Blue berry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, gooey brownies and many more tasty chocolates and candies tempt us though we are health conscious. There are a number of benefits which makes your job better. When you put a bowl of candy on your desk, you must be astonished to hear the number of beneficial factors you reap.

Candies being used are a new way to bring in people together and have a good conversation. They are ways to enhance your business career and also develop strong relationship. The article addresses how candies can make you better at your job.

how candies make you better

This is How Candy Crush Saga Make You Better:

1. To work for long hours:

Getting indulged in a treat or having a candy at work can help you to be super productive. Experts have also opened up that when you have candies at work you gain the capability to work longer. The main intention of ‘2007 study’ mentions that, some energy is required for self-control which can be reached by reinstating some glucose to an appropriate level.

To make it very simple, when you eat sweets at work place, it helps in availing glucose which is formulated as energy in the body and helps you battle through any tough project. Hence never forget to enjoy your favorite chocolate bar or a frosted cup cake and get to work after that.

2. Candies help you focus:

Are you the one who desire to be focused on work instead of checking social media site every few seconds? Then having a chocolate bar during work time is one way which brings you more focus. By this way it is said that individuals are more focused than before. It is a known fact that chocolates especially the dark ones have endorphins within which are the super happy chemicals that help out.

The focusing feature of chocolate is also achieved where brain is affected in a positive way also assisting memory. Hence take a bite of your desired candy and stay focused at work place.

3. Helps blood flow:

Pepper mint candy is also another candy that helps you focus on your work. Candies help in the blood flow of brain and also assist in remembering. Peppermint candies are hence sure to be taken as they help individuals to be awake and also focus on work.

Dark chocolates are ones that boost memory, reaction time, attention span, and problem solving skills. Enhanced blood flow in the brain is achieved by the flavonoids in the chocolate.

4. Have a successful day:

Almost all people who get to work hit on the snooze button rather than preparing a healthy breakfast. Are you also one who skips your breakfast daily? Do not worry as sweets can be used for your advantage at work.

You are said to be productive when you have a sweet breakfast in the morning. When you have something sweet in the morning you are said to be focused and also do not feel hungry for a long time.

5. Reducing stress with chewing gum:

There are number of researches that have been performed to prove that chewing gum reduces stress. A research in Tokyo has mentioned that chewing gum for about ten minutes a day makes you calmer. It is good news for ones at office who handle stress each day.

Experts have also concluded that stress relieving element comes from the taste of the gums and the way mind perceives the taste. So get ahead and chew gum at your work place which reduces your anxiety and stress.

6. Candies make you happy:

Happy employees are ones who are productive in an organization. When you’re feeling sad, bad, unmotivated you would not put your complete effort at work. In the same manner when you’re happy you care more for your work.

With that formula since sugar is something that makes us happy it’s good to enjoy something sweet at work each day. Many of the employees are exhausted and over worked with office politics, fulltime work, meetings etc. Hence having a sweet candy can make you happier at work place.

7. You are hyper and get more work done:

You must have had a candy this morning and feel like a kid with complete hyper. Take advantage of your hyper and open up your work ethic, rework on aspects that you have kept aside, brainstorm on the upcoming new project that you have been assigned with, prepare a schedule for your next week.

You can be successful at work as long as these candies keep your boosted and energy filled. The BFF sugar and chocolate in candies helps you to be productive. The main feature of sugar is to make you alive and awake that assists you when you’re tired.

8. Candies at your desk enhances network:

By placing a bowl of candies on your desk you can win your co-workers heart. People gather and chat when they see a bowl of candies on your desk. By this way a proxemics pull is developed where conversations and easy introductions take place in an office environment.

9. Develops mental arithmetic:

Flavanols which is a compound found in chocolates enhances mental arithmetic. Those who consume candies were found to be less drained or less tired which was proved by the British Psychological Society annual conference. For mentally challenging tasks chocolates are the right choice said Professor David Kennedy who worked at the research center of Northumbria University as director of brain and performance. Hence having candies can surely sharpen your brain.

10. Improves memory and mood:

The flavonoids present in cocoas are ones that get accumulated in the brain regions which are responsible for learning and memory. In the same manner cognitive test scores are enhanced by means of flavonoids in chocolate. Caffeine in chocolates are another element which is considered as a brain booster and enhanced mood, memory and concentration required for work environment.

11. Hard candies have advantages:

During meetings in an organization, bringing in hard candies also has few beneficial factors. When hard candies are passed around, it becomes something serious to chew and hence have a chance to lower the pulse of the meeting which in turn reaps you more time for reflection of ideas.

At times when the meetings gets tensed, cool down the session by passing a bowl of chewing wine gums that brings down the tension that prevails in the meeting session.

12. Candies are Boosters:

Check if your boss placed a bowl of candies at your office kitchen, if not make sure to eat few candies before you set out to work. Neurophysiologists and nutrition expert Will Clower mentions that candies are the best health super food that boosts your mood. He also mentions that candies can help you lose weight.

Clower advises to take high quality dark chocolates that are with high cocoa content. This is because 40 gram of chocolate high in cocoa polyphenols every day for two weeks diminishes stress and anxiety. When milk and sugar are added to the cocoa content they absorb the cocoas antioxidants.

13. Candies satisfy you:

Another great feature of eating chocolates is that they allow your brain to record that you’re satisfied and bring down cravings. So it is good to linger around the chocolate and allow melting in your mouth so that the taste lies behind your tongue.

Finally :

These are a few tips and hints hid behind eating chocolates. Candies have a number of beneficial factors and helps improve your work productivity. They act as a booster and help you in many aspects in your organization.

For employees who desire to enhance productivity, diminish stress, improve mental ability, and be focused can learn to eat candies and accomplish the same. Candies are said to make your job better in a number of ways as mentioned above. Hence have a sweet time at work by eating candies at your work place and be productive.