Your interview is going perfectly fine. You researched every minute detail about the company. You are confident enough to answer each and every question being asked by the Interviewer since you have done your homework pretty well. You are feeling exceptionally certain and then, suddenly one of the most bizarre question is being thrown at you. Out of nowhere you are asked “What is your favorite colour and why”? After struggling hard to answer and justifying your answer. You ask to yourself what was that question all about?

What is your favorite colour

What’s your favorite questions among all the interview questions? if it is about colours, then it must be interesting. Most of the people are unaware of the colour psychology whereas it is used as one of the technique or tool to measure the employee harmony. Colour Psychology is the study of Human behavior through colours. Each colour has some impact on the person or you may say that it influences a person’s behavior. Although, each person has his own individuality so it may differ from person to person.

Everyone has a favorite colour and if someone thinks they don’t prefer any particular colour then they are more likely to be a kind of person who is inclined towards some colours but not a particular one. It is said that colour also influences the perception of a person towards life. So knowing about your favorite colour is helpful if anyone asks you like ‘what is your favorite colour and why’. Let’s take a look at what your favorite color says about you.

“What is Your Favorite Colour” Says About Your Personality:

1. White:

People who like white color are pure, innocent, simple and natural. White color has strong aura of youthfulness and purity. If you are little older in age then your love for white color reflects your perfection and strong ideals of doing things and getting your work done. White color shows some of these traits:
1. Pureness
2. Innocence
3. Simplicity
4. Hygienic
5. Balancing sense

2. Red:

Red is the colour of strength, powers and energy. A person who likes red colour might be friendly, competitive, robust and spontaneous or may be want to be one. The person with red colour as preference can be ambitious but he/she can be unexpected too at times. They try to get everything they can take out of life and are quite judgmental. Red people are really hopeful for their future and they cannot bear the lack of variety. These kind of people are always impatient and less self-observing so you never know what they will do next. Usually, they are biased and will always try to find someone else to blame for their own mistakes. If there’s someone who is quiet and loves red colour then must be looking for some warmth, power and have hidden their actual traits under a strong facade. Normally red colour is chosen by people who are more straightforward and likes to live their life freely. Red colour shows some of these traits:
1. Romance
2. Love
3. Energy
4. Comfort
5. Excitement

3. Black:

Black colour lovers are majestic and magnificent in nature that too without being loud. They like it if people think that they are mysterious, but that’s because of their own fear of defeat from their inner desires and worldly goals. Black colour shows some of these traits:
1. Authoritative
2. Evil
3. Intelligence
4. Thinning
5. Power

4. Blue:

Blue is the colour of carefulness, self-observing, conservatism and responsibility. Soft, relieving, tender hearted and calm is blue colour. People loving blue colour loves it when others admire them for what kind of person they are and their intelligence. They are loyal but are stubborn about their beliefs and can be too careful, unsure and confident in nature. Blue colour shows some of these traits :
1. Calmness
2. Peaceful
3. Uncaring
4. Loyal
5. Wise

5. Pink:

Pink colour personifies soothing qualities of red colour showing love and fondness but without agony. Pink is normally known as girl’s colour and women who love pink colour tend to be motherly by nature. Pink people are more inclined towards protecting their loved ones and pampering them. These people need affection and loves to be loved. Pink lovers are more delicate and gentle. Pink colour shows some of these traits:
1. Romance
2. Love
3. Delicate
4. Fragile
5. Anxiety

6. Yellow:

Yellow is the colour of happiness, intelligence and creativity. People having yellow as their favorite colour are daring, searching for originality and ambitious. It basically goes with people having bright and clever personality with a good business sense and strong wit. These folks are clear in their head and are exact thinker who knows what to do and when to do. At times they can be moody and will try to run away from responsibilities and want freedom of thoughts and expression. Yellow colour shows some of these traits:
1. Happiness
2. Laughter
3. Positivity
4. Annoyance
5. Attention seeker

7. Green:

Green is the colour of togetherness and stability. Green symbolizes aspirations, resumption and peace and is usually liked by kind and deep people. Green lovers are basically social and frank in nature but also needs their own space at times. They might get exploited by others because of being too modest and calm. Green colour shows some of these traits:
1. Natural
2. Growing
3. Envious
4. Silent
5. Productive

8. Orange:

This is the colour of splendor and vibrant people who are kind of social butterflies. They are slightly inclined towards drama and want people to notice them, but they are nice in nature and are quite popular. They can be changeable and might have different opinions from others but they try really hard to agree with what majority says. Orange colour shows some of these traits:
1. Youth
2. Confidence
3. Change
4. Spirit of enquiry
5. Toughness

9. Brown:

Brown colour lovers are full of strength, patience, considerable, honourable and strong. These people are passionate but poorly spoken and awkward at times but are reliable and loyal. These are wilful and stubborn in nature. Brown colour shows some of these traits:
1. Reliability
2. Passion
3. Organic
4. Friendly
5. Warm

10. Gray:

Gray is the colour of alertness and compromise. People who love gray colour are in search of self-control and usually work really hard without expecting a reward in return. Gray lovers like their life to be a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Grays are hard working and have good sense of business. Gray colour shows some of these traits:
1. Balanced
2. Timely
3. Experimental
4. Quick
5. Adventurous

Your favorite color speaks about your personality and behaviour that helps an interviewer to know you better and it makes their decision of whether to hire you or not, easier. It basically tells them what kind of person you are and let them know about your preferences without asking you.

Why do Interviewers Ask Such Questions?

The reasons for an employer to ask “what is your favourite colour?” in an interview are many and some of them are mentioned below:

  1. There are changing societies and employer needs an ideal choice for their organization.
  2. Be it giver or taker, colour also helps the interviewer in deciding what kind of a person you are whether you will give your best to achieve the company’s goal or you will only do things for your personal benefit.
  3. Colour also helps in demonstrating that you are a pioneer, imaginative or reliable.

Suppose, if an interviewer asked me the same question” what is your favorite colour?” I would answer it as my favorite colour is blue! The natural blue! The serene blue!

Blue is the colour of the sky which reminds me every time of how hard I need to work to reach the zenith of success! It encourages me.

Blue is the colour of the water, which reminds me of how I have to make myself flexible and mold according to the situations occurring in life.

Blue is the colour of sea which reminds me that how I have to contain myself with immense knowledge and still remain so calm and peaceful!

So yes, indeed, blue is my favourite colour because it teaches me somehow to aim for the sky but still remain grounded to my roots. Finally, if any one ask you ‘what is your favorite colour and why’ give them a perfect answer.