According to a recent survey, most of the fresh graduates from colleges, like around 70% of them expect to earn more than the previous year out goers.

BPO is an industry which has a great career option for a fresher in terms of salary as well as knowledge gained.

A good degree with excellent communication is a common thought among the freshers to enter into BPO. Even though this might seem partially right, presently it requires good skills as well as more smartness for this field. For that provided here few BPO interview questions and answers.


bpo interview questions freshers

Preparing for a BPO can be categorized into three main divisions. They are,

1. Questions related to field knowledge.
2. Questions related to the personal interest.
3. HR questions.

BPO Interview Questions and Answers Related to Field Knowledge:

It is very important to prepare all the technical concepts before you undergo an interview. For freshers, it is very important to concentrate on the basics as it would surely help them to face the interview with confidence.

Here are the few technical interview questions for freshers, which is expected to be asked in any BPO interviews. They are,

1. Can you define BPO and its various types?

This is a very basic question which can be asked in any interview. And try to answer it in a very simple way and smart way. The answer should be starting with its abbreviation and continue with the definition.

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, and basically it is a process of outsourcing technical experts from another company for handling non-core work of the organization.

It is broadly classified and people are hired for categories like administrative department, purchase department, selling department, call center or a customer care center, and back office.

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2. What is the reason for outsourcing people from other companies?

There can be many reasons depending upon the various needs of the organization like, cost efficiency, to be more focused on the technical core development, in need of expertise in the non-core work, in short of non-technical staffing.

This is the straight forward reason for a company to outsource people from other companies.

3. Abbreviate the following with respect to BPO terms?

a) BPM – Business Process Management
b) BPO2 – Business Process Optimizing and Outsourcing
c) BTO – Business Transformation Outsourcing
d) KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing
e) EPO – Engineering Process Outsourcing
f) ESO – Engineering Services Outsourcing
g) Procurement BPO – Outsourcing the procurement activities.
h) MBPO – Medical Business Process Outsourcing
I) RPO – Research Process Outsourcing
j) HRO – Human Resource Outsourcing

4. What is a voice based BPO and a Non-Voice based BPO?

Try to define this interview question for bpo, with an answer which has a definition as well as an example and then compare it.

Voice based BPO’s are the BPO’s who need to talk to the customers about the product or queries etc. People in voice based BPO’s are mostly into sales and support.

For example: telecommunication industry is a place where people are hired for customer care which is a voice based BPO.

Non-voice based BPO’s are the BPO’s who are mainly into sourcing knowledge like gathering data for various processes.

For example: data entry jobs, payroll jobs etc.

5. What is offshore outsourcing, and give me an example?

The process of outsourcing which has been done outside the country which is far away is known offshore outsourcing.

For example: Australia outsources from India it is known as offshore outsourcing.

6. What is near shore outsourcing, and give me an example?

The process of outsourcing which has been done with near by countries is known as near shore outsourcing.

For example: When USA outsources from Mexico it is said to be near shore outsourcing.

7. What is onshore outsourcing, and give me an example?

This is a process of outsourcing within the country, but outside the company. This is also known as domestic outsourcing.

For example: Indian government outsources people for passport seva from a leading consultancy in India.

8. What is a call centre and what is the difference between call center and BPO?

Call centers are generally nothing but voice based BPO’s. They are mainly into sales and support services. Call center is a subset of a BPO.

9. What is inbound call center and outbound call center?

Inbound call centers are call centers where calls are been received on behalf of the clients. Support and customer care services falls under inbound call centers.

Outbound call centers are call centers which makes calls on behalf of their client. For example, for promotion of the product, or sales purpose.

10. What is the difference between a KPO and BPO?

KPO stands for Knowledge Process outsourcing, which deals with documentation, insurance and billing services, while BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing which is related to customer end services.

BPO Interview Questions for Freshers Related to the Personal Interest:

These might be bpo interview questions and answers for freshers which will help you know whether you are interested about the job. Few samples are,

1.How comfortable you are in handling the customers through phone?

This BPO question is to know whether you are interested to handle phone calls. They might not decide whether they can give you this job, it is asked to know how far you can tackle the pressure put forward on you, even though you are not interested.

2. Why are you interested in BPO job?

When these type of fresher interview questions are asked, try to talk about the growth of this industry as well as your growth expectation in this field.

Justify your answer with some statistical data and some surveys. Focus on some real factors than imaginative content.

3. Tell me your opinion about growth of BPO in India:

This interview question can be tricky, as indirectly the recruiter might want to know how a candidate in India perform. So the answer to this question should be based on the performance of Indians in this field.

For example, you can quote few characteristics of Indians which contribute to growth of BPO. It can be like emphasizing about their communication skills, fast learners, willingness to adapt various shifts and about vulnerable to lesser wage etc.

4. Why you want to join BPO?

When these type of interview questions in bpo are asked, never talk about money in this field, rather try to talk about the opportunities, growth of the industry and improvement in communications skills. Also emphasize about the surveys, statistical data related to the growth in this industry.

BPO Human Resource (HR) Interview Questions for Freshers:

HR questions might not be as stressful, tricky, technical and field related questions, but it is very important as it will clearly show the person you are for this job.Here are some HR round questions and answers for freshers.

1. Introduce yourself or tell us something about you:

This is a very common question anybody would face in any kind of interview. Make sure you answer it in a crisp way as well as in an impressive way.

The main intention of this question is to make the place comfortable as well sometimes they might test the communication skill as well. So try to answer to the point and prove that you are good to speaking, as it is very important for a BPO job.

2. Are you willing to work in different shifts?

Working with clients in different countries means we might have different shifts, as the time zone differs. So please be clear about your preference. And also let them know if you have any medical complications with respect to working in shifts.

3. How would you rate your communication skills?

Communication skill is very essential in any job profile. As far as BPO is considered, it is more important as this job requires proper communication skill. So never underestimate yourself, be polite enough and show your confidence in your voice.

4. Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

The main intention of this question is to know how ambitious you are as a person, and how long would you stick to this job. So try to show your commitment to your career by your answer.

For example, you can tell you are a person who expects to be in good position holding more responsibility in your job.

5. How will you manage your accommodation?

As a fresher, this question might be asked to know whether you will be able to handle things alone. So just politely tell, that might not be a problem, you will manage.

6. Tell us about your strengths and weakness:

This is a common question put forward to any field. But the tricky part is to answer relevantly to the job you have applied. Never exaggerate, be precise and try to answer something very simple as your strength as well as related to the job.

For example, you can quote that love to speak and socialize, this might not be related to the job but it indirectly showcases your marketing ability and communication skill.

For weakness, never tell something which will create an impact on your job. For example, you can tell you cannot resist traffic, or your weakness for sweets etc.

Getting a job is always easy, when you know how to handle interviews with confidence. This confidence will surely come natural when you prepare well for the interview in all aspects. Follow a proper strategy to win the game. BPO is always a boon for Indian industry, try to learn the tactics and get the right job.