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How to give Constructive Criticism to your Manager


Companies are always on the lookout for employees who they know will be a great asset to the company. Qualities which they look out for when they are hiring include, diligence, perseverance, loyalty, integrity, self respect as well as skill, yet this having been said, the quality which is hard to find, but most appreciated is the quality to think in an unconventional manner as well as have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. So, for your benefit, here is a list on how to give constructive criticism to your manager in a way that is appropriate.

constructive criticism to manager16 Best Tips for Giving Constructive Criticism:

1. Think about what you have to say before you say it:

When approaching your manager with some constructive criticism which you think everyone will benefit greatly from, you should ensure that you have thought about what you are going to say carefully so that when you approach your manager you are not at a loss for words, rather you are able to deliver your words in a proper as well as serious manner.

Just remember if you do not take yourself seriously then no one is going to take you seriously either. So gather your thoughts and have everything you want to say at your fingertips.

2. Ensure that you have facts and figures to back your words:

When you are giving constructive criticism to your boss ensure that you are not speaking just for the sake of it and have distinct facts as well as figures to back whatever you are uttering. Just remember that if you speak in an ambiguous manner then chances are that you might not be able to drive home your point in a proper manner.

No matter how good and valid your words are, the manner in which you speak will really make a big difference and you will certainly be able to impress your boss in the unconventional as well as out of the box manner in which you think.

3. Begin by saying that you are here to offer some constructive criticism, if you may:

In the event of being at sea about how to begin giving your criticism you should begin by asking permission, for whether or not your he or she will be willing to listen and if at all is it a good time. Chances are that your manager will most certainly be willing to what you have to say.

When you come forward with some constructive criticism for your manager then you are silently communicating to him or her that you are someone who takes your job very seriously indeed and you think about ways to improve things at work even when you are not at the office.

4. Ensure that you are not acting in a condescending manner:

Having some constructive criticism to give your manager is good, yet at the same time you must ensure that your body language is appropriate. Just because you are the one giving the criticism does not imply that you start acting as though he was your subordinate or your equal.

Even if it is true, then even he as a manager should not act high handed in anyway. In the office the hierarchy must be respected as the manager is someone who is an experienced professional who has gotten this designation only after a lot of hard work.

5. Make sure to make a proper appointment with your manager:

In the event of having some constructive criticism to give your manager you should ensure that you make a proper appointment with him so that he can give you his undivided attention. If you happen to give your views to your manager in the hall, at the stairs or in the lift chances are that what you have said to him will be forgotten the moment you are out of sight. Yet if you want to really impress him and if you really want what is being said to sink in, then you have to ensure that you take the trouble of making a proper appointment at an appropriate time.

6. Never shy away from speaking your mind:

When you have something to say you should go right ahead and say it without any kinds of fear or inhibitions. Just remember that no matter how smart, bright as well as quick you are, you will never be able to climb the ladder of success unless you actually take the trouble to stand up for your rights and say what you need to say. The more you speak out the more confidence you will get.

7. Think about the kind of person your manager is:

Prior to going right ahead and saying all that you have to say, you should ponder for a while over the fact whether your boss is someone who is open and receptive to criticism as well as advice which comes his way. If you know that he is someone who encourages people to share their views then you should make it a point to go ahead and speak with him, yet if you know that your words will be like water on a ducks back then maybe it would be better if you did not bother wasting your time making that appointment. However this having been said sometimes you ought to just take the plunge.

8. Ensure that your tone is not disrespectful at all:

There is some truth in the common saying that ‘little things can make a big difference’ so keeping this very thing in mind you should ensure that you make it a point to pay attention to your tone of voice when you are speaking to your manager.

As mentioned above the way in which you act is important; however along with that your tone of voice is equally important. Rather than getting on to the wrong side of your boss, it is better that you pay attention to these small things right at the very onset. So you can practice your words in front of your friends or family members.

9. Do not offer your criticism in front of many people:

Everyone wants to improve as well as become better with time, however this having been said, there is no one who likes to be checked or even corrected in front of other people no matter what their age or status. So it is pretty obvious that your manager would certainly not like to listen to the criticism which you have to offer in front of other people.

In the event of you bringing the matter up in front of a large gathering of people, you can rest assured that this matter is most certainly not going to go down well with him or her and you will get into a fair bit of trouble.

10. Speak in a clear, comprehensive and concise manner:

When you are giving constructive critics to your manager it is of paramount importance that you remember that you are speaking to your superior and not just speaking to one of your friends, So this having been said you must ensure that you speak in a clear, concise as well as comprehensive manner such that not only will you be able to get the point across in an effective manner, but at the same time you will be able to greatly impress your boss with your excellent communication skills.

11. Mention that you have put a lot of thought into what you are saying:

While speaking to your manager you must ensure that you mention to him that you have given a lot of thought to the matter and it is only after a great amount of weighing and measuring that you have put the matter before him.

Do this and you can be sure that your manager will be greatly impressed by the manner in which you have conducted yourself. Once you have said what you have to, you must be prepared to listen to what response your manager has to give to you. So ensure that you do not keep talking, rather give some time to your manager to respond to you.

12. Do not be apologetic for your views:

Though it is an established fact that being a manager in a company is no small matter, yet this having been said there is no need for you to be apologetic for wanting to put your thoughts and views forward.

As long as you are keeping the professional distance and speaking in a formal as well as decorous manner you need not worry about anything at all or neither should you be sorry for saying what you needed to say. This having been said make sure that you are confident in your stance and that no matter what you continue to hold your head up high at all times.

13. Say that all you want is the betterment of the company:

In the course of your words you must make it a point to mention that you only came forward because you always have the best interests of the company at heart and above everything else you always want the company banner to remain flying high. So try your best to sound very positive in what you are saying rather than speaking in a very negative manner which is most certainly bound to be terribly off putting.

14. Ensure that you are not beating about the bush at all:

One of the worst things which you can do when you are giving your manager some constructive advice is actually beating around the bush and not bothering to get to the point. You should know that your boss is a skilled professional, so do not sugar coat your words to spare his feelings either.

15. Note the manner in which your criticism is taken:

In the course of your words you should ensure that you are taken a careful note of the manner in which your criticism is being taken. If you notice that your boss isn’t interested in what you are saying then it is better to stop right there as there is no point giving your views to a person who will not even bother to consider what you have to say. Once you have walked out of the cabin you should actually think about whether or not you would actually like to continue in a company like this where your views and words have no value at all.

16. Do not broadcast the fact that you gave criticism to the manager:

Last but certainly not the least is that once you have give the constructive criticism to your manager you must ensure that you do not go broadcasting the fact that you gave criticism to your manager to any and everyone. If you do this you can be sure that you are bound to get on the wrong side of your boss.


This is the manner in which you can go about giving constructive criticism to your manager. There are many people who might tell you that you should never question or even go so far as to disagree with your seniors at the office, just in case they do not take it in a graceful manner, but you should never think in this manner.

This is in fact the 21st century and things have changed from what they were before. So ensure that you put your thoughts forward in a clear as well as comprehensive manner and you can be rest assured that this will be much appreciated.