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How to Become a CEO before 30: 13 Excellent Tips


Becoming a CEO is one of the privileged and stunning job role which most enthusiasts would like to achieve. Becoming the CEO before your 30 can be quite tough which needs more of hard work. The road to this goal requires dedication, passion, motivation and focus.

There are many such CEO’s who have achieved before they are 30, like Mark Zuckerberg to Jonathan Samuels, to Danny waters. These great people have proved that becoming a CEO before the age of 30 is possible. Let’s run through a few tips and secrets on how to become a CEO before 30.

become ceo before 30Image Source: FastCompany

How to Become a CEO before 30 Easily:

1. The right environment:

The work environment today is fast-paced and one needs to know to choose the right environment that assists you in grooming into a CEO. The environment should be one that respects your work irrespective of your age. This is an important aspect to become a CEO by 30.

It is mandatory to keep track of your sight and work to attain the position. The CEO of enterprise finance, Danny Waters mentioned that employee needs to enjoy the work they do, by doing so they are able to achieve and excel in the career they follow.

2. Taking risks:

Once who desire and wish to become a CEO at the age of 30 must make sure that taking risks can never lead you to great losses. The main drawback is that people think of the after effects and hold back without stepping forward for risks. The safe tool called age is within the people and hence taking a risk will never cost any loss for these aspirants.

CEO of dragonfly property finance, Jonathan Samuel mentioned that the result of failure is less and so one can be bolder.

Taking risk is an important aspect in reaching the higher position, not everyone in an industry will take risk, and hence budding CEO’s should take risk to catch the privileged CEO position.

3. Demand respect:

There are a number of processes involved in the journey to become a CEO before 30. One needs to control respect as other co-workers can be a tough task because; the employees may be older than you.

As a leader, you need to possess all the skills and know other strategies in the office environment. You should be able to control the group though they are elder in age or experience.

The best way to avert all this is to do the job well and prove that you’re a perfect fit. At times where negotiations arise amongst parties, people would be astonished to know your age. They will jump all these hurdles once they realize the topic you’re speaking about. Age is never a factor for the issue and hence you can do your responsibility and work towards becoming a CEO before 30.

4. Do not wait for the perfect opportunity:

At a younger age in your career, you may lack experience and it is quite tough to find out if you are in the right environment. You may always conclude that there is always a better opportunity which should never be the idea in career life.

There would be times where you need to settle at the opportunity that is in hand rather than waiting for another better one.

5. Being on the client side:

For ones who desire to become CEO by 30 should remember that they started their career life from internships. Internships is where the actual process is learned, they should never forget the words, their boss and learn to be on the client side to become successful in business.

The initial advise, suggestions, methodologies and people who help you start your career are important to be remembered and hence recollecting them is important.

6. More workload and less pay:

Hard work and dedication are essential parameters for ones who desire to become CEO before 30. In their initial budding stage, they need to work for companies that paid them very less with more work.

You are handed over with more of work where your superiors would get all the credits and perks. These situations are to be faced in order to become a CEO before 30.

7. Be bold to startup early:

When you have decided to start up some chore then move over and start up early rather than wasting your time in your early career. When you have an idea to develop a product, recruit people, market, and sell a product though your company isn’t famed, then start immediately.

When your start is a good one, then you can gain more experience. The challenges of growth help you create serious value.

8. Working under great leaders:

There are very few highly regarded leaders in the corporate world these days. Some of the leaders are Diageo’s Paul Walsh, Virgin’s Richard Branson, Ford’s Alan Mulally, Cisco’s John Chambers and Alibaba’s Jack Ma. These people have the capability to set up fast stales as they have eminent people around.

An enthusiast who desire to become CEO by 30 can get there to these fast stables and start their careers so that hyperspace carrier can be gained as great people around are working.

9. Go global at an early stage:

One who wishes to achieve should make up their mind to go global early. They can choose places where growth opportunities are high.

Look for places with emerging market trends which takes into account BRIC countries such as China, Russia Brazil and India. Then look for the highest growth potential countries called N-11. In that aspect, China is a unique country which has a number of opportunities for young professionals.

10. Act like CEO by following 30:30:30:10 rule:

Delivering your first job and responsibilities would be the first priority in any job you do. Look for opportunity and mark yourself as a leader.

Accomplish your basic job in 30% of the time allotted and use free time for rest. The other 30% of the time can be dedicated to contact your peers, your colleagues and working with your leaders in the company.

The other 30% of the allotted time, wear the CEO hat and think of future opportunities in the company and how the company can be taken to the next level. And again you have 10% of time to have fun. These rules can be followed in order to become a CEO before 30.

11. Learn leadership skills:

In order to become a CEO before 30, the main criterion is to learn the leadership skills and other different skills prevalent in the organization. The key to becoming a CEO is to learn more by accepting responsibilities and learning the profit loss accounts in the organization.

Start taking accountability for business, then look for key elements and take ownership for the same. when you have a focused view on partnerships, acquisitions, new ventures, and key game-changing. This shows the way how to initiate super progression in future.

12. Be a personal leader:

Many people these days are a manager rather than leaders because they possess the hard skills but lack soft skills. To become the CEO before 30, you should be a good leader and possess the ability to build trust and connections across cultures.

You need to bear your ambition in your head along with dream and aspiration. By this way people believe and get behind you. The work environment should be in a way where people can perform their best and feel that they could walk on waters.

13. Building a personal brand and network:

Building a personal brand is quite important as they need to get updated with the latest happenings in the industry. Budding CEO’s must remember that the world is changing and they need to develop their personal brand so that they can magnify across the globe. With this as a budding CEO you can build brands in months rather decades.

Aim to present yourself as a leader in the industry with quality value. Social media is something that makes everything transparent and builds your personal brand.


These are few tips that can be followed in order to become a CEO of a company before 30. An entrepreneur is living the complete life like almost all people, but only few people have the interest and aspiration to develop into CEO before 30.

Becoming a CEO before 30 can be amazing and an achievement in life. There are a number of live examples as mentioned above who have achieved and become CEO in their lives with complete dedication and hard work. in the same manner for the enthusiast who desires to become CEOs should get into the field and prepare a certain attitude to become CEO earlier.

Run through these tips and other motivating aspects. Follow all the tips from day one and turn into a young CEO with complete concentration. By this way, the complete industry turns back to you to know your secret of success.