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How to Cold Call for a Job? Best Tips and Techniques


In today’s world, where communication is at your fingertips through fast networking and connection there are jobs in every corner of this world. All you need is to seek and grab the one that’s right for you, the one which enhances your qualities and shapes you towards betterment.

Cold Calling for Jobs

Cold calling is basically a type which originates from telemarketing because it is entirely a process that is done over a phone call. However, it can also be done through the door to door service by salespersons. In most of the places, it is legit equipment for handling business, but frauds can also misuse it to trick people.

It is basically done in the form of a proposal from a salesperson over a phone call to a potent customer with whom he/she had never been in any contact before.

The person to whom the calling is made had previously not shown any interest in buying the particular product or availing the services that the salesperson is offering. However, it all depends upon the salesperson’s convincing ability as to whether he becomes successful or not.

In the market today when four out of five job opportunities are closed, this can really prove to be prosperous for you. Plus, it is said that “People find jobs through people they know,” therefore making this one of the most efficient tools for job hunting.

Cold Calling for Jobs:

Make sure your call is coming from a local number:

With thousands of calls for people to attend in today’s world, there are high chances that they would not even attend your call if it is coming from an ISD or other sources. Even when in a loop of a busy schedule they would be interested in taking the call only if they see the code is known to them. Therefore, before you hop into making this telemarketing technique a successful one, make sure to manage a local number to make contacts.

Do a proper research and chalk out a plan:

You might get a list of industries or industry personnel, in particular, to approach for your services or product, but before you dial the number make sure to have a proper knowledge of the company, let them know that you have actually studied their plans and strategies and gone through their progress graph and their efforts and profits in marketing.

Do not make fumbling comments even if they ask you something for which you do not have any prior knowledge. Try understanding the question, keep your head calm and reply accordingly.

In case you are not aware of any particular topic they have picked up, try not feeling at loss. Finally, target a specific niche to wound around the conversation.


Although cold calling is a form of telemarketing, it is still one of the most utilized forms of marketing tactics. Therefore, you need to follow yourself up with the latest marketing strategies, alterations, trends etc before jumping into making a call.

Read more blog posts, watch videos, talk to experts over phone calls for recent updates on marketing. In short, gather as much information as you can.

Use social networking sites for contact information:

There are times when, while delving deep into something, we very easily neglect the info that is right in front of our eyes. So, to avoid that specifically, do not forget to gather basic information about the company personnel or companies that you have planned on contacting.

There is hardly anyone these days that do not have their accounts on Facebook or Google. Many of them also have LinkedIn accounts. Make use of their pages to know basic things about them, for instance – their foundation period or progressive report.

Directories are very often included by the company websites. And remember to check the switchboards that provide you directly with the dial numbers.

Highlight your achievements:

If you decide on sending a mail to the target company, make sure to point down your accomplishments clearly to avoid any possible misconceptions. Now, if you are directly opting for a change in career, this is perhaps the opportunity that can prove to be the turning point.

You need to be so apt yet catchy with your mail that your employer feels like reading through it in his/her mailbox of flooding emails.

Ponder upon what exactly to include and how to present it in order to catch your prospective employer’s attention and moreover to select you amidst thousands.

Use digits instead of alphabets to specify your score. For instance, you had successfully increased the revenues of your previous company by 25% in the first year of your job.

Do not show desperation:

Marketing or sales is a section where you need to be immensely patient in order to come out victorious in your task.

Therefore after you have sent the mail, wait for 3 days or so to send the next email asking if they have checked up on your last email and is interested in conducting a meeting with you.

However, if the reply does not come wait for a day or two to call again. If the call goes to a voicemail, send just one voicemail and try not to sound desperate.

Make it short but worthy:

Sometimes you get lucky enough to get your call connected directly to a company’s senior executive officer or CEO or someone of a high position in a company. They would not have a whole lot of time to listen to all of your memorized speech. Therefore, you need to immediately cut it down and remember the noteworthy points.

You need to be a pro enough to convince them in that short period of a minute or two for fixing a meeting later. However, do not get disappointed if they reject you. They might recommend you to some other employer if you are good enough.

Do not unnecessarily attach your resume:

If you are looking for a change in job or you are aware of the particular company’s job opening, then only attach your resume while sending an email.

Otherwise, it is advisable to not make the mail lengthy as there is always a possibility that they would ignore your mail if it is filled with unnecessary info.

Approach yourself in a manner as if the personnel or the company can get benefitted by your service and therefore they should definitely listen to what you have to say.

Do not fret:

It is quite possible that you are in the middle of a bad call and do not know how to possibly deal with it. Here, a suggestion is trying handling it with all the patience that you have got. Sometimes, there are tricky employers who create pressure by asking questions that might be out of the current topic just to check your ability or potentiality to manage things.

In crisis period like that, never hang up the call because that would create a very bad impression of yours and have a bad impact on your work as well. Smile as much as you can, even scientifically prove that smiling can ease out your tension and helps you develop a good rapport.

Speak short sentences:

Speaking long sentences can make you ramble or lose the track you had thought to follow since you are not an orator who would constantly speak without the least mistake. Also, while speaking a paragraph at a time, it is very easy to make common avoidable errors.

Therefore, always speak short sentences. There is also another thing that while uttering a short sentence, the person on the other side of the phone finds it easy to catch up your points and hence understand what you have to say.

Avoid using terms about which you do not have any possible knowledge just to present yourself as an intellectual. Speak with clarity concerning whatever information and research you have done.

Do not be a multi – tasker on a cold call:

Make a script, but remember not to follow it word by word. A script is nothing but a guideline to help you through the process. Therefore, in order to serve its purpose, it is essential for it to be flexible to suit your needs. Multi – tasking is absolutely prohibited while you are on a cold call.

The person on the other side is thrice or multiple times busy as compared to you. And if he can be decent enough to give you that time, be generous to provide him/her with your undivided attention.

Do not sound like a man in the grocery shop:

Yes, you are there to sell your service or product. But that does not refer to the fact that you will stop being a human. Take pauses; do not sound like a machine speaking on loop. Make the conversation as much interactive as you can. Do not brag yourself, mention your achievements without a tone of pride in it, and rather portray it as your responsibility towards the job you are in.

Make the employer talk:

There are two probable benefits of making the employer talk, i.e. while on one hand he/she would be impressed by your efforts at taking a genuine initiative at making the conversation an easy one, you would also get the little time to jot down in your mind about the next point that you want to talk about.

Question about their future plans and how to take up the track of how your services would add up to their profits. So that, even if there is no current job opening then, you might be the one popping into his mind when there actually is one. Show interest in their company besides your own work being done.

The timing:

This is perhaps one of the most important notes to make before you place a call – the timing. You would definitely not want to call in during the rush hour of the office or even during breaks. Therefore, plan on when exactly can you call so that the person listen to you patiently instead of hanging upon your or downright not take your call.

Make some practice calls:

Like there are mock tests prior to the exam, there is the option of practice call before a real one. Plan and call up a friend or someone from the family and approach them in the similar way of approaching your employer.

Read through your script and ask them for any recommendations that they would want to make. Continue practicing until you feel you are fit enough to finally place the real call.

Do not say details that aren’t asked for:

This is specifically recommended to those who are trying to sell a product. Until asked to you about the price, there is no possible need to say it and get rejected on the grounds of its monetary value.

It is possible that even after listening to a long speech of yours about its perks, they reject it only on the grounds of money. But, it is always worth taking a chance. Many times, there can be customers who would like to take the product even if the price is a bit high.

Portray yourself as helpers:

You already know your best abilities, and therefore when you advertise them in order for the prospective customer (or company) to buy them, express in what way they can utilize your best in order to achieve a higher goal. Do not simply blabber on your resume or the script. Make it innovative and worthy enough for the person to put ears to it.

Do not forget your manners:

If you are approaching them in the morning, greet them with a “Good morning” or say “Thank you for hearing me out” before you hang up. People really appreciate such small gestures. Therefore, hold onto your manners to make it work.

This list will help you in improving or pruning your skills in cold calling and aid you in getting better at it.