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11 Beauty Careers that Pay Well and in High Demand Always


The number of careers in beauty and fashion industry seems to increase each day at a very fast pace.

Individuals have various reasons to pursue a career like this but the major reason that draws people towards such careers is money.

The industry is very popular and your chances of making money in this industry are very high.

Here are some of the most popular beauty careers that one may think of pursuing. These careers are particularly suitable for women while men are also choosing beauty careers these days.Beauty Careers that pay well

Beauty Careers that Pay Well:

1. Hair Stylist:

If you enjoy experimenting with hairstyles and have the special aesthetic sense that is required of beauty professionals, you can pursue a career in hair styling.

This is a great career for people who enjoy trying out new things as there is always a change possible when it comes to hairstyles.

You get to experiment with different types of hair like curly hair, wavy hair and straight hair. You also get to understand the relation between the type of hair and the hair color to go with it.

Hair stylists should also be able to identify and deal with different hair health problems like hairfall, dandruff and knots. You must understand the conditioners and serums that would suit different hair types.

There are specific conditioners and shampoos for dry hair and oily hair. Making the right selection will help you win your bread easily.

2. Dietician:

You may wonder whether dietician is a health profession or a beauty profession and even counter question me as to why I have added this career in the list.

The best reason to give is that people approach dieticians just because they wish to look adorable and not because they wish to stay healthy. This is the reason why one may add dietician to be a beauty related career.

Dieticians need to understand the best health options for staying, fit and healthy and looking young. The diet selected by dietician is usually decided after taking into account the present health condition of an individual.

Dieticians usually make a lot of money because there are countless individuals who wish to correct their diet to achieve success in a beauty career.

3. Skin Care Salon:

skin care salon Opening a skin care salon is a great idea. There are so many models and actors who need skin treatment and proper skin related care so that they appear presentable on screen.

Skin is a very delicate part of the human body and both male and female models suffer from skin related problems like acne, black heads, oiliness or dryness.

Skin care salon is where all these models rush in to get their skin treated. There are many different skin processes like bleaching, facial and spa that help to enhance the texture of the skin.

Some individuals also wish to get rid of their uneven skin tan. A skin care salon is a profitable business if you are willing to put in the required effort.

4. Modelling:

The first dream of a person who dreams of entering a beauty career is to be a model. Men as well as women have a lot of scope in modelling.

There are multiple options in modelling for both genders and you need to make the right choice while selecting your career. This is truly a tough field and to remain in this field you need to take good care of your looks.

You need to stay fit, eat healthy and make the right contacts in the industry.

Male models have opportunities in commercials and also as brand ambassadors for various popular designer brands. You must check out that you fit the criteria of height and structure to pursue a career in this field.

5. Herbal Beauty Treatment:

The side effects of various artificial beauty treatment methods are many. People who use these chemicals suffer hazardous effect on the skin in the long run.

These effects include deterioration of the skin and aging of the skin. This could be the reason why many individuals turn to herbal methods for maintaining their skin in perfect condition.

The herbs like aloevera have soothing impact on the skin. Models choose to use these beauty treatment methods to give longevity to their skin life.

6. Personal gym trainer:

personal gym trainer Most models and actors or individuals who make an on screen presence need a personal gym trainer.

This makes the profession of a gym trainer glamourous as well as well paying. If you have always been a fitness freak, then you can make it a source of income.

Try to come up with new styles of exercising and innovative strategies to stay fit and you will always have clients rush to your gymnaseum for assistance and guidance.

You may even become a brand someday if you work to attain that goal.

7. Beauty Shop:

Beauty is not just how you look but also what you wear. A person who understands the concept of beauty can even opt for opening a beauty shop where beauty products, beauty accessories and similar products are sold.

Shops for accessories and boutiques run by women who have an understanding of the true meaning of beauty make a lot of money.

These shops sell a huge array of cosmetic products that suit different skin types. They also sell attractive fashion accessories that make models look appealing and dashing.

8. Online beauty retailer:

beauty products marketing strategies If you wish to sell beauty products and accessories but do not have the money to open a shop, you may even opt for an e-retail store.

The e-retail outlets are pretty effective. The modern generation prefers to shop online and so these outlets can attract a huge target audience.

Make sure you design the website in a user-friendly manner so that customers would prefer to make purchases online.

You may also attract global customers by targeting different keywords on search engines. This will help you earn huge revenue even with minimum investment. The smooth functioning of the website is vital if you wish to succeed in online marketing.

9. Beauty blogger:

Do you enjoy speaking about the beauty and fashion industry?

Do you wish to share the knowledge you have regarding beauty and fashion while not opening a salon yourself?

If that is the case, you may opt to be a beauty blogger. Beauty bloggers usually share the latest information about different beauty products and their impact in the long run.

If your blogs are effective, you may even be chosen by some of the popular beauty brands to market their products and services.

It is an interesting career for individuals who are interested in writing and wish to share their beauty secrets with the world.

10. Image Consultant:

Image consultant is a very well paying profession but suitable only for those who understand the beauty industry perfectly.

Image consultants provide advice to models and budding artists on ways to maintain their public image. Image consultants need to have a deep knowledge of what the audience wants.

They need to understand how the beauty of a model should be appropriately advertised using the right channels so that the viewer is impressed.

If you have the deep understanding required in this industry, you may opt to be an image consultant.

11. Tattoo artist:

tattoo artist career Tattoo artists are in vogue ever since the models and actors started using it to add appeal to their persona.

The best part of being a tattoo artist is that you get to make many artistic experiments in tattooing.

Tattooing is truly an art that is gaining importance in the fashion and beauty industry. A person who knows the significance and the cultural background of the tattoo designs and their origin, will help him gain popularity.

People who come to tattoo artists are usually very curious to know the story behind each tattoo and your knowledge regarding these facts will help you gain authenticity.

Final Words:

While careers in beauty are often chosen by women, with the increase in popularity for male models, men are also opting for beauty related careers.

If you have a vision and you enjoy experimenting in beauty, you will have a great future in beauty and fashion. You may some day be a celebrated brand that the world respects and adores.

Never give up hope as failures are part of the journey and you cannot expect success to knock at your door at the very first instance.