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Top 14 Dirty Jobs That Pay Well But Nobody Wants to Do


Although these jobs may sound and seem uncomfortable for most, in reality, there are people who do these jobs and they get paid handsomely at the end.

More and more people are finding it hard to get jobs and employment opportunities because many corporations can’t seem to find people with the right amount of skills and knowledge.

These people sign up for some of the most disgusting jobs that pay a lot but most people don’t even like to hear just because of the occupational hazards or maybe it’s just revolting and icky for many. Here we are providing you some high paying dirty jobs in the world.

Dirty Jobs That Pay Well

List of High Paying Dirty Jobs in the World:

The following mentioned is a list of dangerous jobs that pay well or dangerous high paying jobs that no one wants.

1. Crime scene cleaner:

Crime scene cleaners are people who have the tedious and disgusting task of cleaning the crime scene after the necessary investigation is done. That is cleaning up done, after the incident and also clearing various other things scattered all over the place.

Depending upon the severity of the mess made, the time taken for a typical cleaning process may vary from a few hours to a few days depending on the number of casualties and also the state in which the body has been found.

Also, keep in mind that this job is not for people who get easily intimidated and nauseous after seeing such a gore sight and this job can also provide post-job trauma or even clinical depression.

Apart from this, the job can also be a serious affair since the crime scene cleaner also has to worry about not getting any infections or diseases after coming in contact with the bodily fluids of the dead person.

Hence, protective gear is very much required for the job. The only bright side here is the crime scene cleaner salary i.e they are able to make a whopping amount of $75,000 every year and they have flexible work hours.

2. Garbage collectors:

Many garbage collectors have the tough job of collecting trash from each street corner by working for long shifts and also ensure that they do not get hit by the raging traffic while working out in the street. This is also the main reason why trash collecting is ranked as one of the toughest and high paying dangerous jobs in the world.

Most sanitation workers have gotten used to the smell of rotting foods and waste which also include used diapers and rotten eggs as some of its contents.

They also have to work through the year be it in rain, snow or hail as the deposition of garbage in one area can be a hotspot for many dangerous and life-threatening bacteria and viruses.

Although the job is disgusting, it does not change the fact that it pays well for the employee. It is calculated that most garbage collectors get paid at least $60,000 annually.

3. Oil rig worker:

The life of an oil rig worker can be very harsh and tiring since their whole work-life includes living in an offshore oil rig structure in the middle of the sea and also working long 12 hours a day and being subjected to intense heat.

Since this job also includes the housing of explosives and drilling equipment, the employees should wear safety equipment such as special suits, hard hats and even boots reinforced with steel inside it.

Another factor that should be noted is that, since the equipment produces loud noises while functioning, such as a drill. So, it is expected that oil rig workers should wear earplugs and special protective eyeglasses, so as to ensure that they do not have any permanent hearing problems or loss of eyesight after working long hours in dust and grime.

Even with the physically demanding work, it is a fact that many oil rig workers are paid a large amount of salary, even the starting salary is at $40,000 per year and it can be even higher if the employee has a degree or some other certifications.

4. Portable toilet cleaner:

Portable toilet cleaners have to deal with human excrement every day as a part of their daily grind. Since portable toilets do not have any mechanism for eliminating the human wastes being dumped, the only method that can be used to clean such structures is only by manual cleaning.

Portable cleaners have to clean portable toilets from top to bottom and that also means the walls of the toilet also has to be cleaned and disinfected completely so that it can be reused.

The only blessing that these workers have is the pressurized water hoses which allow them to clean a portable toilet within a matter of minutes, and this also helps them in disposing the used toilet papers from the toilet.

These employees work at least cleaning 50 to 60 portable toilets in a day.

The job might also have occupational hazards since they are coming in contact with excrement so there are chances that employees may get diarrhea, nausea or even typhoid or hepatitis.

So it is necessary that employees should wear protective clothing and make sure that they are properly disinfected after the job.

Whatever the work conditions maybe these employees’ bear a lot and in the end, they get paid with almost $60,000 annually. This is one of the jobs that pays high.

5. Crab fisherman:

This is also considered as one of the deadliest occupations out there, as the fishermen have to fight through the forces of nature and also risk their lives to hypothermia to catch the most expensive crabs out in the sea.

The fishermen not only have to mind nature, but also make sure that they do not get caught up in the dangerous fishing equipment which includes spears and strangling coils. They also have to ensure that they do not get swept away by the strong tides of the ocean, especially when there is a huge storm.

The workers are also subjected to long hours of strenuous work that can last up to a whole day just to get good catches. It also depends on how much a certain boat is able to acquire the catch on that particular day.

Despite all these factors, the fishing industry is a booming business and the fishermen are paid a generous amount of up to $60,000 bi-monthly depending on the quality of the catch.

6. Sewage inspector:

Workers are supposed to work long shifts checking and finding clogs, leakages, and cracks in the underground sewer system and they literally have to swim through human excrement and various other wastes just to see if the sewage system is working properly. Some employees have to swim through the pool of toxic wastes just to see if there are any hidden flaws in the sewage system.

The job also calls for working underground for a long amount of time, where there is no direct source of natural light and a large scarcity of oxygen to breathe in and this can even cause asphyxiation and breathing problems to the workers.

Another disadvantage is that they have to deal with many creepy crawlies such as bugs, sewer rats, fleas, mites, and even dangerous life-threatening microorganisms. Some sewer workers also have reported encountering corpses of dead animals and humans while cleaning blockage and clearing out the clogs of the sewage system.

The only bright side of the occupation is that with just only a high school diploma, there is a chance of being paid at least $50,000 annually. And this is also a stable job for most young professionals.

7. Coal miners:

Coal mining is also one of the most dangerous professions present these days. This has occupational hazards that can even claim the lives of their employees.

The main reason why coal mining is very dangerous is because many coal mines contain deposits of methane that cause large underground explosions at the slightest spark caused by friction or falling rocks.

Many coals mines are highly unstable and they have a high chance of collapsing and killing coal miners along with it.

Also, breathing and ingesting a large amount of coal dust by working in the coal mines every day can cause the employee to get a condition of black lung, where the coal dust deposits in the tissue of the lungs thus creating breathing problems and emphysema.

Even though having a lot of occupational hazards, it is one of the most highly paid jobs out there, where employees are paid at least $65,000 annually.

8. Landfill operators:

Similar to the situation of garbage collectors, landfill operators also have to deal with a large variety of waste and garbage on a daily basis. The main reason why landfill operation is a dirty job is that; the workers have to work all day in a landfill, irrespective of the weather and external conditions. Landfills are the breeding grounds for a large number of bacteria, pathogens, disease-causing microorganisms and also small animals such as rodents and vermin, which can cause life-threatening diseases to humans.

The main job of a landfill operator is to remove and collect the methane gas formed at the landfills. This job is also highly dangerous since methane gas is extremely inflammable. Since methane gas is a byproduct of decomposition, collecting methane can be tough, since it is really smelly. The annual salary that a landfill gas operator makes is about $100,000. This is one of the highest-paying jobs.

9. Adult entertainers:

Working in the adult entertainment industry or porn industry is normally called, not only as life-threatening and dangerous but is also very unhygienic. Adult entertainers are subjected to various situations that are not unhygienic but are also unprotected.

Many workers can get sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, Syphilis which have the potential to kill if contracted. Moreover, many adult entertainers are not given the choice to select who to work with and most of them end up working with actors that they do not find appealing and attractive.

Although most adult entertainers are paid a large amount for each film that they make, the amount of work that they do requires hours and hours, even if a scene was just a few minutes in the film.

10. Gastroenterologist:

Being a gastroenterologist is not one of the most flattering jobs in the world. Although it pays well, a gastroenterologist has to deal with a lot of stuff every day. These professionals usually deal a lot with human excreta on a daily basis. Being a gastroenterologist is not an easy job since it requires over 10 years of schooling and also paying a large amount as college fees.

A gastroenterologist has to deal with patients having bowel problems, hepatitis and colon cancer. They are paid as much as $300,000 annually, making them one of the most highly paid professionals mentioned.

11. Mortician:

Having the job of a mortician or as an embalmer requires a large amount of concentration and patience since their work revolves around dead bodies. Embalmers are the professionals who prepare the dead body for the funeral and the last rites. The main duties of an embalmer include replacing the blood with embalming fluid and also to disguise the dead body with necessary makeup.

This is a highly dangerous job as they are constantly involved with life-threatening diseases and infections from the dead body. These workers are paid at least $60,000 a year for their services.

12. Urine collector:

As the name suggests, urine farmers have to farm urine from animals such as deer, so as to create an effective hunting lure. Most of the times the urine collector has to be involved in the urine collecting process. These urine collecting farms often contain rooms where the deers are kept overnight.

The floor of the rooms has tiny small holes where the urine drips and gets collected into large storage containers. The collected urine is packaged and refrigerated and shipped off for selling.

Urine collectors have to collect at least a gallon of urine from deer on a single shift. These professionals are usually paid at least $80,000 a year.

13. Plumbers:

Plumbers have to work in unhygienic conditions which involve bacteria and sewage. Plumbing does not involve repairing and connecting leaking faucets and pipes. They have to make sure that they are properly covered and have the right equipment to protect themselves from harsh chemicals and microorganisms.

Moreover, they have to be on call all the time, irrespective of any occasion. Plumbers are heavily paid since these are individuals who are on high demand throughout the season. They usually get about $60,000 annually.

14. Proctologist:

Proctologists are defined as professionals who deal with the malfunctioning of the rectum, stomach and the colon. They are one of the highest-paid medical jobs or professions, where the doctor is paid at least $400,000 every year.

High-paying Jobs Nobody Wants:

Even when the pay is good, why nobody wants to accept the job?

The most common answer we might get would be that the jobs would be dirty, dangerous and lacks respect. Though every job has its own dignity, people usually refuse a few jobs even if they are high paying ones. Some of them are enlisted below,


In this profession, two kinds of jobs come in together. One would be garbage collectors
and sewer inspectors. These are one of the highest paying jobs and also vary according to the locations. Another advantage these workers carry are, they are backed up by unions.

Tollbooth operators:

If you don’t have any problem getting stuck in a small box and dealing with drivers every day, then toll booth operator job is not a bad one. Even though it is not that glorious but helps you earn good pay. Also being a member of the union, you can have job security.

Police officers:

Police jobs are not very much liked by people. But as per my view, they are one of the best professions, who work very hard, continuously for long hours and also have to manage with uncertain situations. Police jobs are paid high but still, people do not show much interest to get hired.

President of the United States:

This would surely be surprising rather shocking to you. Being in high position not only brings you power but double the responsibility. You would be the person who would be managing all the issues related to the whole united states of America and believe me it is really huge.

Truck driver:

Truck drivers are kind of jobs which are not only very dangerous but are paid high. They have to face uncertain conditions on roads which is why many people refuse to take up these jobs.

Railroad engineers:

Similar to truck driving jobs locomotive train jobs are also tough. Though they
earn nearby 6 figure salary, not many people take up this job. The biggest disadvantage of this job is that you have to stay away from your family for longer periods.


Even though you can make good money in sales, not many will take up the job in the sales sector. It is a drag to convince somebody to buy the product which you are selling. Moreover, these kinds of jobs have targets and deadlines which makes it even harder.

Dirt jobs that pay well:

Job Title Average Salary Per Year
Head lice removal $50,000
Exterminators $50,920
Podiatrist $193,000
Roof and gutter cleaner $20,000 to $50,000 per year
Livestock sperm collector $30,000 to $50,000
Urine farmer $93,440 to $303,680
Embalmer $32,000 to $48,000
Dental hygienist $88,000
Diaper service worker $50,000
Slaughterer $60,000
Hair removal $60,000
ROUGHNECK $100,000
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Similar to that of a gastroenterologist, to be a petrologist requires at least 10 years of experience in medical school. They have to deal with a lot of unhygienic issues such as warts, cancer, and fistulas. This profession is also in high demand with a high salary.

At the end of the day, these employees get paid highly solely because of the difficult and unhygienic conditions that are present for the type of work that they do. If you are a person who doesn’t mind to get his hands dirty and gross for a high pay scale, then some of these jobs might be a good choice for you.