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How to Build a Smart Team for your Business



I am in awe of people who conceptualize and run a business of their own. It usually starts with a flicker of an idea in their head. If done well, it gradually takes speed, breaks into a gallop and then soars towards dizzying heights. The key lies in hiring the right people to help you run your business. They can make or break your dream vision.

Below are some critical elements which help in building a team for your successful enterprise:

Smart Team Building Ideas for Business Growth:

The following mentioned are few business tips and innovative business ideas to build team that helps in growing business

1.     Smart team,  achievable dream

 Let’s assume you, as the business owner, are great at your marketing skills. But there is also procuring or producing of the product, finance and bookkeeping, and all kinds of everyday functioning hassles which can be better handled by someone else. Someone who understands it better than you.

Pick and choose your team in a manner which fills the gaps in your own personality. Have people who are smarter than you in areas of business which you don’t understand.

 2.     All about trust

 Assuming you do hire someone smart and savvy, it would be of paramount importance that he/ she does not take smartness to a different level and sweep the business from under you. Hire solely based on an instinct of trust. Develop this faith over time and be completely confident of their integrity before passing on more responsibilities.

Stealing business ideas or team members turning foes is not uncommon and happens more often than we would like to believe.


 3.     Opinion matters

 You say, ‘I think we should set up one more office at the other end of town’, and he says ‘Yes sir, we should’. You say, ‘I don’t think we should expand into sale of surgical instruments along with pharmaceuticals’ and he says, ‘No sir, we shouldn’t’. And so it goes with all your brainstorming sessions. You might as well just go ahead with your business plan and ideas yourself.

If you are certain he is not intimidated by you, he is the wrong choice. You need men and women with opinions of their own, especially if you are at a stage of expanding your horizons.

 4.     Open to learn

 Don’t go and hire yourself a highly experienced person who is a know-it-all. Since the business is yours, you obviously have much knowledge to impart too. Let your team members be open to learning. With learning comes development.

They need to be focussed individuals who know how to take advice, are well read and open to research. Close minded people will get you nowhere.

 5.     Passionate and driven

 This is something you can make out from a person’s resume and interview. Dynamic people shine through in all situations. You may never meet your business goals with a lethargic, strictly 9 am to 5 pm kind of team. New business human-resources-peo-business-team-buildingventures are a different ball game altogether. Don’t forget you are setting up the foundation to realize your dreams.

Surround your venture with committed, driven people who visualize your dreams with you. Who want to grow with you and achieve your goals with you.

Your business being successful is not good only for you. It generates employment and has scope of doing real good for a small community or an entire society. Choose your team wisely. All the best!