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Why and How to Avoid Repetition in a Resume: 13 Top Tips


A resume is your identity when you are searching for a job opening. You need to make sure that your resume is perfect and reflects all your merits and skills. This greatly depends on how you present the information in a resume.

There are some common errors in a resume that makes a resume boring and unappealing. One of the most common errors is repetition.

Make sure you do not repeat the same information again and again in your resume. Read to know the drawbacks of repetition.

avoiding repetition in resumeWhy to Avoid Repetition in a Resume?

Know the various harms of repetition and you will be extra careful next time while writing your resume.

1. Makes your resume appear ineffective:

You may have heard that first impression is the best impression. Repetition creates a bad first impression.

It gives an impression that you do not have enough skills and abilities so you are trying to fill up the pages with the same junk over and over again.

When you want your resume to be short listed, you cannot afford such a bad impression.

2. Loses appeal:

A resume appears appealing and impressive only when it has something fresh and catchy. Try to add something different and unique.

Highlight skills which could be useful to the organization but only you possess. Never mention a skill you have already mentioned somewhere in the resume.

3. Appears boring:

boring resume example There is a very great chance that people do not like reading repetition and the resume appears completely boring.

It is quite possible that the recruiters neglect important aspects of your resume presuming it is repeated stuff. Do not let this happen and make sure that resume is precise and concise.

4. Mistakes become evident:

People often tend to neglect the mistakes when they read a content the first time. If you repeat the same text, the mistakes tend to be evident to the recruiters the next time. This can reduce the chances of your resume getting short listed.

What Points To Cover in a Resume or Cover Letter?

There are some aspects that must be covered in a resume. These aspects are the focus of the recruiters.

Here is a list of the major aspects that you need to highlight in your resume.

1. Your core competencies:

core competencies in resume Every individual has a set of unique fields of excellence. These are the diverse fields where the individual is an expert.

You need to identify your core competencies and make sure they are clearly reflected in your resume.

You have to identify the different careers where these unique skill sets prove to be an asset. A self-reflection and analysis will help you identify your field of excellence.

2. Your achievements and qualifications:

You must have spent years of your life trying to gain degrees and certifications. The diverse qualifications will help you get into your choice of career.

This can happen only when you resume clearly reflects your qualifications. Make sure they gain enough focus.

3. Your experience:

The number of years of experience in a certain field counts when you apply for a job. Your experience decides your maturity and your level of confidence in a certain task or job.

You must thus make it a point to clearly reveal your years of experience in different fields in facts and figures.

You may even present the factual data in the form of graphs or images to make the details evident to the recruiter.

4. Your skills and talents:

skills and talents If you have a special skill or talent, do mention it in your resume. Some of the skills may not directly be related to the job in hand. Yet, you may reveal  to the recruiter whether you are an artistic person or not.

5. Why this firm:

All companies want you to be loyal employees. They want you to be proud of their firm and hence make it a point to mention why you wish to be a part of this organization or firm.

6. Why this job:

You must also be able to explain why you have selected a certain profile or a particular job. If your resume reflects this, it shows you “what you are doing” or “what plans you have for yourself”.

How to Write a Concise Resume?

A resume without repetition and yet covering all vital points in the most desirable fashion is most impressive.

If you have to design a resume to suit your profession, you must be able to identify what aspects in a resume will impress your recruiter. Here we have listed out the most common purposes.

1. To highlight your abilities:

importance of job titles A resume can very effectively highlight your abilities. It is the best way to present a gist of your persona to the recruiter. This can be possible only when you design the resume properly.

2. To portray your inabilities in positive light:

There is no human being who is perfect. Successful individuals know well how to present their inefficiencies in positive light.

Make sure you are able to do the same with your resume. Use these few pages to create a lasting impression which will help you get your dream job.

3. To reveal your strengths:

Do not ever hesitate to show how great a employee you are and how well you can fulfill the tasks assigned to you. The recruiters also check how good you are at revealing your skills and how confident you are of your special abilities.

Leave no leaf unturned. Show them you are perfectly confident of your abilities and they will be at a great loss if they do not hire you.

Resume is your first step to achieving a job of your choice. Many people lose a great opportunity because they do not know how to make the best use of the resume.

An impressive design and an inspirational content in the resume will persuade your recruiter to hire you for the post.