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How Should Employers use Social Media to Screen Applicants


Social media web portals have become a really powerful medium which has assisted a lot in hiring and recruitment procedure.

Employers rely more on social media and get attracted towards these channels and hunt for talents.

A recent study indicates that almost 77% of employers use social media in the process of recruitment.

There are a number of benefits when social media sites are used for recruiting.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are a few sources which are hunted for talents. Let’s peek through a few degrees on how employers should utilize social media sites for screening applications.

social media for employersTips to Use Social Media for Recruitment:

1. Utilizing social Bio application on Facebook:

Social Bios is another new app which helps recruiting to another level. Setting and maintaining job posts on the job board tab is made easy with Social bios.

Job seekers connect and share their common interest with the concerned people by using this application.

2. External search on Facebook:

External search is not that easy when Facebook is taken into account. The facebook keyword search tool is

With this tool idea status updates and wall posts can be searched instantly. Another advantage of using this website is that it is one of the best external search options.

3. Creation of community:

Career opportunities can be made powerful and screening applicants are well accomplished by owning and doing a community network.

The Facebook group is a swell situation to offer information, content and value of the formation where one needs to fulfill the vacant positions over a certain period of time.

A community is created based on location, content, industry and specific designation. With this a successful group is lively enough to construct your pipeline.

4. Job openings on facebook fan pages:

Using facebook for recruiting Your openings can be made into alerts by using a facebook fan or business pages. This is a great way to alert your network about job openings.

Use of RSS feeds on your job postings helps to send your advertisement directly to your wall. By this way, visitors can find information and apply for a job.

5. Usage of hashtags in twitter is important:

Job tweets without hash tags in twitter are supposed to be a silent one. When hash tags are appended it is made visible to all visitors and also searchable beyond your followers.

It is likewise significant to define within hashtags for the perfect candidate you are counting for.

For instance, if you are hunting for Java developer in Boston make sure to use hash tag and mention as #Java and #Boston. By such specified search you can pluck the right candidate you’re looking for.

6. Job recruiting on twitter:

Job entries are posted using twitter where companies use their own accounts. Third party companies such as tweet my jobs and twit job search can be utilized to enhance and promote listings.

Job seekers should be keen and follow the company account. A strong profile and several tweets under your belt is mandatory to get onto a good work.

7. Twitter search:

twitter-logo A twitter account or a company account can be used for sharing the jobs present and also the data of the company.

The tweets are limited to 140 characters with accurate lines and not beating round the bush. With a twitter account and less number of followers a few points can be succeeded to extend networks with job seekers. can be used to hunt for souls who have discussed the same keywords and gain more contacts. Twitter is an excellent source which can be used to fish people, according to location, one’s interest, by hash tag and more.

8. Twitter tool for easy search:

Jobvite is a gifted application in twitter which provides various recruitment tools. A few of them are Jobvite source, Jobvite hire, Jobvite share.

These useful tools assist in job post distribution, applicant tracking and sourcing. With this tool jobs are spread well on twitter media site.

9. Tweet my jobs is another tool:

Tweet my jobs is another tool which holds 9000 job channels, when job listings are posted on twitter account, it is grabbed on tweetmyjob from the beginning.

For the ones who dislike using on twitter account can post the jobs on tweetmyjob directly for distribution. When this is accomplished they are distributed based on their function and location.

10. Enhanced opportunities in LinkedIn:

The latest update in LinkedIn is that update to company pages has been foretold. By this way small companies and businesses have an enhanced connection to the net.

Individual company pages can be updated and the followers are enabled to obtain insights and updates about job openings, news, and scores more. By this means communication with customers, peers, candidates and employees are enhanced.

11. LinkedIn job application tool:

use linkedin for job search With LinkedIn profiles are easy to search and find out. The new tool helps in having the profile in LinkedIn database. Few major organizations open up that the standard fields offer efficient methods for screening and sorting applicants.

12. Screening via LinkedIn:

To fill or pick the right talent on LinkedIn various methodologies can be utilized, where first posting the position is carried through.

The second can be by viewing the candidates through second and third party links. This can be attained by immediate contacts and requesting for an intro.

The candidates get in touch from the own internal database, or cold-calling, referrals, and non-online networking associations. Advance searches can be achieved where mails and emails can be posted to the desired person.


In this way there are many other tools and methods which are utilized in social media websites for screening as well as hiring candidates. The days are gone where candidates post resume separating corporate sites and it is the time for business seekers to send their profiles in the right and perfect manner on social media websites.

Hirers are keener and hunt for the right talent on social media websites for hiring. There are alternatives which serve them in recruitment in the right way.