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Must Watch Inspirational Videos for HR Managers


Human Resources department is a backbone for the organization. HR department performs some important activities like recruiting, managing and training. HR value and importance is always high in an organization.

How a product quality is based on its raw material, in the same way HR department need to select good, suitable and talented candidates for the organization.A good candidate will become a good employee and a good employee will play an important role in the organization’s growth.

HR Videos:

HR must be active, creative and they must be inspirational for all.They must illuminate that inspiration to employees also.An inspired employee play a vital role in the organization and that will also help them reach to great heights. So, inspiration is having that much important.

For that, here we have collected some of the best Inspirational videos which will be helpful to fill some inspiration in you.

HR Lesson: Support your team – and when you get your chance off the bench, go for it!

It is the story of two persons and a lion. This video tells you the value of relationship or friendship. In 1969 John rendall and Ace berg saw a lion in a small cage and decided to bring it to home. As the time passed by it was growing bigger. People around said that it is a dangerous animal so better to leave it in wild. They did the same and after a couple of years, they went to lion’s place. You will be shocked by seeing its response, The lion comes and hugs these both masters. So, what we learn from this is ‘Love knows no limits and true friendships are for the lifetime’.

Lesson For HR: Failure is very important because it allows you to succeed!

It is the story of Michael Jordan. He failed multiple times but never got depressed.He waits for the situation and finally tasted the success.We all need to be like this. No need to worry if we fail continuously, we must accept the failure and work hard, then definitely you will get succeed.

Lesson for HR #1: Have a vision. And to achieve it – be hungry, be foolish.
Lesson for HR #2: Forget powerpoint, three inspiring stories = a great speech.

Here Steve jobs gave an excellent speech regarding his life, career and success.He faced many problems to reach his goal and there was one point of time where he was fired from Apple. So from this video what I want to tell you is We must have a clear vision and by doing hard work we need to achieve it.

Message for HR: Opportunity is all around us, just make a grab for it and make improvements…INCH BY INCH.

Here you can see that the within a short time the players got impressed and got some confidence with small motivating words. In this way, you must also never lose the opportunity at any time. Opportunity is all around us, grabbing it is an important thing.

Message for HR:  Never interrupt when someone is complimenting you + other nuggets of wisdom.

This video contains couple of motivational and inspirational sentences. We must share our smiles, we must motivate and help others. Then only there is a meaning of our life.Watch it and get inspired.

Message for HR:  Everyone can use a hug.

Here a person started a campaign called ‘Free Hugs’. Initially, no one has cared but later on people started responding. He received 10000 hugs finally. Not only this idea, everything looks so silly at the starting stage in our life but if you continue it then you will get a result. So, an innovative thought and patience are important in our life.