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28 Most Creative and Unique Ways to Find a Job


With increasing competition, and more intelligent ways of finding candidates for employers, finding your dream job these days seems like a very tough ask. While most job seekers opt for a completely professional approach to get hired for a job, there are a few handful of approaches available that look for creative strategy and unique ways to grab the attention of the employer.

Creative Ways to Find JobFrom foot massages to cracking jokes, there is no end to the myriad creative job search ways that job seekers have used to get noticed among prospective recruiters.

So, if you are trying to get the attention of someone for your dream job, then here is the list of some pretty cool and yet ‘not so odd’ ways that you can surely try.

Best Ways to Find a Job:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to find a job and creative ways to get a job.

1. Use Social Media to Your Benefit:

This one is something everyone knows, but not many use it effectively. If you don’t yet have accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more, then you are surely missing the easiest way to meet potential employers.

This is an amazing platform to connect with people anywhere in the world. Post or share your pieces of work, and if you are really good then you’ll get yourself noticed.

2. Convert Your Resume into a Direct Mail Campaign:

Professionals belonging to designing, advertising or marketing fields use the trick of presenting their resume in unique and an interesting manner. So, why only those with the design bent of mind? Try presenting your resume in a way that can make you standing out of the crowd.

3. Create and Promote Your Own Website in cheap ways:

If you offer certain professional services, such as writing, baking, designing, interior decoration or more, then the best idea is to create a website for this. Once an interesting and attractive website is created, then search for cost-effective ways to promote it.

For instance, place your business cards in local stores, where more potential employers can see you. You can even generate buzz around yourself as this might help you to get an important business call.

4. Try doing Public Relations Stunts related to Your Career Path:

If you are creative enough to do a stunt that might be beneficial to your career then do it right now!

You can present your skills through a giant drawing, or you can write down your resume with a chalk on the front of your house wall. If you have enough money, then you can even buy your own billboard.

5. Try Touring the Office Building:

Another unique way to get noticed and hired for your dream job is touring the office building. If you wish to work in an office, with huge building, multi-floors and spacious work stations, then you can ask to tour it.

You can state that even you wish to renovate your old office in such form. Once you are permitted to enter, and then try dropping your business card at different resourceful places. Most probably, they will say ‘no’, but might be they say ‘yes’.

6. Write an Impressive Article about the Company or the Employer:

You don’t have to be an experienced journalist to do so. With regional newspapers, internet, blogs and other avenues, writing and publishing an article online is pretty much easier.

You can write about the employer or highlight achievements or productions made by the company. May be you get an opportunity to interview senior professionals, and this will be your chance to have direct conversation for the job.

7. Generate something that Goes Viral:

You may create videos of all services and skills you can deliver. YouTube is a great platform to make it viral. Just remember the success story of Justin Bieber through YouTube. It really works!

8. Try Presenting Your Resume in an Interactive manner:

Your resume advertises you. So, try presenting it in the form of a video as this will not even require much money. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google are some of the sites where you can present it.

9. Purchase Google Adwords, if possible:

There are successful professionals who have purchased Google Adwords for names of prospective employers, they wanted to connect with.

When these employers searched their brand names online, Funny messages of job seekers soliciting a job popped up. This was a cool way to attract attention without spending too much on self-advertising.

10. Reverse the Applying Process:

If you don’t want to apply for more jobs, then try reversing the process. Let employers search for you. For instance, you can create a flyer that states, ‘employers required with clean nails and a 301K plan’. This creative job ideas has worked for many, so it might also work for you.

11. Go for Personalized Product Placement:

Try out with some personalized product ideas wherein, you can attach your resume. You can send a beautiful jar with your resume in it, to the employer, or you can present a T-shirt, with your face on it and asking for a job. This is a direct target to the employer, but it may help you get to your dream job.

12. Make sure that your resume does not seem generic:

In today’s competitive work structure, there is no place for generic or repetitive resumes. So, be sure that your resume holds an objective that is specific to the company’s requirement. You can also list challenges and successes of the company in your cover letter.

13. Try contacting through phone:

Instead of allowing your resume to get lost in the ‘piles’, you can search for a few names of the hiring managers and make direct cold calls to them. In case there is no job yet, then you can ask to stay in touch. Even then the answers are same then try contacting other numbers on the list.

14. Leave behind an electronic calling card:

Carry with you a USB drive which includes your resume, copy as well as power point presentation of your experience, skills, projects handled, and accomplishments. Forget that stick at the table of hiring manager, and wait that whether he will just return it back, or return it with a job offer along.

15. Hold a contest:

This is another very unique way of landing to your preferred job. You can begin an email chain of your resume, videos you have prepared, links to your blogs or website and more things that you have done to promote your career.

Send this email to your friends, relatives and others in your networking arena. Offer a money prize or a summer vacation or so to the winner – the person who will help you to land a job.

16. Opt to Work on Contractual Basis:

Employers are always interested to hire those who wish to work on contractual or project basis, as this saves the money on medical insurance or employee fund. If this suits you, then try this option as this can make you get a job easier and earlier.

17. Network in new places:

It is not essential that you try networking with employers through social media sites only. You can even communicate about yourself at various other places such a party or a market or someone in your child’s school. You never know which option may turn into a bright opportunity for your career.

18. Give free advice:

There are few professionals who got hired as they advised employers to correct mistakes on their company’s website or in listing of the services they are offering.

So, even you can try this method and help companies know their online mistakes, as this will prove your intelligence and how concentrated you are when you are up to something.

19. Self-promote yourself through a blog:

You can write a blog for yourself, listing all what you can do, the skills you possess and why companies should hire you. Post this blog on various websites and places, and you never know when you may receive a call.

20. Create a clever design for your resume:

Not only presenting your resume in a creative manner is the way to get a job. You can even write your resume on an interesting paper, or print it out on a clever design page to get noticed by employers.

For instance, a professional presented his resume in the form of the Google search result page in order to draw attention of the employers. Finally, he succeeded in getting a job.

21. Make them laugh:

You don’t have to crack a joke in order to make the employers laugh. You can add some funny pages requesting for a job in a way which can bring a smile on their face.

22. Ask others to make referrals or recommendations for you:

The fastest way to get hired for a job, is when someone makes recommendations or referral on your behalf. So, if you have a network, who can recommend you for a job, then ask them to do so.

23. Ask a few individuals to write LinkedIn recommendations for you:

Recruiters look for recommendations of others on LinkedIn page of those who might seem them appropriate for a job. So, you can ask your known ones to write recommendations for you.

24. Go for Twitter Chats:

One innovative and trending way for individuals to get hired for a job is to chat with employers through Twitter chat option. You can try hash tag such as #jobhuntchat in order to join the chain.

25. Search for prospective Employer connections on Facebook:

Facebook can help you target individuals or companies on specific note. You can target employers by job title, company, city and more such options. It is even an inexpensive way of meeting people online.

26. Utilize Twitter Search:

Twitter offers an excellent option to look for jobs namely, You can write search keywords here such as ‘need job’, or ‘internship’ that can help finding a job or find matching employers with ease.

27. Follow the tweets of CEO’s:

Most of the CEOs tweet for themselves, but it is the brand that is getting recognition. If you directly tweet at the CEO, or any other higher authority, then you may get a response immediately.

28. Make use of Infographics:

If you plan to apply for a job on social media sites, then surely you need to frame your resume in similar impressive manner. So, for this you can make use of Infographics that can provide you with a graphical background for your resume so as to make you stand out of the crowd.


These methods are just some of the really unique and creative things that job seekers have already demonstrated that they work. The best part is that they are not all that time consuming and they can help you land a job without costing you much.

So, if you want to catch the attention of employers and get hired for a job that you really want, try some of these and share your thoughts and how it worked for you.