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How to Become an Event Manager: A Complete Guide


Every day across the globe there are millions of events which take place. Some events are done on a small scale, whereas others are done on a massive or large scale.

For an event or ceremony to go off in an error-free and successful manner, people hire event managers who oversee the entire planning and execution of the event.

If you aim to become an event manager then you must be willing to work around the clock. This job pays well indeed, but it involves plenty of hard work as well. Given here are some of the best ways to help you become an event manager.

How to Become an Event Manager

Role of Event Manager:

1. To ensure that the event is a success:

The main role of the event manager is to ensure that the event is a success. If the event is not a successful one then it is primarily the fault of the event manager.

If you wish to a renowned event manager, then right from your first project you must do a fabulous job.

You cannot simply get up one fine morning and decide to be an event manager, to get recognized you should do a course in event management and this is something which will be a learning experience for you.

You can try to work in a company before you branch out and do things on your own.

2. To do all the background work for the event:

An event manager is someone who works in the background without expecting any recognition. Keep in mind that it is the role of the event manager to handle everything about the vent without actually being seen.

On the day of the event, you cannot be seen all over the place as someone who is the guest of honor.

Before you enter this profession you must mentally prepare yourself of the fact that an event manager is someone who is never in the spotlight.

He is someone who works tirelessly behind the scenes. This is one of the chief things in an event manager’s job description.

3. Understand the target audience and the demands of the client:

It is the role of the event manager to ensure that the needs of the clients are kept in mind at all points in time.

It is up to him to recognize the needs of the clients and even understand the target audience for the event. He must speak out if he has something important to say or a suggestion to give.

However, an event manager never puts his preferences above that of the client. An event manager plays a manager role when it comes to the carrying out of any big event, but he must ensure that he does not let things get to him in any way.

Qualities of Event Manager:

1. Event managers are always very responsible:

To be a good event manager you need to have many skills as well as qualities, however, the most important one is that you need to be a very responsible individual.

Even managers are people who always get things done no matter what. They never let their clients down, no matter what adverse circumstances happen to present themselves.

Once they manage to bag a contract they cannot take things for granted at any point in time. Once you become an event manager there is no scope for making up excuses when things are not done properly.

2. They are people’s persons:

Event managers are always people’s persons because they are expected to communicate with so many individuals daily.

If they are not peoples persons then they will never be able to convince people to hire them and in addition to that, they will never be able to take care of or manage the team which works for them.

Being a people’s person is something which does not come easy to all of us. So if you are someone who is not very good at communicating then maybe this is not the profession for you. This is a quality of an event manager which is indispensable.

3. They follow instructions very well and have good listening skills:

Good event managers are those who are very good at following instructions, in addition to following instructions well they also have very good listening skills.

When it comes to organizing an event, the manager must pay close attention to what the clients want on a big day. However, this does not mean that an event manager is someone meek and unable to speak up.

A good event manager is a perfect blend of a good listener as well as a good leader. It is, after all, an event manager who takes control of so many people who work under him.

4. They can multitask very well:

To become a good event manager you need to be exceptional at multitasking. If you are someone who is not a good multitasker then maybe you should shy away from becoming an event manager.

Good event managers have to look into several things and cannot afford to disregard certain aspects of the event.

Even if you are not born with the quality and skill of multitasking, you can learn it over time. The more experience you gain, the better you will be at doing this as well.

5. They know how to put the needs of the client first:

A good client is someone very sensitive. He instantly gets the vibe of whatever the client is trying to communicate.

Even if the client is not one to communicate things coherently, an event manager should have the ability to understand things very quickly.

If he is slow to gauge and comprehend things, then he will never be able to make it very far in the event management world.

In this day and age, no one likes people who are silly and constantly ask stupid questions, so if you wish to be an event manager ensure that you have a smart manner and disposition.

6. They manage time very well:

As it has been mentioned above, an event manager is someone who knows how to multi-task properly and efficiently however along with knowing how to multitask, an event manager should always know how to manage time very well.

A good event manager has a quality of time management. He never wastes his own time and at no point in time does he waste the time of others as well.

He ensures that he gets the job done in time and in addition to that he also makes it a point to start the job well in advance. Doing the job in the nick of time is not good enough.

7. They are very systematic in whatever they do:

Good event managers have several positive qualities however they must be very systematic in what they do.

They never assume that they will remember everything and that is why they constantly carry around their laptops, tabs or even their notebooks.

This is something which is very admirable and it is a way in which event managers keep a track of everything.

8. They are good at handling pressure at all times:

An event manager must have the ability to handle the pressure. If an event manager crumbles under pressure that nothing will go according to plan.

Handling pressure is something which is not easy but if you wish to be a successful manager, you must learn to keep all your nerves in check.

9. They are always very confident and sure of themselves:

Event managers need to be sure of themselves at all points in time. If they have no confidence in themselves then they will never be able to get others to acknowledge their worth. For others to appreciate you, you need to learn to appreciate yourself first.

Duties and Responsibilities of Event Manager:

1. Constantly communicate with both their workers and the clients:

An event manager has several duties as well as responsibilities. Of all the responsibilities which he has, one of the foremost is that he must always communicate effectively to both his clients as well as his teammates. If there is an error of communication then the event will not be a success.

Hiring event managers does involve a lot of costs so you must make the client feel like he asks the manager to get the worth of his money.

This is a duty which is tough and challenging to carry out, but it is very important. The moment communication is not smooth, everything will crumble to the floor.

2. Keep a close account of the money which is spent:

It is the job of the event manager to ensure that all the money matter handled in a proper as well as effective manner.

All events entail a lot of money so the manager must ensure that everything registers properly. He should make sure that for all purchases which have been made there is a proper bill or receipt ready.

At no point in time should there be any miscalculation of cheating or else the client will get a terrible impression of you. Be an honest worker and you will manage to attain a lot of success in the work of event management.

3. They must always be approachable and easy to contact:

The chief responsibility and duty of the event manager are that he must always be present to oversee how everything is being carried out.

He cannot simply show up on the day of the event. He must prepare this before the event getting ready and even doing as many tests and trials as he can.

If he is nowhere to see on the day of the event or prior then the client will surely get the idea that he is someone who does not even care about all the responsibility which has been entrusted to him.

Keep in mind that if the event is not carried out properly it is not merely your client but also your hat will be getting a bad reputation.

Way to be a Better Event Manager:

Always be willing to go that extra mile:

To become a better event manager it is imperative that you are always willing to go that extra mile. In this day and age, there are plenty of event managers who are just a click of a button away.

If you are unwilling to make the most of the opportunity which is given to you the first time, you will never contact this client again in the future.

So ensure that you outdo yourself at all points in time so that the clients are happy that they got in touch with you in the first place.

If you deliver slipshod work, then that defeats the entire purpose of hiring an event manager in the first place.

These are just the main things which can help you to become a successful event manager in today’s business world. You need not try to implement and execute everything which has been mentioned above, do whatever feels right and accurate for you on the given occasion.

The secret for being a good event manager is that you need to be extremely attentive to the needs of your employer.


Irrespective of how much of your time it takes, you must ensure that everything carries out properly and smoothly.

No one likes to hire event managers who are unsure of what to do and how to handle stressful situations when they happen to present themselves on or before the date of the event.