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How to Survive Layoffs? 11 Best Tips to Thrive in Recession


Job layoffs can be quite messy and painful to deal with, especially if you’ve had a good job in the past couple of years. Even though they are quite a common economic problem cited today, we must say everyone who tries to get out of it does get out of it! Nobody is stuck in the same old situation for too long. All you have to do is try! Here are some simple steps for surviving a layoff listed in brief. Take your pen and paper, jot all of these points down and get going. You will be able to recover the loss very soon.

how to survive layoffsSteps for Surviving a Layoff in Recession:

The following mentioned are few tips on surviving a layoff and the emotional impact of employee layoff.

1. Stop panicking:

If and when you lose your job, we would suggest you to stop panicking first of all. We know that a job loss can be depressing but that doesn’t mean the world has come to an end. So stop worrying too much! According to experts, it is normal to panic after losing something. In fact, it could feel like someone pulled the rug underneath your career. Your self esteem at this time could take a hit and you will be down in the dumps. Even though there are so many emotions you could be feeling at this point, we would request you to think before doing something. Act with integrity and leave your job with grace.

2. Speak to your family:

It is important to have an important discussion with your family and friends. Tell them what is going on and how this has affected you and how it may affect the kids as well. You should seek some job help from your friends and family during the upcoming months. This will open new lines of communication and improve your job search a bit more. The fear and anxiety that you are feeling at the moment will become temporary as your family will understand you as well. When you begin to talk more openly about the job you are looking for, you will help people understand the role and the changes that you are hoping to make.

3. Improve your resume:

This is also a very important time for you to upgrade and improve your resume, especially since we are guessing you haven’t done that in a while. You don’t have to hire someone professional to get the work done. It can be done very easily at home and the skill doesn’t take much time to develop. Get a fresh list of things that you have already done in the past. Write down everything that you have done, even if it doesn’t seem sensible. Also, you should edit and make changes once the final resume is ready. Go through it over and over again to see the changes that are needed to be made.

4. Get rid of all unnecessary expenses:

Another thing that your family can help at this point is removing all expenses that are not needed. Go ahead and speak to your family members. Ask them what they really need at home and what isn’t they don’t need at home. Remove all luxurious expenses. Another thing you can do is check the health insurance options. You can speak to your other business owners and colleagues and see what they are doing now with their health insurance.

5. Create a new list:

It is important to create a list of things when you are on a job layoff. You have to keep checking these lists on a regular basis in order to keep yourself on track. Gather a list of people who are still working and can help you. Make sure the number is 100. Reach out to them every now and then to see if there is something they can offer you. Secondly, make a list of 50 companies that you would like to work for or something that hire you for a bit and the work you are keen on doing. Do not say silly things like “Please help me! I need a job!” Instead, you should say something like “I am interested in learning about this company and want to know more about them!”

6. Get your networking skills on point:

The first thing you should do is send out to others your job SOS. So send an email to your former boss and other co-workers that you are looking for a new source of employment. These people know you and how capable you are of a good job. So let them know about your situation and that you are out for new opportunities. Second of all, join a support network. This could be a great way to build new connections. It will open more new doors for you. You could also create something of your own and join your local community networks as well. Some people have joined people at church and improved their networking skills as well.

7. Look for unemployment benefits:

Unemployment benefits are also available if you weren’t aware of them earlier. The first thing you should do is file in the stat where you were working earlier. And also speak to the unemployment office for more details. You will also have to be prepared as benefits sometimes take around 26 weeks to start coming. The rules of course vary from state to state but you have to be ready with the essentials they are looking for. Plus you will have to give details about basic information such as the security number, the mailing address along with the details of the employers who have worked with you in the past. Only then you will be able to reap the unemployment benefits soon enough. So make sure to reach the unemployment office.

8. Come up with a new plan of success:

One of the best ways in which you can deal with a job layoff is coming with a plan of success. You should create a new routine that is almost similar to your old work schedule. Now set your alarm, go and take a shower and get your day started. And more than anything, you should set a few goals for the day you would like to complete. This may include networking events, meeting with old colleagues, volunteering and investing into something that will develop you professionally. There are several learning opportunities so make some time for yourself. The last reminder is- do not spend all the time in the world seated in front of the computer. Go out and meet some people too. That will hopefully help you get the job faster.

9. Come up with your own support team:

It is also crucial to have your own support team at this point. People should be eager and ready to help you! Meet some of your friends for coffee every now and then and be more open with your family. Also, you should spend 20 minutes writing on the kind of job you need and how you are feeling at this point about it. When you start doing this, you will feel a sense of peace because all your emotions will come out one after the other. You will automatically begin to feel much better after this. Plus if you are too upset, we suggest you try a career counselor.

Final Tips for Surviving a Layoff and Downsizing:

1. Be ready:

Since it is a job layoff, you have to be ready for some awkward and uncomfortable situations like answering questions to your friends, neighbours and relatives. Be prepared for that. Please don’t be embarrassed. Know that all of this is natural and that your time will come. And even though it gets very annoying to answer these questions all the time, we would suggest you stay calm and to let them know that they will be told about the job once it has been given to you.

2. Prepare the interview clothing:

You should also prepare your interview clothing from beforehand. So make sure your interview clothing is all clean and pressed. Check for buttons that are missing as well as broken zippers. Polish all your shoes and check whether you have the right socks to go with it. Trust us when we say this… you don’t want to be searching for all your stuff just a couple of nights before the interview. If you have been out of work for some time, try everything you can and make sure it fits you well.

Initially, the layoff may seem the end of the world. But it surely isn’t! At times it could be a life changer. Hundreds of people have landed the best jobs of their lives by simply surviving a layoff. And so can you! So stress less and follow all the suggestions given to you. Sooner than later you will find something good for yourself! And if this article has helped and inspired you in some way, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Plus we would love to get your feedback in the comment box below. Keep us posted!