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Benefits of Employee Time Tracking for Employers


Anyone who works in the corporate sector will vouch for the fact that when working on a project, time simply flies by and keeping track of things becomes very difficult.

One of the most challenging tasks in any company is trying to keep a track of how the employees are spending their time.

benefits of employee time trackingIf you do not track the progress frequently, chances are that they might be whiling away their time doing nothing. Yet, this is something which nonetheless, needs to be done.

Making use of the right kind of time tracking software has innumerable advantages for any company. The advantages have been enumerated below.

Benefits of Employee Time Tracking and Attendance System for Employers:

1. It eliminates the need to micromanage your employees:

Managers in any company have a number of responsibilities on their head. Their responsibilities include, overlooking the staff, communicating things to the seniors and then managing their own share of projects.

At such times, things become incredibly tough as well as complex for them. One of the maintain benefits of time tracking software is that it eliminates the need for micromanaging the employees and the manager can now look into other more pressing matters.

Constantly hovering over the backs of the employees can get on their nerves and even cause them to lash out at the manner. With the software, such complications are eradicated.

2. There is no longer a need for bulky paper time sheets:

One of the worst things about working as an employee in a company is trying to keep a track of all the paperwork, whether it is time sheets, receipts, bills or any other documents.

Losing any of these pieces of papers might cost the company heavily. Having this time tracking system is good as it ensures that you can save everything virtually, without having to bother about loose sheets of papers.

This will additionally ensure that your office looks neat and tidy, without having hundreds of files and time sheets all around the place. This paperwork makes the office look rather unsightly when clients walk in.

3. Helps in making proper schedules and time tables:

In order for a company to run well, they must be aware of how much time they need for a particular project.

Taking on too few projects can cost the company a great deal. Yet, along with that taking on too many projects at one time can spell disaster for the company.

Having a time tracking software is good as it allows the employees to judge the work flow and see just how things are able to function in the company.

This way, the employers can make proper time tables and postpone or pre-pone projects, based on how well or badly employees are managing the work.

4. Creates a professional image for the company:

In any company time is of the essence. A big advantage of the time tracking software is it helps in saving time and stores everything in a methodical manner.

Even fetching a piece of data from say two months ago will certainly not be a problem and can be attained by simply a click of a button.

Once information can be accessed so quickly, it creates a very good impression in the mind of the clients who are investing their hard earned money in the company.

Having such a professional and tech savvy image will benefit the company in a long run and attract many more clients.

5. Calculating the payroll is rather easy:

It is often noticed that in companies which do not make use of this time tracking software, calculating the payroll for the employees, manually becomes a painful and time consuming task, which is often fraught with many errors.

Time and resources wasted in calculating the payroll for each employee should be put to much better and productive use.

In addition to this, the software helps employees as well, since it helps them to know if there have been any unnecessary additions or subtractions in their pay.

If such is the case, they can immediately go and rectify the problem, without any trouble at all.

6. Ensures that no one is trying to cover for their friend:

For a company to be successful, all the employees must pull their own weight and give their best at all times.

If any employee is not taking the job seriously then there will be plenty of other people who will be willing to take his place, given the fact that good jobs are so hard to find.

Time tracking of employees ensures that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions.

If you are late, you are held accountable for it and there is no scope for your friends in the office to cover for you or deviate attention for your absence.

7. Minimizes the possibility of their being any errors in bookkeeping:

Even those employees, who are very good in typing, might make some error in the event of them being tired and over worked.

Things like this do happen in the work place especially since we are all human beings who make mistakes.

Making use of this time tracking software has innumerable advantages, one of which being that it reduces the chances of their being any errors in book keeping.

Inputting even one number or alphabet wrong could cause a major problem in the work place and will even prevent things from adding up correctly.

Making use of this technology will ensure that things are done error free in simply one try.

8. Brings out the best in the employees:

Some employees are shrewd enough to know that their manager do not have the time to personally look into the work which they are doing and that is why they simply throw caution to the win.

Having this time tracking software, serves as an incentive to make the employees work better as now they know that they are accountable for whatever work which they do or do not do.

No longer will the manager need to play the part of a police man, everyone will automatically pull up their socks and work properly. They can also work towards building up their own professional reputation in the company.

9. Makes everyone in the company more goal oriented:

Once employees are aware of the fact that their progress is being tracked, they automatically start working harder and in addition to that they even realize how much work needs to be done.

As mentioned above, making time tables becomes easier with the software and that is why now employees personally ensure that they finish tasks by that time.

Having a distinct goal in mind helps the employees to work in a more pro active manner and it even helps taking the company to new heights, head and shoulders above its contemporaries.

10. It becomes easy to pin point any problems:

Having a time tracking software is not good enough, you must ensure that you choose a proper software that has a reliable name and is suited to your purpose.

A major advantage of the software is that pin pointing any problem in the work force becomes rather easy to do. Once such problems have been dealt with in a proper manner then only will the company be able to move ahead and achieve bigger things.

Companies which have everything sorted out are able to perform much better as opposed to those companies where things are badly managed and all over the place.

11. Helps in picking out the positives:

As mentioned above the time tracking software is good to pin point any problems which have been persisting when it comes to carrying out projects, yet in addition to that it also helps the employers know in which spheres the employees are doing well and finishing tasks in a proper and efficient manner.

When they monitor this then in the vent of having tomorrow down on someone for granting them a promotion, they can do so without any trouble and they will even have proof to show just why they came to this conclusion.

When things are fair like this, then the work atmosphere becomes more positive.

12. Clients can be given proper and error free bills:

Companies, most often choose to opt for time tracking software, just so that they can make proper bills for the clients.

If you have a business where money is taken, not in terms of the products or services purchased but paid in terms of hours then, having this system will be a great boon to you.

Nothing creates a worse impression in the mind of the client than having been given an erroneous bill where extra money is being charged.

If extra money is charged, then the client will never be able to trust your company or brand ever again.

13. Helps streamlining the business and assists in budgeting:

A major advantage about having a proper time tracking software is that it helps the company to stream line the business and even to narrow down on areas where too much of money is unnecessarily being spent.

Every bit of money which is made by the company should be put to proper use and not wasted unnecessarily.

There are plenty of companies which have had to shut themselves down because they realized that they were losing more money than they were being able to make.

Even a few budget cuts can save the company and immense amount of money in the time to come.

14. Employees can refer to it when asking for a raise:

One of the worst feelings for employees to experience is the feeling that they are working too hard and getting paid little. Often employees do not even know how to approach the manager and tell him about how he ought to get a raise.

Having this time tracking software is especially good as you can simply point out to your employer how much work you have done in the past and how much money you have been able to make for the company with your hard work.

If the facts and figures are impressive then it is unlikely that he will turn you down.

15. Employees can use it to prove that they need more resources:

This time tracking software, also helps the management in coming to proper conclusions about whether they do require more people on the work force or not.

If they note that jobs are taking too long to do projects because of too few people working on the team, then all they need to do to solve the problem is employ one or two more skilled professionals who can share some of the work load so that deadlines can be met better.

In addition to this, they can also take a call on whether the infrastructure needs to be better and more effective.

16. Everything is rather transparent:

Employees feeling like doing their work well, when they know that the higher authorities in the office, are not keeping them in the dark about any decision which is being made or any profits which the company is making.

Having this time tracking system helps keep things rather transparent so that no one can be penalized for someone else’s mistake and everyone is responsible for doing their own bit.

If you have to fire an employee for not working well enough, then you simply have to show him that he has not been able to make much progress, in comparison to the rest.


There are indeed a number of advantages of using the time tracking software. The primary function is to keep things running smoothly.

Technology is something which we make use of in all aspects of our life, whether it is on the professional or domestic front.

Making use of this time tracking software in the office has manifold benefits, not merely for the employer but for the employees as well.