Don’t get upset that you are not getting a full time job. You can think about a part time job. But when you think about part time jobs, there are lots of options available. There are lots of key areas such as sales and marketing, literacy, hotel receptionist, hall staff at restaurants and many more. You will get hourly wages for your work that may vary as per your location and work. A survey held by JASSO, indicates that approximately 76% of international students having the “college student” status are working part time.

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Tips to Get Part Time Jobs:

1. Discover your skills:

One of the most difficult part is deciding which career path to pursue. Figure out what you’re great at. Take a serious look at available job options and then circle out those things you like the most. Second thing is what hobbies, activities or tasks occupy your full attention. Take a moment for self-reflection and ask yourself “what do I think are my greatest strengths.” List out these things.

2. Time management:

Prepare a time chart suiting your time that can be manageable. Make an analysis about your working capability so that you manage your time and work. As you know you have to submit your work on time, don’t set unachievable goals. ‘Anything that makes you weak physically, intellectually, and spiritually, reject it as poison’ said by Swami Vivekananda.

3. Begin to apply:

As you are aware that hand written application letter have been replaced by online applications or you could send your CV to organizations through specified mail id’s, the processing of applications are now faster. You would be called up for an interview within few days or few minutes.

4. Pay attention to time:

An interview for a job is seen as a very important appointment, and showing up late for your appointment is absolutely unacceptable. If it is very cold outside, it would be wise to be in the venue at least ten minutes before your appointment so your hand shake is not cold bringing in a sense of unpleasantness. Try to be at least half an hour early at the venue, as giving excuses for late coming like traffic, weather conditions etc. sounds bad and creates a bad impression.

5. While facing interview:

Before an interview try to rehearse as interview sessions are a combination of getting to know about you as well as your skills set. The people interviewing you will not only pay attention to what you say, but also to how you say it. Based on your body language, interviewers will decide whether you are confident or not. Besides, it also gives an impression of whether you are telling truth or not.

6. Take challenges:

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there you must go beyond them.” said by Bruce Lee.

If you don’t do well at the interview, don’t get upset from your rejection. If you don’t get success once then it doesn’t mean you quit. Face the situation, challenge yourself and start applying. Life does not end there.

7. Resume tips:

Try to boast about your education and work experience. For today’s job market, amend your resume to list any degree you have earned, any certification you have gotten, any endorsement you may have, any professional license you hold. List your community services and also list your contact information such as mobile phone number, Email address, home phone number, address and website.

8. Search small business houses/work providers:

Usually big profit seeking industries are less interested to work with zero experience. So start applying for small businesses. Learn the culture of workplace because it will be useful in future. Start searching job in small areas like museums, theaters, art agencies, churches, temples, libraries, bars and clubs. Create a network among your friends so that they can provide you more options.

9. Cover letter:

Start with your name, postal address and the date of your letter underneath your contact details. Add the contact details of your address in next line but on left hand side of paper. Add job title of the addressee, add the company name and address this is on left hand side of paper. But add a few important skill set in short from your C.V.

10. Be enthusiastic:

Don’t be nervous as you have no experience. The job requires skills that you are yet to learn. So be an enthusiastic about your future and you would surely learn and excel.
“Your ability to discipline yourself, to set clear goals, and then to work toward them every day, will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor” said by Brain Tracy.

11. Land mark judgment:

Never fake about your hobbies. Candidates get sometimes rejected because of their fake statements about hobbies in there C.V. or resume. Interviewer usually ask about hobbies and many a time candidates are not able to prove their fake statements are true. For example, a candidate would have mentioned singing as hobby though he/ she can’t sing.

12. Stick to your goals:

Once you have set your goals as per your time, and needs, try to achieve them. Though you may not have experience, make attempts to learn from mistakes and improve on it.
“Real knowledge, like everything else of the highest value, is not to be obtained easily. It must be worked for, studied for, thought for, more than all, it must be prayed for.” said by Thomas Arnold.

13. Don’t wait for opportunities:

Opportunities don’t knock at your door often. Learn to recognize opportunities that arise right in front of you and grab it immediately. There are various ways that opportunities could arise. Work on it and make your dreams come true. Do all you can to, make your dreams true.

14. Follow your passion:

Emphasize your strengths on your resume, your cover letters and in your interviews. It may sound weird, but you’d be surprised how many people simply list everything they have done. Convey your passion and link your strengths to measurable results as employers and interviewers love concrete data.

15. Love your work:

It’s just people who recognize you for your work. They will love you for your work and they will judge you for your work. Would it be awesome when someone refers you or quotes you! Love the work you are doing. If you don’t love your job, it implies – you haven’t worked a day in your life.

Part Time Employment Statistics Data:

Around 51.8% work in food and beverage and with the second highest portion of around 25.5% in sales and marketing. In earlier days, countries like America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan were those that have access to online part time jobs but now in India too.

Income reference of part time jobs-

  • McDonald’s – 850yen to 950yen per hour
  • Restaurants – 900yen to 1000yen per hour
  • Convenience – 900yen to 950yen per hour

This shows that these areas are best option for you to earn in your available time.

List of Online and Offline Part Time Jobs:

  • Computer support/web designing
  • Consultants or freelancers
  • Online/offline teachers
  • Health care services
  • Call centers/radio stations
  • Pet services
  • Restaurants staff/retail store staff
  • Receptionist
  • Data entry/data processing/blog designing/copy writing etc. Online
  • Universities/educational institutes
  • Child care services

Part Time Jobs Problems:

Many a time, the main reasons for quitting a job is – boss pressure/ behavior, discrimination conditions arising in work place or promotions due to favoritism among bosses. But here you need not worry too much about promotions as this is not a main job. Search for job where the environment is free and where you can work freely without pressure. Don’t compromise on discrimination. If you are not getting deserved pay scale, then check out best options at other work places. Usually part time work is based on hourly wages which could be less than normal working time. So you need to try choose one which would fulfill your main basic requirements. But for that sake don’t pressurize yourself too much. There are many like you – about two million people are there who leave their jobs due to misbehavior of boss, over workload, unsuitable timings etc.

Some Valuable Benefits:

Part time jobs are actually more beneficial than full time jobs as you can use your quality time. If working hours of a day is 15-16, then we consider to utilize part of the time for other useful work. A survey conducted by America found that the big business owner in reality utilizes their time in doing only one job. It’s true that we can manage time for performing fundamental task and also perform other necessary work, side by side.

Remember these Disadvantages of Part Time Jobs too:

During economic crisis, part time jobs have no secure future as there is no security of job. Besides many companies opt for part time work as they need not have to spend on health insurance, retirement benefits of employees. Sometimes online job options don’t make deserved payments.

Though there are many loopholes, it is a good method to earn money for your small needs. Earning online at home is also convenient method of household ladies, school going students, college students and for those who are not able to get full time jobs. Many industries are nowadays getting online work so you could consider it as a good market now for everyone. There are millions of people doing part time jobs and it help them to pay their extra tutions fee or other medical expenses.

How to Search for Online Jobs Effectively?

1. Research about company:

Special attention must be paid while selecting online works. Most of the links and sites are fake and these sites mainly don’t exist and get work without paying.

2. Unexpected remuneration:

Many scams are associated with online jobs claiming to give remunerations in return for easy projects but in reality mostly you won’t get paid.

3. Generous clients:

Try to search generous clients and consider only trustable sites in order to find jobs. Usually online services are paid at low prices which are not appropriate.

4. Registration fees:

Be aware of fake sites that promises you to give work and talk about paying you later only after you submit registration fees. These sites usually take your money and never give you work. If you intend to join, don’t pay any amount unless you find them reliable.

5. Trustable sites:

Choose trustable sites over millions of sites before sharing your personal details. Though there are millions of scam cases arising, be careful. You need to be worried about fake job providers. Make note of the details of the website before embarking to registering for them.

6. Complete verification:

Before completing tasks by online job providers prescribed to you, verify all details including the payment methods, last paid amounts to others for task completion. There are testimonials that could be genuine. If you find everything satisfactory then you could consider yourself for the job.

Points Need to Remember:

  • Recheck the contents of CV and resume. It must not contain any fake information and have spelling mistakes.
  • While facing interview focus on your vocabulary. Learn to pronounce words correctly and speak with correct grammar.
  • Give priorities to your assigned work don’t forget to mention them. It can create bad impression.
  • Try to learn ethical culture at workplace, as it will be helpful for you in future too.