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How to Find or Get a New Job in 30 Days or Less?


When you are out of work for a long time, then it seems that you will never be able to get back to work again in this life.

But, that is not the case, in fact, you must be doing something wrong and this something wrong can be related to your CV or maybe you are not prepared enough before facing the interview board.

The reason can be any, but you have to find it out and make a plan, so that you can bag a job in the next 30 days.

Though not everybody follows the same job search technique, but you will also agree that in order to get a job, there are a few basic steps that everybody follows.

A new job, new environment and new challenges, if this is what you are looking for, then you have to start your preparation right away.

When your qualification and skill will match with that of the requirement of the companies, you will start getting calls.

Get Job in 30 Days

How to Get a New Job in 30 Days:

Most of us commit the same mistake of applying for every job that we come across, very few of us go through the job description properly.

If there is one skill out of ten that is mentioned in the job description matches with that of ours, we tend to apply.

But, what we forget is that there are several other skill sets that are mentioned there which don’t match with our skill sets at all. Then, why do you think they will give you a call?

You have to brush up your skills of applying for a job and bagging the ultimate offer. Here, you will be provided with the tips to find a job in less than 30 days, so just read on.

1. Define the environment first:

Are you looking for a job?

If yes, then the first thing that you have to do is to think where you will be more comfortable working.

Whether it is a big company or a small one or a start-up?

Each company has its own positives and negatives, therefore, you have to take into consideration every point and then decide what you want to do next.

In order to decide where you would love to work, you can question yourself about whether you would love to take up the challenges on a daily basis and perform well under crunch situation or would you love to work in a relaxed manner.

Smaller companies or even the startups have loads of challenges because the resources are less and even they work on a small budget.

If you feel that you can work under these conditions and enhance your experience, then you are most welcomed. So, from now on, you have to apply in small companies or the start ups only.

2. Know about your target:

If you have made up your mind about any particular company, then it is advisable that you get to know about the company in details.

If it is your dream to work for this company, then it is necessary that you research well about the company. You must know when the company was established and what principles it follows.

You can also look into the products and services they offer their consumers and the market they are serving along with the top leaders and their backgrounds.

Not just delve into the past, but also a sneak peek into the future as well to know what the company has in store.

All this information will help you in your interview and when the interviewer will ask you any question, then you can relate your answer as per the core belief of the company and make them aware of your research work. It will surely help you gain some brownie points.

3. Look back and retrospect:

When you are looking for a new job, before you start applying for a job, it is important that you look at your resources.

What experiences you have and how that can help you bag a new job of your choice. When you are looking back at the experiences, do make it a point to look into the relationship that can help you in fetching a new offer.

It might happen that you will come across some ex colleagues of yours who have been working for different companies, you now can start connecting to them and let them know that you are looking for a job.

Moreover, don’t forget to get your reference letter because you have been working for this company for more than a year and it could be quite a valid source of a written recommendation.

When a written referral is received, it is almost like an eye opener because you might have never realized that your boss actually took notice of the skills that you possess and it would be a great highlight for you and will help you in your job interview.

4. Customize your resume:

help in writing resume When you are applying for a job, it is important that you highlight the skill set that is relevant to that particular job.

If you have your resume designed in general and is using the same one for almost every interview, then it is high time that you make the changes.

If you want to receive interview call, then you have to take the initiative of modifying your CV as per the requirements of each company. It will boost the visibility of your CV.

5. Create an Excel Spreadsheet:

It is important that you keep a track on where you have applied for and whether you have followed up with them or not.

Moreover, if you have applied for the job and they have rejected you, then you can note down the reason behind that.

Just draw in different columns and update the feedbacks that you are getting because it will help you improve the next time.

6. Social networking is the best:

social media for jobs Social networking is a good way of connecting with the right kind of people and snagging a job. Just hang in there on the Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn is a better option because it is used mainly for the professional approach.

You can connect to people who are otherwise out of touch through all these social networking sites.

Nowadays, there are several social networking skills that you have to keep in mind and when you showcase those skills, then the companies are impressed with your approach.

7. Impressive cover letter:

You will still find many out there who still submit their CV without a cover letter. If you can write an impressive cover letter, then half the battle is won.

The cover letter doesn’t mean that you have to write your whole life story in it, instead you have to write down the qualities and skills that you possess.

You have to make the company understand that they will be benefited by your selection because you have all the skills required for this job.

Instead of saying that you were responsible for the sales department, you can be more specific and mention that revenues increased by more than 10 % when you were in charge. This way the new company will understand what your potentials are.

8. Perform during the interview:

interview criteria This one is critical, you must be thinking how you can perform when you don’t have the job in the first place.

The key here is to study the role that you are applying for and then start working around it. If you are applying for a role in marketing, then your cover letter must display some techniques that the company can use to enhance their presence in the market.

Then, when you get the call, come prepared to let the interviewer know what your plans are for improving the marketing of the company’s product and services.

How you can improve the revenue percentage just by improving the image of the company!

9. Warm up for the interview:

If you have still not cracked the interview yet, then it means that you are still not prepared and you will need some more interviews to get into the mold.

There are very few people who get the job offer in their first outing only. You will see people getting the offer after they have gone through several job interviews. This is mainly due to the reason that once you start going through the interviews, you get a clear idea about what the interviewer can ask you.

Also it is advised that you note down the questions that are being asked to you, so that you can prepare for the next time in a better way as you already have the reference ready.

10. Handle the questions well:

The questionnaire You will receive two types of questions, one will be the technical ones and the other one will be the Human Resource one.

The technical questions are asked to see whether you are perfect for the job or not and the Human Resource question is asked to analyze whether you will be able to fit into the team or not. Therefore, you must come prepared for these types of questions beforehand.

11. Develop new skills:

If you have the time, then you must work on acquiring a new skill which will help you in getting a job.

It is important that you look through the market and see what all skills you are lacking. Work on them, so that you can add them to your resume and it will help you in receiving interview calls.

12. Wardrobe is important:

While going for an interview, you have to ensure that your wardrobe has the right combination that you can wear for the interview.

Appearance is important and if you end up looking sluggish, then the chances of bagging the job also reduces.

Therefore, make sure that you have all the accessories and the dress ready for your interview. Look your best in an interview because it is an important day for you and you must be prepared for the occasion.

13. Thank You note:

Thank You Note After the interview is over, it is always advised that you send a thank you note to the interviewer. It is a good gesture from your side and even the interviewer also appreciates it a lot.

14. Following up:

Once you are done with your interview, most candidates think that now it is on the company to let them know whether they have been selected or not.

But, it is not the case always, in fact, if you ask the interviewer the time frame after which you can expect an answer from them, then you can give them a call after that period and ask them about the result.