Intellectuals say “Time is Money” and anyone can harvest the advantages of time management efficiently by managing time in proper aspects. It sounds a straight forward view which many will not understand fully. The advantage of managing the time efficiently is a form of art.

People spend very little time with fewer efforts in understanding the time management technique. For some, there is applauding for trying, but by giving up they made a vital mistake just on the sign of difficulty.

So it’s very mandatory to understand, what is meant by time management

What is Time Management?

Time management process is the management of time on how you plan and organize your  specific tasks and work.

The importance of time management will provide some insight that certainly changes belief. It will almost effortlessly reinforce the appropriated behavior to take full advantages of time management.

Time Management Advantages Disadvantages

Life Benefits of Time Management:

Time management is nothing but a process to manage the time effectively with accordance to your work. It does not require great effort but a proper planning.

Some of the top benefits of time management process are,

  • Low stress

  • More productivity

  • Lesser rework

  • Less friction and issues

  • More free time

  • No wasting of time

  • Great opportunities

  • Allot your time in other things

  • Low effort

  • Gain reputation

Common Time Management Mistakes:

Time mangement if done in a proper manner can turn out to be very useful. But if you are not able to do it rightly then it can effect your whole planning and work.

Some of the top time management mistakes are,

  • Not having a To-Do List

  • Taking Too Much

  • Being very “Busy”

  • No Personal Goals

  • Procrastination

  • Multitasking

  • Failing to handle Distractions

  • No Breaks in between

  • Ineffective task Scheduling

  • Not Prioritizing

Importance of Time Management in Students Life:

Time management is important not only for professionals but also for every one. Even students need to know how to manage their time to use it effectively.

Some of the reasons why time management is important for students are,

  • Help them develop responsibility

  • Can lead to effective learning

  • Helps in management of money

  • Good efficiency gains

  • Makes you ready for the world outside.

Tools for time management:

If you are usually struggling with time management process and other things, then making use of any tool is the best choice you need to use.

Some of the best time management tools you need to check out are,

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  • TOGGL – From $9 user/month

  • REPLICON – From $20 user/month

  • TIMECAMP – Free Solo plan (one user), from $6 user/month for larger teams

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  • BRIC – $7 month/user

  • HARVEST – From $12 /month + $10/month for each additional user

  • AVAZA – Free for up to 5 projects, from $9.95 for larger teams

  • ACTIVE COLLAB – From $25/month for 5 users

  • CLICKTIME – From $12 month/user

Causes for Poor Time Management:

The best thing that you can acquire with proper time management is efficiency. The time management process is mainly based on 3 principles. They are

  • Being proactive

  • Begin with the end in mind

  • Execute your priorities

The major causes for poor time managing process,

  • Absentmindedness

  • Failing to focus on priorities

  • Ineffective delegation

  • Lower energy depression

  • Being reactive rather proactive

  • Communicate with oither without a vision/plan

  • Procrastination

  • Disorganization

Advantages or Benefits of Time Management:

The time management activity is not that which requires extra skills. The only need is of some knowledge as how to and be dedicated to implementing a schedule. And it’s even more essential to balance day to day activities for better result and even success.

The implemented change never being an easy task, it becomes little more persistent when you understand the benefits. It will bring you a positive response.

The benefit of time management is not just important for development of the career. It has significant impact on one’s personal life. A wise scheduling decision is involved and leads to self-discipline as there are many advantages of punctuality.

1. Reduction in stress level:

The reduction in stress level is main content of time management. If you follow time management properly then you will get better result. Even you can relax yourself while enjoying your work. Stress leads to spoiling of work schedule and disturbed work schedule can never provide best results. The result will come undoubtedly but no one can say it will be best or worst.

2. Provides focus on the task:

The time management skills initially provides relief from stress and later helps you in focusing your target and performance in the task. A focused person becomes successful in less time as compared to those who do more struggle for getting their target in life. The people always desire to have successful and enjoyable life and that can be obtained by keeping a focused view about everything and every step.

3. Decrease procrastination:

There is much duration in life and it also brings fluctuation. The particular point in adopting time management is the ability to predict the results and control the situations. Managing time isn’t something that requires extra skills, the only need is to have some knowledge about how to and be dedicated to implement it within your day to day activities.

4. Gain self-confidence:

Self-confidence plays a vital role in human life and self-confident people always have better life than dependent persons. The feel usually comes when you plan your work properly and take decisions on time for betterment. “Time management never takes your time, rather provides you extra time.” A person can do anything with confidence and self trust leads a human being to the next level.

5. A way to the goal:

Everybody has a desire to achieve his/her goal in life and dream to get a relaxing future after attaining target. Managing time allots you time where it has the most impact. Time management system allows every human to spend time on the things that matter most to them. In this process, time management has a positive aspect to perform and people consider the scheduling a better option.

6. Challenge your productivity:

The capacity of everybody is similar just only habits differentiate in results. The people who score 100 out of 100 are also human not robots, the thing is that they follow their dreams. The condition turns turtle with your determination when you are planning for your next meeting as all the tasks are listed in to-do list. You can use priorities while setting up the task execution sequence.

Productivity is a challenge to face, as the process of productivity puts human being on the heels. It’s a race which has to be won by all not by any single. In short, it is a great thing to adopt but also demands the capacity to handle the pressure.

7. Have an instinct for achievement:

Achievement of a task is different whereas bang a series of success is totally different task. A series of success falls in our kitty only then, when we make our efforts in a predefined way. Discipline and self-improvement are mandatory.

The communication tools available in variety support, synchronous as fixing meeting time in form of web conferencing and asynchronous with no fixed time to contribute as discussion board in form of interaction. The achievement comes with hardworking and dedicated behavior. Everyone has to adopt time management if they desire to have the taste of success.

8. Time to relax and do recreational activities:

Recreation in this era of rush is a blessing and everybody wants it but only few can grab it. Never miss any event. No need to worry about missing events as workday is scheduled with reminders and alerts for urgent events. The blessed ones are those who do work on time and adopt a time table in their life to do day-to-day chaos.

The relaxed life gives motivation to human being and put them on the way of success. The recreational activities also give family life a boost. People feel more connected to their families. The one and the only thing to keep in mind is relations need time and love to boom.

9. Financial Soundness:

The success brings financial benefits with itself. A human is always financially sound if he/ she have planned his/ her life properly and they maintain a time table of their personal and professional life.

The lifelong learning experience promotes the empowerment of individuals with the knowledge. They can research and find information. The interpretation in it with sharing provides students opportunities to get network connectivity. A global community of interesting people.

10. Become Healthy:

The health is a blessing for human and it can be achieved by proper maintenance. Time management is also helpful in making human life healthy; as if a person will adopt scheduling in his life then he will definitely save sometime for doing exercise and other health related works. So, he/ she will become healthy definitely. Once you have decided to plan your time, you have to discipline yourself and work on self-improvement with health as a key factor.

Disadvantages of Time Management:

The first fall, while you are managing your time, is one area of your life which leaves an impact on the other areas. To avoid any compromising situation just understand that learning about time management theory is mainly implementing a change in lifestyle. In other words, there is a need for coherent values adoption for effective time management.

It can be pretty hard for someone who doesn’t embrace punctuality and value time. There are very few downsides to time management. The main disadvantages of management is that more consumption of time in making up plans is taken. It can make human life mechanical too.

1. Non-clear Objectives:

The productive behavior is definitely one of the main goals in time management. Sometimes, it leads to non-clear objectives which usually struck people for worse. An unaware person doesn’t know what to do? If you are not being able to do better management of workload, you will get more struck in non-done tasks in no time.

2. Mismanagement:

Organized results to less rework and mistakes but excess organizing craze leaves a person in blunder. The items, details, and instructions are if forgotten then leads to extra work and a blame of mismanagement. A person has to do a task more times if he forgets something. It will lead to fatigue and it happens because of predictive behavior.

3. Can’t say “no”:

You might have forgotten an appointment, or missed deadline and all happened because of working on others task as saying ‘no’ will be tough for you. Such crazy situations incline life friction. You can avoid creating such problems by planning and preparing exactly. No body can create more time but it can be used in better way by managing time undoubtedly. It’s always better to keep back because people simply can’t say no to anyone.

4. Obstacles:

Simple actions like shifting commute or getting a work done early, produce more issues in life. The time management leads you towards an obstacle. When you know what you need to do, you hate wasting time in idle activities and that leads to disputes and disturbances. Instead of thinking what to do next, concentrate on steps ahead of work, as anything can go wrong. The people face many problems due to it.

5. Inactivity:

The common misconception makes time management an extra effort. To the contrary, proper time management makes a human life easier and inactive. If things are asking for less effort than the usual time, then the consumption of time leads to dullness.

Manage time for improving life, as time management is all about spending time in right places, and on the right things but sometime the obsession for doing right makes your life stagnant.

6. Load of different works at one time:

When you work according to time management, then sometimes in over confidence you take too many tasks in hand. That particular condition leaves you in total blunder. The people keep too much expectations from you just because of your flaunting behavior and at last you feel a load of work on your shoulders. And such confusion creates a mismanagement situation.

7. Fatigue and stress become part of life:

Fatigue and stress is common problem that leads you to a tired phase. The tiredness leads a human being to irritate and fed up of life. They also feel demoralized because they again and again think about their unsuccessful attempt of adopting time management in their life. They consider their unsuccessful attempt as halt in their way and leave interest in all things.

Majority of people make themselves prone to diseases. The proper planning is not a cup of tea of all. The first and last thing only adopts those skills which give you relaxation from hardships of hectic life instead of putting you deeper.

8. No time for recreation:

Recreation vanishes from those people’s life, who get involved in time management more than their personal skills. They waste most of their time in doing planning instead of taking action.

Intellectuals usually define, action speaks louder than words. And those people can never become successful who spend their money and time in planning. Recreation has become a need of today’s life. If someone is not doing it then life of these people becomes a burden on them and they led their life in stagnant way.

All in all, time management methods can directly reduce a level of stress. The process will help to get fewer surprises, less tight deadlines and some rushing events from task-to-task and place-to-place.

Being productive can be a goal orientation for one and it can be done by adopting time management. It provides aware of what is needed to do with ability to better manage workload. It makes a human being organized and predicted results can be achieved with less rework and mistakes. Time can’t be increased but can be managed.

Time management makes human successful and they can enjoy their life easily. Most of the successful people define that the schedule making process undoubtedly leads to professional even as personal success.