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20 Best Funny Videos to Cheer up your Mood Instantly at Work


Being happy is the best thing in life. We can see many people in our daily life who always have a smile on their face without any special reasons behind. There are few people who smile at small, silly things but there are few who do not smile at all at any cost. It is not that they are rude, its just their character. But being happy and maintaining a smile on your face is always a sign of prosperity and it looks very pleasant if you do that.

Especially, hard workers like employees have to maintain smiles on their faces to reduce their workload. Hardworking is a good habit but you need not become like a machine or robot. You should search for happiness in every work you do because it increases the positiveness and energy in you and also helps you to spread joy around, making your environment blossom.

Best Funny Videos:

Meetings, appraisals, projects and bonuses all are part of work culture and will be there every year but if you lose your health and peace because of your job then there is no meaning for your hard work and earnings.

Even doctors say that 15 minutes of laugh will burn around 10 to 40 calories which is a very positive thing. So, if you feel your day is going bad or are getting bored at work then release your stress by watching some funny videos which I have collected and provided below.

So watch them and have some fun !!

Taylor swift song better version:

Duck chasing:

Mr. Bean taking Exam:

Pumpkin dance:

Funny Zebra dancing:

Warriors fan crazy dance:

Cat jump fail:

Baby elephant’s sand dance on a beach:

Crazy cat with hula hoop:

Dancing duck:

Mercedes vs Jaguar:

Funny dog reactions:

Best funny cute kids:

Uptown funk ft. Bruno mars:

Tom and Jerry fight:


Charlie Chaplin’s best comedy: 

Funny fail:

Best shampoo prank video:

Mark Angel comedy episode:

Funny security dancing: