizza stores, supermarkets, hotels etc.

8. Baby sitting jobs:

babysitter jobs Students can search jobs convenient to their study hours and school hours. One such job is a baby sitter job.

A particular time can be allotted on weekends or after school/college hours or during the summer vacations and earn a reasonable part time money.

9. Call centre jobs:

With a lot of multinational companies being a hub in major cities students can think of earning a part time job through call centre jobs and back office operations. This can fetch them a good amount of money and also can be opted as a temporary service.

Pizza delivery jobs, clerical jobs, museum assistants, cashier jobs, waiter job, personal assistant jobs etc are few other jobs which can be checked out for part time jobs.

Jobs of different nature attract many students to earn a part time job at this age. But it is important for every student to analyze the need of the job and have a proper aim in achieving the purpose.

Without hindering their study time and school hours, the search should be neatly sketched and operated as planned in order to have a good balance between studies and work. Students must prioritize studies over money and not go for offers that may eat up their homework time.

It is important to learn the practicality of a working environment and also to achieve good results in the assessments as a student. Hence making a decision over a part time job at the age of 16 is a great task.

With all these ideas and details of getting part time jobs at 16, we would be glad to receive your valuable feedback and reviews. Please do leave your queries and suggestion about this topic.