In this very competitive world, hiring managers are in a situation to receive more than 1000 applications for a single opening. In order to showcase yourself out from the crowd, you need to concentrate on few things on your resume which highlights your unique talents. One such thing which would be unique in every resume is project. Project explanation in interview is very important and it is a good way to secure the job.

explain project in interview

Project Explanation in Interview for Freshers and Experienced:

There are few things which any interviewer would expect from a project you have done previously irrespective of being a fresher or experienced. They are,

1. The way you solved a problem in the project.
2. Your role in the project.
3. Your imagination or creativeness in the concept of the project.

These are main things any interviewer would expect from your project. Try to categorize your project into various steps and explain in a very crisp way to make them feel one with your project to win the interview. The various steps to explain a project are,

1. Project Introduction:

This is very important in explaining a project as it overall sets the mood of interviewer about the project. So try to impress the interviewer with a good heading or you can start by telling the application of your project in the market. Also, try to tell your motivation behind choosing this as your project.

2. Modules description:

There might be various modules for a project. It differs according to the project you choose. Try to break your project into various modules and explain. This will bring clarity to the interviewer about your project.

3. Advantages and the main functionality of your application:

Next comes the advantages and main functionality of your project. Try to speak about the functionality of your application in few words and also include their advantages. Sometimes pictorial representations will help for the better understanding. So explain your project with a flowchart, chart diagrams, or any graphs. This will add extra scores to your explanation about your project.

4. Tools, Technologies, and Platform used:

This is also a very important aspect when explaining a project. Tools, Technologies, and platform used will help the interviewer understand better about the working of the project. As well as it will create an impact on how new is your project. Try to explain it very short and be to the point.

5. Personal contribution and your role in the project:

Any interviewer would only focus on how well you have contributed for the project. Try to show your individuality in the project while explaining. It might be small or big, it is how you portray yourself for the project. Don’t try to be too modest by telling it is a team work, because this is an interview for an individual and not for the team.

6. Challenges in the project:

You might had some difficulties and challenges during your project. Explain the interviewer how you had overcome the challenge and also explain about the thought process of yourself to overcome the difficulties.

7. Number of people in the project:

Even though individuality in the project is expected, interviewer might also check the team work and your compatibility during the project with a team. So try to highlight the teamwork when explaining the project.

8. Amount of time it took for the project:

Amount of time involved in the project will be expected from the interviewer side to know how you manage the time limit when given to you. So explain it in two to three lines about the time limit of your project.

9. Improvements in the future for the present system:

Try to show your involvement in the project. You can also explain the future improvements for the present project. Also, talk about the expectations of you towards the project in future. This in turn will showcase your confidence, and positivity towards the work.

10. Drawbacks:

This has to be handled carefully, as never explain too many drawbacks of your project. And use correct words to explain the drawbacks. Show your positive mental attitude when explaining the negatives of the project. All they want is how much you are capable in handling negatives in the work.

Interview Tips For Experienced Candidates:

There is a lot of difference between a fresher’s experience in explaining a project in their graduation and an experienced person explaining the project. Both are equally important, but expectations differ for the both. For example, from an experienced candidate during the interview, project explanation will decide how capable he is for the job. There are few things which has to be remembered while explaining about the project during the interview.

They are,

1. Explain your overall project:

This explanation totally differs from fresher’s explanation about the project. Give a brief explanation about the project title and also its impact on your previous company. Talk briefly about its importance in your previous organization.

2. Talk about the technology, working, and tools used in previous company:

Try to explain about the overall technology used, working of the project and also explain about the importance of the project in the company. This will help the interviewer gain confidence on your skill set.

3. Overall months or years you worked:

Tell about the time period you worked on the project as it will talk about your commitment towards the project, and also experience you gained throughout the project.

A project is something which will showcase all aspects of your talent. Any company or an organization will expect only to see your performance in the project, and not how good is the project. Right from the title you will be analyzed how creative you are, commitment towards the project, dedication towards the work and many more. Be it a fresher or an experienced, project, experience will gain you more attention and uniqueness towards you. Try to remember the above points, and win the interview easily.