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How to Change Your Life Completely? Stop Existing and Start Living


There is one day in everyone’s life when things appear difficult and a thought passes by

– ‘I am just there, existing, but not living my life

If you are reading this post, then you might be undergoing some emotional distress. Your life is appearing boring and every single day seems like a decade. Same old routine, same old stuff to do, same old place, and even same old food to eat.

How to Change Your LifeIf there is nothing around you that make you feel excited and revved up, then it is the perfect time to change your life completely.

Simply, because it is no way to live life!

But believe us, this is not the end. You can pep up your life again by just making a few small changes in your routine. The key here is to learn the life lessons and roll the ball again to get an improved, vibrant life that looks brighter even when you have unlimited challenges to experience.

So, how to go about it?

It’s fine if you have got this question in your mind. And the good thing is that I can tell you about the best ways to change your life completely. But before I begin with it, I would first like to clear out the difference between living and existing

Living vs. Existing – Know what is the Difference

I think the biggest difference between existing and living comes from the level of control you have over decisions of your life. So, where does this control comes from?

Generally speaking, if you are experiencing that everything is out of your control and it is becoming difficult to identify a path for their tasks, then this is close to existing. It is because, during such feelings, emotions have a major role to play.

Someone who understands such emotions well, controls them and does not let these emotions intervene with their decisions, is close to living their life.

Another differentiating factor between existing and living lies within the feeling of being trapped with negativity all around. If you find yourself trapped in the same, boring job for years then you might develop feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Such fears would have trapped you and you will never have plans to get out. In a way, you will lose all the hope and act mindlessly most of the times.

But if you are not allowing such fears to control your life then most of the times, you would take actions that would improve their life. They keep doing things that will maintain the liveliness in their relationships. Even they try doing different things. Also, they never put their dreams on hold, and hence, are always surrounded by positivity.

If you do same boring things every day even when you don’t feel like doing them, then you simply exist. You are not making any efforts to improve your life. It is because they don’t want to break up their comfortable lifestyle. It is because they don’t have full control over their decisions.

So, you see there is a great difference between existing and living. If you are trapped in the motion of existing and are looking out ways to change your life and move from existence to living, then check out these ways.

Before you head towards reading this post and find out the ways to change your life completely, first take a deep breath and relax your senses. Now begin reading the ways one by one and by the end of this post, you will identify ways to move from the existing phase to the living phase.

Here is a video which helps you change your life in 30 days completely.

How to Change Your Life Forever?

1. Get Out from the Negative Phase:

Might be you have gone through lots of failure and disappointment but this does not structure your future. Don’t let negative feelings play around you!

If your inner voice says that ‘No, I cannot,’ then you need to unleash your inner-self and move towards the positive side. If your past efforts have not delivered you with any good thing, then it is time to stop doing them at once.

Just build your confidence, set small targets and look for small challenges. Once you will start achieving small targets, you will gain confidence and gain positivity.

2. Don’t let Distance Become a Problem for You:

If you feel sad and unhappy about your life just because you are not able to move distances, then you are making a huge mistake.

Don’t limit yourself within proximity! Travel to another place to see your favorite destination. Don’t let distance come in your way. Don’t write off your best relationships just because they are long-distance.

If feeling bored, then just pack your bags and explore the natural wonders of your region and state. Visit places that you have not visited before.

3. Pile Up All Your Good Things to Feel Better:

Might be, you are not doing the most challenging task. But if you are doing something and earning bucks even in this troubled economy, then you must be grateful to you.

Above this, if you have someone to love, family to enjoy and few good friends then you must be really happy about it. Just pile up everything good you have. Every morning just think about those great things and be thankful for this on a regular basis. Just focus on every positive aspect of your life and soon you will start loving it.

4. Let the Feeling of ‘Taken for Granted’ Wipe Off:

Most people who consider existing but not living has a common feeling. It is the feeling of ‘taken things for granted.’

Most of the times, we take blessings in our lives for granted. We fail to think about the good things that we have and most others don’t have. Rather we just focus on a handful of stuff that we lack in our lives. As a result, we are left with unpleasant and awful feelings.

If you are taking things for granted then rethink over two aspects:

  • The positives always outweigh the negatives
  • You have so much great work to do and lots of people to live for

Think about them, be grateful, and begin enjoying your life.

5. Learn to Say ‘No’ and Stop Doing Things that You Don’t Want to Do:

Sometimes being too polite and helpful to others can become a big pain. This way, people will not keep shut from saying anything bad about you, but at the same time will expect assistance and service from your end. This can be a depressing feeling.

Hence, it is wise to learn to say ‘NO‘ to things that you don’t wish to do. No need to be rude but learn to be honest and genuine. Rather than fulfilling others expectations, it is better to think about yourself. There is no harm in being a little selfish. Just make sure that you don’t hurt anyone physically or emotionally while doing this.

6. Stop Considering Yourself Dumb:

If you are depreciating your intelligence or being too humble, then other people will have a chance to make fun of you. In a way, this will make you feel bad about your being.

If other people judge you and highlight your weak points then this does not imply that you don’t have any good things. They may judge you out of their close-mindedness and own insecurities.

Hence, stop thinking about the fear of being misunderstood. If they do not understand your point then it is their fault, not yours!

7. Discover a Purpose to Live:

Whether you believe it or not, but we all are born for a reason and a purpose to fulfill.

The sooner you find your purpose, the better it would be to make big alterations in your life. Think about all those things you are good at and that brings you the most satisfaction. Doing such things will make you feel joyful and delighted. Even, these things might be your key to stay happy.

Hence, find the way that makes you feel happy. Discovering a purpose will ensure that your life is moving on the right track. Even this will make you feel good about stuff that you are presently doing. As a result, you will enjoy your life. So, if you want to make your life more enjoyable then it is better that you start living with a purpose.

8. Take Small Steps at a Time:

Taking action is vital, even if you take small steps, things will do change.

If you have a dream to fulfill then it will not come to you. You have to go out, work hard and eventually you will be able to achieve it.

If you will not take a step then you will never be able to move towards your dream. As a result, it will always stay away from you.

For example, I was working at an executive position and always dreamt of having a job in Los Angeles with a handsome salary. Besides my hard work, I have to be patient and it was after 10 years that I got the great opportunity to work my dream job.

Remember, if you are taking small steps then you are moving off the limitations and challenges. Don’t try to cover the gap in just one day. Take one step at a time. Slowly and steadily you will make up to your dreams.

9. Find Joy in Things Even if they Are Not Rewarding:

If your boss has not approved your vacations then this does not mean that your life has ended. There is a lot more you can do and find joy doing.

Identify things that bring joy to you and do not require approval from your boss. Don’t think twice and start pursuing them. The more you will do such stuff, the better you will feel. Also, this will make you feel good about being a person and not just being an employee.

10. Stay Away from Those Who Damaged Your Life:

If there are few who have damaged your life then the best way out is to let all the grudges go away and at the same time stay away from such people.

If possible, then move to a location where troubled memories will not follow you.

Just open your mindset to the door of positivity and have a great time relaxing in the new environment.

If it is not possible to change location then it is wise to spend the least time with such people. Slowly, your negative environment will start turning into a positive ambiance.

11. Connect Yourself to God:

Another great and simple way to bring peace to you is to connect to the god.

Being spiritual will bring a sense of peace, which is a great move towards positive thinking. Moreover, this will wipe off various negative feelings like despair, anger, regret, and more. Practicing meditation and feeling connected to the god brings positivity from within.

12. Schedule a ‘You’ Time on a Daily Basis:

You might be scheduling time for all important things. But do you schedule time for yourself?

If not then surely you would feel stressed and depressed after some time.

Set aside some time to do things that you love doing. Do whatever you want to do otherwise you will never be able to prioritize things.

13. Be Honest with Others:

Being straightforward and being honest are two different things.

Your honesty may make others feel bad about a certain thing, but it will always make you feel happy about yourself. This way, you will never feel burdened and stay with such negative feelings.

14. Surprise Yourself:

Last but not least, doing things that you thought you will never be able to do, brings great joy. From gymnasium, singing, riding, to boxing, painting, and more, you can do any such things that you like.

Most of the people are afraid of trying new things, but if you want to live your life then you need to overcome this challenge. Try new things, surprise yourself and enjoy living!

The finest way to start living your life is to identify ways that would make you feel like it. Make most of every moment and when things become stressful then just take a deep breath and start all of it again!