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How to Control your Ego Problems: 10 Best Tips


Think of a happy day. Imagine you are walking in a beautiful garden full of greenery. The sun is shining bright and the flowers around you are blossoming in glee. You are prancing around the cool waters and the world around you looks so surreal.

All of a sudden you turn towards one direction and see thick and dark clouds enveloped the sky.The sky begins to turn darker. You can’t even move any further. You are stuck in nowhere. The darkness you saw is not the weather.

It is what happens when you stay away from your inner happiness and surrender to your ego.

work on ego problemsYes, handling your ego problems can be tough. It doesn’t want you to be happy after all. But there are several ways using which, overcoming ego is possible. Here are some fine ideas we can suggest.

What does ‘Ego’ mean?

Before we go into the ego definition, let me gently remind you that everyone has an ego. No matter who denies it, we can promise you, ego exists in everyone.

It is the feeling inside you which makes you feel different and special from everyone else.

Ego is also related to self-image and self-esteem. Ego problems in the relationship are to be blamed for the breakdown of all and can also be a real spoiler.

How to Work on your Ego Problems: 10 Best Tips to Control:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to let go of ego problems and free yourself from huge ego you are possessed with. Here we have also mentioned ways on how to control your ego that gets in the way of accomplishing goals.

1. Don’t get all personal about it:

The first thing you need to do is get less personal about things. Some of you take it too literally. Avoid doing something like that. You should learn to be at peace with yourself. Also, know that people don’t always mean what they say.

Sometimes they are just angry and upset so they behave in a certain way. If you take it too personally, you will end up getting hurt by the end.

So take our advice and don’t take things personally. It will definitely help you have a better grip on your emotions and in that way you will let your ego melt.

2. Accept all your mistakes:

A great way to work on all your ego problems is by accepting your mistakes. Do know that everyone at certain times goes wrong and it is very natural to commit a mistake. But being stubborn and selfish about it is not a good thing.

It does not matter if you are a parent or a teacher or the boss, you should be humble enough to admit where you have gone wrong. Go and apologize to the person. It will feel light and stop your false ego from controlling your life.

3. Stop being afraid of looking silly:

One of the biggest mistakes egoistic people make is living in fear of looking silly. It is often associated with pride since proud people are always so worried about making a fool out of themselves. And if you have been feeling like this for a while, then stop right away.

Don’t worry about looking dumb. The more conscious you are, the higher your chance of looking and feeling silly in front of others. So the key way to becoming less egoistic is by being less afraid of such silly feelings.

4. Know that ego never dies:

As you are all aware, the ego is a very smooth operator and would like you to think that it is easy to let it go. There are people who have fallen for this including myself. There are times when I tried my best to just let to go away.

It will probably leave you alone for a day and right the next day you will find it crawling back to you with some of its same old tricks. And if you have fallen victim to this, you must know how crazy the feeling is.

But with time you must realize that ego is something that is not going to die. It will always be there in some form or the other, hiding somewhere in your life.

It will speak to you in the nicest way possible and then stab you when you least expect it. It will allow you to hurt someone you care about just because you have the right to show that you matter. In other words, knowing that ego will never die can really help you overcome the feeling.

5. Knowing that you aren’t the best:

It is very important to be aware of your limitations. You should know that you aren’t the best at everything and there will be people who can do things better than you. But also remember that you probably aren’t the only person feeling like this.

Everybody is not good at something and that is absolutely okay. Plus knowing that you are limited in certain ways doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish or fulfill your dreams. You don’t have to be hard on someone because they can and you can’t.

I personally think half of your ego problems will be solved if you just accept certain things. And this will take you a very long way.

6. Look at ego as if it is another human being:

If you ask my personal suggestion, then I would definitely ask you to look at ego as if it is another person. It is possibly the best way to take care of it. The first step is to imagine and think of your ego as a little girl. She could be roughly seven years old and has two cute pigtails. She is a brat and enjoys whining at odd moments.

Now this imagination seems a little weird but it is so funny and works well. But whenever I feel like my ego is rising slowly, I imagine the brat in my mind once again and listen to what she has to say. She has the right to speak her mind and rattle nonsensical stuff. She has the right to do so after all. She is my ego.

Once that is done, I thank her for this great piece of advice after which she walks away. And when I completed this step I felt such peace in my heart. It stopped me from making so many mistakes.

7. Stop bragging:

It is great to have very high self-esteem and feel great about all accomplishments, but bragging is just foolish and not needed. It is known for boosting ego. If you really have done something great in life, chances are people will come to know about it and will respect you all the more if they get to know how humble you are about it.

So don’t constantly talk about how great you were when you went up for that speech or presentation. The lesser you brag about yourself, the more humble and less egoistic you will come across as.

8. Be thankful for the little things you have:

Imagine that your university results are out and you’ve topped the class. Obviously, you will be credited greatly for studying and working hard etc. But also remember that there is someone else who is equally as hard-working as you are but is not standing in your position.

If you begin to think of things in this way, chances are you will have better control ego and balance your emotions at the same time.

So be thankful for all the things that you have in life even if its something very simple. Once you begin to become a humble person, you will also give more way for your ego to melt.

9. Compliment others:

It is a great thing to compliment others. Plus it is an easy way to pretend that your ego problems don’t exist for just a bit. Let your partner or friend know how beautiful they look today and how great that dress looks on them.

You can also go a bit deeper and compliment them for having a good personality. See what makes them so special and look for positive attributes always.

10. Final tips:

Always remember that being humble and less egoistic has so many benefits. Being full of love and less anger is always a great way to overcome feelings like this and that it feels great when someone reaches out to you for help.

Plus when it comes to things like this, always consult your closest friends. They can help you in times like this.

Signs Your Ego is Not in Control:

Ego is a person’s feeling of being self-esteemed or being felt too important. Ego is common but is not a good thing to carry. People do not realize it initially and the moment they realize, the loss percentage will be too high.

The ego works on its own in a person without even one’s knowledge. It is that moment where we should be able to recognize it and stop acting under its influence.

Identifying and controlling is the best key solution here.

10 Sure Fire Signs That Your Ego is ON:

  1. You feel happy when other’s flaws are been raised
  2. Playing the blaming game when things don’t work as you wish
  3. Setting up unrealistic goals and hurting self when not able to accomplish them
  4. Feeling sulked even at small loses
  5. Having a feel of defeating is everything rather than doing best
  6. Brag about self even before greeting
  7. Feeling jealous of others best performance
  8. Comparing yourself to weaker competent
  9. Compare yourself with strong competent
  10. Winning is the motto even in an argument

How to Destroy Your Ego:

The ego acts as toxic in our lives as it has the power to destroy you in various ways. So the early you get rid of your ego, the better you turn out yourself.

There is a small difference between confidence and overconfidence. When you are confident, your statement would be like “I can do it” but when you are overconfident, your statement goes as “Only I can do it“. This gives rise to the ego which comes in naturally in a person.

Early identification and getting rid of your ego can prevent ruining your life. Also remember that no matter how good you are, there might be people who are better than you. Saying this doesn’t mean to demotivate you but accept it as a trigger to think creatively and work hard.

This not only helps you perform better but also habituates you to stay humble.

Here we have mentioned few tips that help you get rid of your ego. All of these tips have been tried and tested, so my sincere advice is to exercise them and experience the change yourself.

  • Embrace the beginner’s attitude
  • Abandon your privilege
  • Concentrate on the exertion, not on the result
  • Pick reason over enthusiasm
  • Your mission at hand should be above you
  • Evade the solace of talking and face the work.
  • Try to be sober and do not run behind money and success
  • Destroy your ego before it destroys you
  • Learn to stop when things go wrong
  • Focus on the present, not a past success story
  • Stop imagination and start creating
  • Master the art of managing
  • Never stop learning
  • Prioritize things important to you
  • Pick love
  • Learn to say NO at times
  • Others can’t degrade you but they instead get degraded
  • Never expect rewards and recognition always
  • Try harder in your chosen path
  • Reconnect yourself with nature and the real world
  • Validate yourself at times
  • Pick alive time rather than dead time
  • Be strong, confident and forgiving.
  • Escape your very own head
  • Focus on effort, not on the outcome
  • Do not try to control everything

Always remember that you are much more powerful, strong and beautiful than your high ego can ever be. There is nothing in life that you cannot master.


Whenever you feel like it’s your ego taking over, just let them know that you are free to do anything and that it is time to let go. The ego is like a bully. You can make it powerless if you want to. These tips and ideas will be of great help if you try. Plus if you have some other suggestions, feel free to drop a comment below. We would love to hear more.