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How to Become a Professional Sleeper?


Do you often get a remark about being sleepy and dizzy all the time? Or

Do you find it hard to come out of your bed no matter how many hours you slept?

Then it is time to sleep while you are on your job and even get paid for it. Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is true.

You can earn a great sum of money by being a professional sleeper.

Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper Meaning:

A professional sleeper is a person who is paid to sleep and aid the scientist called as a professional sleeper. And doctors to study the brain and other activities of the body while the human body is asleep.

Apart from this, professional sleeper also helps various other organizations like mattress makers, hoteliers, various artists, and hospitals by sleeping and sharing his/her experiences and feedback about sleeping and comfort.

Finding this job exciting, Seek out what this job actually includes:

How electrifying is the fact that while you get the benefit of sleeping, you are also helping others either with a good product or an invention?

Following are the prerequisites and things you need to do as a professional sleeper

1. You should be able to sleep even if you have wires attached all over your body and people staring at you and your conduct.

2. If you are spending a night at a hotel as a professional sleeper, you may have to fill many forms and jot down your deepest feeling about the comfort and other things associated with sleeping with them and even write a blog about it.

3. You may test the beds, mattresses, and beddings for the companies and tell them your review about the same.

4. You may have to take a sleeping pill for helping out the artists during exhibitions

5. You may be a medical consultant working for long hours and then you may have to sleep in the hospital only.

6. You may have to take a power nap, which lengthens for the whole 20 minutes at the energy pods of the company.


A career as a Professional Sleeper can enfold many things. So let us pave out your way to become a professional sleeper.

In this article we will not leave any page unturned about this job, the following are the highlights of what we would entail.

  • Jobs and roles of a professional sleeper
  • Salary Range for each role
  • Basic requirement and qualification
  • The pros and cons of being a Professional Sleeper
  • What happens when you are a professional sleeper

Jobs and Roles of a Professional Sleeper:

1. Scientific/ Medicine research subject:

Have you ever thought that how different researches on sleep and its disorders are studied by the scientist and researchers?

Yes, you got it right. Professional sleepers aid them.

In this job, you have to sleep with wires and tapes equip to your body and research equipment placed on your body. You may also help the doctors in finding out the impact of sleep medicine.

You can be the part of experiments that may force you to sleep for many hours at a stretch or even days, so researchers and doctors can monitor your body for changes that may happen.

These studies normally focus on measuring the brain waves, respiration process, changes in heart rhythm, and muscle movement.

Apart from the researchers and scientists, students and universities also study the brain and its activities and they too hire a professional sleeper.

2. Bed and Mattress tester:

It is the most comfortable of all the jobs offered as a professional sleeper.

You can work as a bed and a mattress tester in luxury hotels and your work would be to sleep on the bed in different rooms and write reviews and blogs about the hotel and the comfort.

You may have to make suggestions to make it even more comfortable for others. Qunar, a travel review site, actually hires professional sleeper to be adept about their reviews about the rooms and its comfort.

The professional sleeper hired by them provide the minutest details like the thread count of bedding, slipper softness, room service and WiFi in the renowned hotels of the country.

Even the mattress and duvet companies hire a professional sleeper to test their product and make suggestions so that they can take a decision on the product.

3. The medical consultant working for the National Health Service:

The medical consultants like pediatrician and Neonatologist who work for 12 hours and more are permitted to sleep during your shift.

During their working hours they are on call so unless an emergency is there they are allowed to sleep.

4. Exhibitionist Sleeper:

Living art was quite common for the artists and art fanatics before, although now it is a bit controversial.

In this art form, the artist exhibits his art on the body of live people. This particularly requires a professional sleeper who can sleep in the living art exhibition.

5. Working for companies that induce nap:

There are many companies like Google and Facebook who are inquisitive to bring out the best out of their employees by giving them the best of services and perks, one of which is inducing them to take a power nap during the working hours at the energy pods.

A specially designed cair called as energy pods that help the employees to take a 20-minute long power nap.

It has inbuilt programs like a soft voice instructing to calm down or certain beats and music or proven vibrations that can make anyone fall asleep.

Professional Sleeper Salary Range:

Salary of a professional sleeper is not fixed as each job and role differ from others. In many cases, they are hired for certain projects so limiting the remuneration to a range would be difficult.

Therefore, below are some of the job instances of a professional sleeper’s offered reimbursement in different roles.

1. Scientific/ Medicine research subject:

NASA pays the most awesome salary to the professional sleepers who are the scientific research subject.

In 2013, NASA offered to pay $18,000 for lying in bed for 70 days at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The University of Colorado has publicized in one of its studies that around $2730 can be earned by being a subject of 14-17 day sleep study.

Sleep Medicine division at Harvard medical school can pay around $10,125 to professional sleepers for 32-37 days of the research study.

2. Bed and Mattress tester:

Travelodge, a hospitality company had on payroll a bad guru who slept in every room of their hotel to help it make more comfortable for customers and was paid over $100,000 a year for this.

In this niche, people are even hired to test the designer beds and mattress and paid a whopping amount of £1000 and Roisin Madigan was among those who got this amount from Travelodge.

3. A medical consultant working for the National Health Service:

National Health Service (NHS) pays its medical consultants £1800 to work for 12 and half hour shift and if that shift is night shift, they are paid £144 an hour, in addition to their regular salary.

4. Exhibitionist Sleeper:

The New Museum in New York paid around $10 per hour to the sleeper who agreed to sleep in the middle of the museum by taking a sleeping pill.

5. Working for companies that induce nap:

Working for a company which favors innovation and development and is progressive in setting new dimensions like this, include this as part of your job.

There are end numbers of positions in these companies which you can apply so telling a particular salary in this section would be difficult.

Professional Sleeper Qualification and Information:

There are no specific qualifications apart from being over 18 years of age to be a professional sleeper in general.

For being a professional sleeper at research centers, you just have to be a living human being who can fit the research criteria like a healthy individual or a person who has some sleeping disorders. You require being regular in finding the availability of such projects.

If you dream to wallow in the luxuries of a hotel by being a bed or a mattress tester then you require having great communication and writing skills so that you can convey your experience in detail.

Also, you may need to go under training so that you can be adept about the minutest details. A textile degree can be a plus point, especially for testing duvets, but it is not at all compulsory.

But working in a full-time job that allows you to sleep in between as told you above, you require apt degrees and qualifications.

The prerequisites of a professional sleeper include being flexible with the timings as the project can happen in day or night. You even are instructed to avoid the caffeine intake on the days you are supposed to sleep. You may also be told to shun the lotions and hair products you use.

The Pros and Cons of being a Professional Sleeper:

However comfortable a job is, it has its set of pros and cons attached to it. The best part of this career is they pay to sleep for hours.

Apart from helping the researchers in solving the mysteries of sleep, you in midst learn about your sleeping patterns too and get to know about your sleeping disorders too.

Further, you will get medical treatment for the problems detected in the study by the experts and learn healthy life practices.

The major downside of being a professional sleeper is that you have to sleep away from your family and home.

In some of the cases, the sleepers do not have a regular income and you have to keep waiting for the projects and you may have to travel to various places to get one lucrative offer. Also, after a point of time, the job becomes boring.

What Happens when you are a Professional Sleeper:

After becoming a professional sleeper, you may develop some traits which people around you just miss along. Following are some of the things which you will notice in yourself.

1. You need at least 8hours of sleep at night to be yourself. Anything less than this figure makes you awful, sleepy and dizzy all day long.

2. The best treat you would love to give to yourself would be a nap. You never lose an appetite for it and you find that it is never enough. Afternoon nap recharges you and you cannot imagine a day without a nap.

3. Waking up at night is that one thing you would never do even for the most important exam or project and when you try it makes you vulnerable.

4. 10 snoozes or even more than that, Alarm clock fails to wake you up with the first ring. You find it very hard to wake up with the roaring alarm clock.

5. The most favored place in this whole universe is your bed where you can dig yourself for one more journey to the dreamland.

6. Normal people calculate their expenses and on the other hand, you calculate the number of hours you slept and for how many hours you are awake.

7. While other people keep on explaining to you that it is one life and do not waste it. They keep on nagging you with the fact that life is too short and sleeping is like wasting the precious time but you still keep cherishing your sleep. You only give condolence to others for not knowing what treasure they are missing in life.

8. You find the good night’s sleep is the solution to all your woes. When you wake up you find yourself back into life. You consider yourself lucky to understand how important sleep is to maintain longevity and healthy life.


If you are looking to ditch the haunting thought of being caught sleeping in your job. Then it’s time that you make your career out of sleeping or work in the places which can allow you to fall asleep during office hours.