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How to Become a Model at 16: Male and Female


A lot of youngsters these days dream to make it big in the modeling world.

They aspire to be great models and do all those things which help them to establish themselves in the modeling world.

Modeling world looks like a dream world to these youngsters, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a model.

become model at 16

Here are a few tips that will help any young boy or girl to chase their dreams of being a professional model.

How To Be a Model at 16 Male:

The following mentioned are few best tips on becoming a male model and also few male model requirements.

1. Become fit:

All those who dream to make it big in the modeling world needs to pay special attention towards their fitness.

It is very important to stay fit and for this a person can take professional help as well. These days a lot of fitness centers are available where they provide special guidance to those who want to become model.

Professional trainers can also be hired where they provide guidance to all those who dream of being a model.

2. Eat Right:

A person shall always eat the right amount of food. There is a level of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and various other nutrients that a body requires.

Male body requires higher intake of all these essential nutrients and thus their consumption should be decided accordingly.

Unhealthy food such as packaged drinks and food items should be avoided as much as possible as they are harmful to the body

3. Drink plenty of water:

Water intake shall be monitored carefully. Drinking a minimum of 10-12 glasses of water are very important for every individual.

Drinking water will not only help to achieve that perfect skin, but also takes out all the toxic materials from the body.

4. The appearance shall always be maintained:

In modeling career or business physical appearance is very important. All the males shall maintain their physique and give body building importance.

If the appearance is attractive it gives good impression on the people.

The first impression is the last impression so, to get that look and to give that impression, appearance shall always be maintained.

5. Approach your modeling work according to your body type:

A male who aims to become a model shall approach towards the work according to the body type he has.

For example, for ramp modeling a person should have good physique and height, whereas for still photography the model should have a charming face.

Approaching the right employer will help to get the job and make a good beginning.

6. Work on your look:

In modeling world look is very important. Any person who wants to become a model shall always work on the look that he wants to.

The look can be of a superman or the sweet boy next door or an angry young man. For getting the look, hair and facial outlook is very important.

7. Try to have as much knowledge about the fashion industry as you can:

To become a model, try to have more and more information about the industry where you want to establish your career.

Try to inquire about the latest trends, the fashion designers that are leading the industry, the fashion houses that are launching the upcoming models and so on.

This will help to know the direction in which the youngster has to move.

8. Modeling involves traveling:

When any youngster desires to be a model, then he should be ready to travel any time any place. So, be ready to travel and for adjusting the time schedules accordingly.

9. The portfolio is a must:

To become a model, portfolio is as essential as good physique. The person shall get his pictures clicked that highlights his personality traits and make him stand out from the crowd.

Personal expertise shall always be encouraged because a first impression should be strong enough.

Photographs selected shall make you sent to various fashion houses which will hire model for upcoming projects.

10. Know yourself:

To become a model, a person shall have complete information about his physical traits. He should know the size of his biceps, thighs, chest, shoulder and so on.

Industry information will help the fashion house to select you if such project is upcoming.

11. Visit the modeling agencies:

There are a number of youngsters who dream to become a model in short span of time. Try to visit the modeling agencies that are located closest to your approach.

Always carry your portfolio as they can demand it anytime. If you are called for an interview be prepared because they can make you walk or there may be still head shots also.

12. Hiring an agent is very important:

To rise in the modeling industry hiring an agent is a very crucial decision which is very important on the part of the upcoming model.

Hiring an agent not only includes extra expenditure, but the choice has to be correct otherwise the career of the person might end before it starts.

These agents have their own personal relations with the designers and the fashion houses which can help the person to get a good modeling assignment.

13. Don’t use steroids:

These days, many youngsters in order to get a good physique quickly without any much hard work make use of steroids.

But, they should understand that there is no shortcut to success and if they desire good body they shall work hard towards it.

Using supplements can cause lifelong damages which cannot be repaired. To get that physique, hit the gym as much as possible.

14. Show professionalism:

Always be professional in your attitude towards your work. Never throw tantrums once you got success in your projects.

Always be on time whenever the appointments are fixed. This attitude towards work will take you higher in your modeling career.

How to be a Model at 16 Female:

The following mentioned are few modeling advice and model requirements females need at the age of 16.

1. Stay fit:

All those girls who aspire to be a model need to stay fit. Girls need to pay special attention to their body shape as it is a very important aspect of modeling.

A lot of fitness centers are providing guidance in this direction. There are professional trainers available both at the centers and also on a one on one basis, which can help to get that proper body shape which is needed to become a model.

A person can also set their personal goals and ask the trainers to help them to achieve.

2. Food intake should not be neglected:

Girls who aspire to become a model in order to get that dream figure try to avoid eating food.

But, they shall understand that eating right amount of food is very important because a body requires a minimum intake of all the essential nutrients.

If the person does not eat right then he has to face serious medical consequences. Even experts can also be hired for the guidance required.

Dieting shall be done in permissible limits if, done in more than required then it may lead to death of the person.

3. Water intake shall not be neglected:

Drink as much water as possible. It will flush out all the unwanted material from the body and will leave the person with beautiful skin and body.

This will also help to reduce the weight and get that dream figure.

4. The appearance should be given importance:

For all the girls, appearance is very important. But, those who want to become a model need to pay special attention towards their appearance.

Proper choice of makeup and hair is very important. Along with this skin, hair shall also be given equal importance. The appearance shall make an impression that helps you achieve success in your field.

5. Right approach towards the work will help:

Approach towards the work will help to get that job assignment. Ramp modeling requires good height and good body type.

But, still photography requires good and charming face, which will attract the people in that one click.

Even modeling for various products requires a different body type so all the females can try their hand at modeling.

6. Looks are very important:

Looking good is one of the important aspect of the modeling world.

The aim to look good can be achieved by proper hair style, right choice of clothes, proper attitude and determination to make it big in the modeling world.

To get that look even professional help can be taken. These professionals deal with the youngsters and help them to get that look.

7. Educate yourself about the industry:

Before entering the modeling world, the person should educate herself about the industry. They should go through the fashion magazines, read the blogs and articles on fashion.

Also, they should read the opinions that the fashion critics give about various fashion designers, fashion houses.

8. Travelling is an essential part of modeling:

Modeling involves traveling all over the place. So, being a girl it is very important from the safety point of view.

Before joining the modeling world be assured that you can travel any time you are asked for. For this, a person has to make sure that she is capable of taking care of themselves and face any kind of situation that may occur.

Also, traveling involves staying at other places which might not be as safe as they may sound, so be ready to face them.

9. Don’t be shy:

Don’t be shy to show off your talent. If you will hide your talent then you can lose on a lot of opportunity.

If you will be polite to other people it can go against your dream of becoming a model. Never lose confidence and let other people take over your chance to become a model.

10. Get a portfolio prepared:

To become a model, a desired person has to get her portfolio prepared. For this she can approach the professional photographers who are expert in their field.

A good portfolio is very important because it will make a good impression on the agencies who shortlist the model for various projects.

Make sure that if the person is preparing the portfolio herself, then he should click the pictures from the right angles. The portfolio shall have a variety of pictures to approach different agencies.

11. Go to various modeling agencies:

Visiting the modeling agencies will make the agents remember you and may sometime give some unexpected opportunity as well.

Be sure that your physical traits are perfect when you are called for an interview. There are various projects which require different kinds of models and if you visit the agency you might be selected for one of them.

12. Hire an agent:

Hiring an agent is an important decision because it requires additional expense on your parent’s pocket.

But, these agents are professional in their approach and know how to attract various fashion houses towards the desired youngster.

They are expert in their work and even have contact with the designers and fashion houses.

13. Avoid surgeries of any kind:

Girls these days try to get their body parts in a better shape through medical surgeries. In order to look good take harsh steps with their body which is not at all safe.

These artificial surgeries can cause damage which cannot be cured and make them out of the modeling world for the rest of their lives.

14. Be professional in your approach:

Although modeling is not a desk job, but you need to be professional in your approach. Maintain friendly relations with people you are working with as they can give valuable recommendations.

Final Words:

Modeling world is the most glamorous industry, which attract youngsters towards itself. But, at the age of 16 education is also very important. Never ever let your studies suffer because of your modeling.

Timely management of all the work is very important to make it big in the industry. Hard work and dedication is the key to success and focus toward your goal can take you to great heights.




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