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Asking your Family for Money: 16 Important Pros and Cons


It is often said that nothing is more important in the world than family, so in the event of you being in some kind of physical, mental or even emotional distress it is usually them who immediately rush to your aid and offer you help to the best of their ability without even batting an eyelid. Asking anyone for money in the event of being in some kind of financial trouble is certainly not an easy thing to do, yet this having been said, there are simultaneously a number of pros as well as cons of asking family for money. These pros and cons have been enlisted below for your benefit.

asking family for moneyPros of Asking Family for Money:

1. They will give you the money without asking too many questions:

The first obvious pro about asking family for money is that most likely they will give you the money without asking too many questions. If for example you were taking a loan from the bank or asking a money lender for money chances are that it will be a long tiresome process, but when your family comes to your rescue it is a much more cordial as well as relaxed transaction where you need not worry at all. So in the event of being in financial trouble, you can rest assured that you will get the required help, with no questions asked at all.

2. They know they can trust you no matter what:

As mentioned above this is most certainly a trust based interaction where your family member knows you inside out and can trust you. It is pretty obvious that you will not take the money and disappear, so it is for this reason that your family member will not take too much time in giving you the money if he or she can afford to do so. So rather than beating about the bush and beg, borrowing or stealing from unknown people it is better to fall back on your family members as they understand that at some point or the other everyone goes through a rough patch and at such a time the family should come together.

3. It will be an interest free loan which you are taking:

The best thing about asking for money from your family member is that this money which will be given to you will be an interest free loan of sorts. In the bank, you would have had to pay back the huge amount and also an interest in addition to that, but in such a transaction your family members will certainly not be looking to make a quick buck off you especially in your time of need. When you are taking money make sure you take it with the intention of returning it as soon as you possibly can so that you do not land yourself in trouble at all!

4. They will not broadcast the news to anyone and everyone:

As long as you are rich and well to do, you will have many friends and acquaintances hovering around you, yet the moment things get a little tough you will notice that all these people will soon disappear just in case you might ask them for some kind of help or assistance. Such people are often referred to as ‘fair weather friends’ who are only with you on sunny days and disappear when dark clouds and rain might come your way. On the other hand, family members will never do this; they will help you without uttering a word about it to anyone else.

5. They will not keep urging you to return the money:

Money lenders will keep on pestering you and asking you when you plan on returning the money, yet with family members, there are no such problems as they will be willing to wait till a time when you can return the money on your own, once things have gotten back on track. After all there is some truth in the common saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’ so your family members will certainly not add to your troubles by continuously asking you for the money back, rather they will keep assuring you that you can keep the money for as long as you like and might even offer you more.

6. Family members willingly help watch other without much convincing:

In the event of needing some money from your family members chances are that you will not have to plead, beg or even try and convince them too much. The moment they notice that you are genuinely in trouble they will rush forward to assist you in any way which they can. As it is often said a problem shared is a problem halved’ so that is why you should always make it a point to share your problems with your family members rather than seeking solace from strangers who you do not know every well.

7. They will not make fun of your present position:

Being in a position where you are in need of money is certainly not a position which any one of us would like to be in. The world at large is a cut throat place indeed where everyone is constantly trying to get ahead and when you share your problems with your friends sometimes they might feign concern for you and then go on to make fun of you and your position behind your back. However, on the other end of the spectrum you can rest assured that you have no such issue to worry about when you ask your family members for your money as they will not poke fun at you.

8. They might not even ask you for the money back:

In the event of seeing that you are actually going through a great deal of stress and worry you family members might even consider giving you the money and telling you that they do not want the money back from you no matter what. Though you can obviously try your level best to return the money as soon as possible, yet not having to immediately worry about this additional load on your head will really be a source of great comfort as well as solace to you in a time of immense distress and worry.

9. You will be comfortable approaching them:

We are close to our family member’s right from the time we are young that is exactly why in the event of needing some money; chances are that we will not feel too awkward to approach one of family members. So if you are in need there is no shame in falling back on one of your own as you know that if they are in trouble you will always be there for them too, no matter what. So it is not like they will give you money expecting something in return it is just that they will be happy to help you on their own.

Cons of Asking Family for Money:

1. They might think that you are very irresponsible:

In the event of asking family for money, there is a small chance that they might think of you as someone is irresponsible and cannot even take care of his or her own finances properly. It is for this very reason that many people steer clear of asking their family members for money under any circumstance. This is one of the biggest cons of taking money from one of your family members so ensure that you weigh the matter carefully before you actually decide on what you are going to do.

2. Family members might start taking too keen an interest in your personal life:

Once you divulge intimate details of your current situation to your family members they might start taking too keen an interest in your life, much to your discomfort. Having someone to take care of you is good, but not to such an extent that they do not give you even the slightest privacy. In addition to this, chances are that they even might go as far as inquiring how you intend on spending the money which they have given you and this is something which is absolutely undesirable. So even if they are giving you the money consider whether you will be willing to put up with this.

3. They might lose some respect for you:

Another major con of taking money from your family members is that they might lose some respect for you and start looking down on you. No one is saying that this is absolutely sure to happen but this has happened a number of times in various families causing huge rifts as well as fights between fathers and children and even among siblings themselves. So ensure that you do take your decision very wisely and only take money from that family member who you trust completely and know that it will now affect your relationship in any way at all.

4. Chances are that they might look at you as a charity case:

In the event of taking money from family members even once, they might start looking at you as a charity case. After you have borrowed money once, they might start looking for excuses to keep giving you money so as to ensure that you are not having any kinds of troubles at all. Though you might appreciate the sentiment yet after a while you might start feeling incredibly bad and low in self esteem causing you to regret the every decision which you had taken to borrow the money in the first place.

5. They might start avoiding you in the future:

Even if you have asked for money only once or twice there will be some members of the family who will be looking on you as a perennial borrower and in time to come, they might begin avoiding you entirely. So rather than having to deal with such behavior in time to come there are many people across the globe who believe that it is better to just avoid taking money from family members.

6. It may be that they too are finding it tough to make two ends meet:

In this day of expenditure, no one has surplus money to help others in their time of need as they too might be finding it tough to meet ends meet at the end of each month. So a con of taking money from your family members is that chances are that they too might be finding it tough to survive, but on finding out that you are in trouble they might put your needs before their very own and make sacrifices to help you out without you even knowing it.

7. They might keep bringing up the matter at future points in time:

Last but certainly not the least is that asking family for money might lead to a number of awkward situations in the time to come as they might keep bringing up the fact that they helped you again and again. Think of it this way that when you borrow from a stranger you will pay the money back and never have to see or hear from him again but this is certainly not the case with a family member.

So these are some of the chief pros and cons which are involved when asking family for money. Your family members will always be by your side no matter what, ready to give you a helping hand, yet you must ensure that you do not take advantage of their goodness and start believing that they will always bail you out of trouble. The only way you will be able to get ahead in life would be by trying to come up with solutions to problems on your own without having to be at the mercy of anyone or falling back on anyone for help in any way.