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Top 32 World’s Most Dangerous Jobs or Careers


There are certain type of career aspirations which makes people happy to declare it as a professional, but most of those professional area of work seem a bit dangerous for a living. It may seem very normal to people that others are doing that dangerous jobs.

Some of the most dangerous jobs or career options that people choose for their daily livelihood may have different working areas, but it definitely comes with a part of danger within themselves.

world's dangerous jobs

Deadliest or Dangerous Jobs in World:

These career options that people choose to work for are not that dangerous when a third party looks at such type of job, but it does have some part of risk in it as compared to other type of job.

1. Electrician:

The job description of an electrician consists a nature of working which involves electrical things and electricity. An electrician needs to be aware of all the smallest elements of electricity while working on it.

A person working as an electrician seems to have all the knowledge about the electrical things, but the chances of possibility that an electrician may face some kind of danger or risk during his / her work are high as compared to rest.

2. Construction worker:

When a person chooses his/her job profile to be a construction worker, he/she does know about the risk that involves. Most of the time a person working as a construction worker may seem to have a normal job.

But the main reason that a person gets into risk during this job is that, while constructing high end buildings, the possibility or chances of being prone to danger is higher than other work profiles.

3. Mountain guides:

It may seem to people that a person who chose his/her career path to be a mountain guide is one person with an adventurous life.

But the actual truth is that choosing a career to be mountain guides consists of its own risk elements. And that depends on the faith of the mountain guide whether he/she is going safe.

Every single mountain guide needs to be the most confident person as he goes to work with their courage and self confidence within themselves that they are going to be safe and sound.

4. Carpenters:

Being a carpenter can seem a safest working job profile that anyone could have but the dangerous part is that when a carpenter works with a heavy tools and the possibility of being safe with such tool depends on his / her handling ability.

The possibility part of the carpenter job is actually dependent on the matter of severity of work and maintenance.

5. Stunt men:

As we all know that stunt man is a person who does all the dangerous stunts for a another person as a body double. And the factor of risk is high in these kind of job because the risk that the stunt men takes depends on the type of the stunt.

A stunt man is an artist who needs to be careful and fearless for the sake of their stunts. The chances of surviving stunts mainly depend on the level of knowledge that stunt man holds on such stunts.

6. Airline pilots:

The risk factor that involves in the working environment of the airline pilot depends on the chances of weather conditions and knowledge about the airline pilots.

Most of the time airline pilots get into bad situations and the possibility of risk gets higher. And at that time to work these airline pilots think of turning things in their good or bad.

7. Fisherman:

Working on an ocean and facing all the tides of the ocean, sounds a bit scary for others but it’s their job as a fisherman.

The fisherman holds on a job which is dangerous, but yet worth it. The job profile of the fisherman doesn’t include all these dangerous acts, but it depends on the climatic changes.

If the climate changes its course of direction, then the risk factor gets higher as compared to other working job profiles.

8. E-waste Recycler’s:

This is one of the job which comes with a caution that working in the e-waste recycling can be injurious to health.

But still people work as e-waste recycler’s, and that’s because the work comes with the e-waste can be determined as one of the dangerous work in the world. Most probably this job profile announces its severity in front of their employees.

9. Animal trainers:

When a person claims to be comfortable around animals, even if it is any type of animal. The things that need consideration is, animals are unpredictable. The possibility of risk is higher when it comes to animal training job.

And the risk of work would be losing one’s life. Therefore, it is claimed to be one of the most dangerous careers in the world.

10. Firefighters:

People warn if a person is playing with fire, but some people made their profession out of their love over fire. It is not true that people love fire and that’s why they join the forces of firefighters.

But the actual truth is that they are not trained to be afraid of fire. Its their courage and social responsibility that they decide to go ahead with their life and save people’s life.

11. Mechanics:

People who are mechanics and works in a garage are also considered to be working in a dangerous working environment. The possibility of working in such working environment and especially with the heavy automobile equipment and much more.

A mechanic deals with all the heavy equipment’s of cars and automobiles, that’s why the possibility or chances of risk is a bit higher and equal to the rest of the job profiles.

12. Metal Crafters:

It is a similar working environment as the firefighters’ job profile, but the only difference is that firefighters play with fire so that they can save people, but here in metal crafter’s life, a person will craft a masterpiece out of crap metal by using fire.

The job profile of the metal crafter’s mainly revolves around fire and metal, which are considered to be unpredictable and risky.

13. Roofers:

Roofers are those people who work for builders or individually for the fixation roofs and the tops of the houses. The main concern of these roofers would be that they fix all the roof issues of the house which needs it to be fixed.

The possibility of risk may be considered high because as all the roofers, work in the higher part of the land and because of that the risk or danger elements gets higher as well.

14. Search and rescue operator:

One of the risky and responsible job of all is that when a person realizes that they are the search and rescue operation of the city or region. Search and rescue officers or operator deals with all the rescue operations.

The main concern of their job profile is that they rescue people who are in the unwanted situation where the possibility of risk can be on the higher side.

15. Sanitation workers:

Sanitation workers are those responsible workers of the city who takes responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the sanity of the city or region.

The interesting part of their job is that people consider that the job profile of these sanitation work is free of all dangerous elements.

But it is not true, a sanitation deals with the garbage and dirt’s around the city and that is why it is risky to be a sanitation worker.

16. Land mine removers:

This is the worlds dangerous job profile that people work on. Those people work in a war zone and keep on thinking about their upcoming land mines.

The possibility of risk when it comes to land mine removers are high as compared to all the rest of the work profiles.

People who work as a land mine removers need not be afraid of losing their life for the sake of their country.

17. Wildlife photographers:

For some people, wildlife photography can be easy as eating peanuts. But the actual truth around their easy work is that all the wildlife photographers take such photo of wildlife that people consider and admire the beauty of the wild, but think about the one who captured that beauty of life, without even thinking about his / her life.

18. Medical technicians:

Medical technicians are those people who work with medical doctors, the main purpose of their job profile as a medical technician is that they need to keep their patients safe and secure. Taking responsibility of third party life is something dangerous that jumping down the bridge for life.

A medical technician need to be quick with their work which makes things worse for their daily things. And the possibility of risk in their work profile is higher that anyone expects.

19. Street Sweepers:

Street sweepers are one of the career availability which provides some kind of social securities to the lower-income families. It is considered as one of the dangerous career. And that is because sweeping streets mean cleaning all kinds of dirts and dusts from the streets.

There is a possibility that while sweeping streets the sweeper may receive some kind of unhealthy viruses,which later on can affect his/her family as well.

20. Courier Carriers:

There are different levels of people who work as courier carriers. The working environment of these courier carriers is quite most of field work-oriented.

Most of the people whose work involves fieldwork are mainly kept themselves busy with their outgoing work. And that is why most of the courier carriers keep changing their location.

As most of the work of these courier carriers involves traveling and that can be dangerous in terms of their continuous change of location.

21. Police officers:

One of the respectable and most prestigious career that brings and build up respect for another person is can be a career of being a police officer.

All the police officers are trained to provide safety and security for the common citizens of the country. And that is why they mostly face all the unexpected problems of people of their region.

Therefore, being a police officer take the courage to be a part of such great responsibility.

22. Astronauts:

Most of the people don’t consider this career as a dangerous one. But people don’t know that most of the astronauts who have entered the space have very chances of returning back alive.

There are many examples of space disasters that took life of several astronauts. Therefore, being astronauts can be an achievement for people, but it does involve some level risk and danger.

23. Bodyguards:

As most of us think that those who work as a bodyguard are the ones who live a life of celebrities. But people ignore that those who hire bodyguards for the safety of their life, are making a possibly dangerous space and a threat to their own life. That’s why this career is one of the dangerous one.

24. Slaughter workers:

Being a slaughter worker seems a bit scary for other people. But the actual truth is that it is dangerous for the slaughter worker as well. As slaughter workers work with sharp and heavy metal objects, the possibility and chances of hurting oneself can be high.

World’s Most Dangerous Jobs Tabular Form:

S. no Dangerous jobs Median average salary Average number of injuries Average number of injuries
deadly injuries non deadly injuries
1 Electrician $54,110 85 4950
2 Construction worker $38,890 280 21,900
3 Mountain guides $70,000 34 deaths per 100 safe returns 34 deaths per 100 safe returns
4 Carpenters $45,600 201 8300
5 Stunt men $70,000 50 deaths per 100 safe returns 50 deaths per 100 safe returns
6 Airline pilots $130,059 65 700
7 Fisherman $30,220 55 150
8 E-waste Recycler’s $36,160 40 1450
9 Animal trainers $33,600 40 150
10 Firefighters $53,240 45 220
11 Mechanics $42,660 50 3600
12 Metal Crafter’s $47,990 20 1300
13 Roofers $38,970 100 2900
14 Search and rescue operator $34,917 to $58,195
15 Sanitation workers $38,683 200 14000
16 Land mine removers $53,200 20 400
17 Wildlife photographers $40,280
18 Medical technicians $33,670
19 Street Sweepers $39,205
20 Courier Carriers $32,003
21 Police officers $65,400 120 500
22 Astronauts $144,566
23 Bodyguards $55,400
24 Slaughter workers $38,840 70 400
25 Landscaping supervisors $41,403 65 1200
26 Truck drivers $40,000 1020 79000
27 Agricultural managers $67,950 320 200
28 Agricultural workers $22,540 200 17900
29 Grounds maintenance workers $21,975 210 15400
30 Maintenance and repair workers $38,300 100 24900
31 Painters $37,960 56 4900
32 Construction equipment operators $62,667 60 2400
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