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How to Avoid Age Discrimination in Hiring: 10 Awesome Tips


There are some standards which need to be focused on while hiring an employee, such as educational background, work experience and other cultural skills necessary. These categories of hiring process make things clear while selecting a suitable candidate for a position offered by the company.

But some companies prefer some sort of age criteria while selecting a candidate for the position which is completely unnecessary.

Moreover, these age criteria creates a marginal difference between candidate experience and their work, along with enthusiasm.

Age Discrimination in Hiring

Ways to Avoid Age Discrimination in Employment:

These age discrimination doesn’t always affect the candidate with its categories. But some of the candidates face difficulty while their hiring process as they cross the certain age limit derived for each and every position in a certain company.

1. Try and understand the problem:

Some companies prefer young and energetic employees for their companies. And mentioning such things while advertising a job recruitment notice is definitely not a bad thing. Moreover, it is important for the candidate applying for the job that they need to cross examine all the criteria to be fulfilled to get the job. And having an age criteria can seem as partial but it is always better to understand the company requirement instead of making one’s own assumptions.

2. Implement company policy:

There are some of the company policies which protect the rights against age discrimination. But these company policies are applicable only to those employees of the company working in that particular place. The implementation of company policy regarding age discrimination can help all of those candidates who don’t make the cut between their work experience and skills required to complete the task. Therefore, it is necessary for the company to analyze the company policy precisely for the sake of the company development.

3. Management support:

It is one of the decision that supposed to be taken in front of the management of the company. The management takes all the decision regarding this age discrimination. And the employer needs to receive support from the company management if they really want to get rid of this age discrimination in hiring. Therefore, it is necessary for the employer and the candidate that age discrimination should not be bothered if the candidate has experience and skill for the work.

4. Sharing it with the staff:

Most of the time it happens that people working in the company are not aware of the fact that their company is launching a new policy regarding age discrimination which should totally support the talent and skill than their age. Therefore, after confirming on the company policy about age discrimination the employer need to announce it well in front of the staff so that the management and staff should be available supporting same issues.

5. Provide necessary training:

Few companies creates a separate team for different kinds of situations in the company. Similarly, when a company decides their stand regarding age discrimination, then the company should take proper responsibility of making it understandable to each and every member of the company such as staff and others. Therefore, for that the company needs to form a team which provides information regarding company recent changes regarding different areas of discrimination.

6. Equal opportunities for the people of all ages:

If the company is willing to support this age discrimination stuff, then all the employees of the company need to provide their stand on the matter. And to do that company employees need to give up their promotions and training which delivered to a certain age group of people working in the company. Therefore, it is very much important that not just the management, even the staff and other departments need to believe and be a part of the change they need to see in their company.

7. Encourage all age groups in all the matters:

It is possible that while working on a project the company forms a team of leaders where a person with the highest level of experience will be named as a leader of the team and rest need to follow his order regarding the project. Therefore, instead of providing experience and working period an importance, the company needs to encourage all the people of different age group for the overall development of the company.

8. Provide equal importance to experience and age:

Most of the company requires people with experience, but there are some companies which needs candidates with fresh and energetic mind set. Therefore, instead of supporting two separate things the company should provide equal importance to both elements of the hiring which is age and experience. Moreover, the experience can be earned during a period of time, which comes with hard work and dedication, then age walks around with it accordingly without any difference in their working environment.

9. Conduct complete job analysis:

Most of the company supports the elements which should be used to avoid the age discrimination. But some of the companies doesn’t obey that policy for the welfare of their employee career and growth. Therefore, the employees and the employers of the company should conduct a complete job analysis before joining any company which supports no age discrimination against talent and experience, and eventually practice all legal policies issued.

10. Avoid physical characteristics:

When it comes to manufacturing companies, the physical attributes make a difference while hiring a candidate. And that is why manufacturing company selects those candidates with young age who are willing to contribute their physical energy to their work. Therefore, manufacturing company can entertain people with middle age for the work with heavy lifting even if they cross a certain age limit proposed for the post by the company.

Finally, the bottom line is that at the end of the discussion over age discrimination, one can definitely come to a decision that these age discrimination should be changed on a timely basis. Therefore, if anyone interested to know more about these age discrimination and want to bring change in their company policy, then they should take a look at this discussion for some ideas.