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Advantages and Disadvantages of Individual and Group Testing


Group Testing:

Group testing as the name implies it is about examining an individual by a whole group. The test administered by a large group at one time is known as group testing.

The group test is mainly done to meet the practical need. These were designed as mass testing instruments.

The group testing not only allows the simultaneous examination but also make use of the simplified processes and the instruction.

Group Testing Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Group Testing:

1. One time, more people:

As the name implies a group test, at a time, more people can be administered.

It means at a time, a very large number of people can be taken into account which not only saves time but also it saves money and energy.

2. The role of examiner simplifies:

No extra attention needs to be paid to the individual members of a group which helps in simplifying the procedure of examining by the examiner.

In the case of individual testing, the examiner may have to test everything at an individual level which is not only time consuming but also it is demanding, in terms of money as well as energy.

3. Score more objective:

Scoring more objective means that when the group tests take place, the whole group works for a common objective.

None of the individuals have their own personal goals. So, the process of scoring objectives is easier than the individual testing process.

4. Better norms are established:

The large group and the representative samples always lead to better results and more importantly it leads to better-established norms.

When the work is done in groups, the participation of more people leads to better results which is good both for the company as well as the individuals who come together to form a group.

5. Efficiency is more:

The highly verbal group can have a higher value of efficiency than that of an individual test. As many people are a part of a group.

Every individual brings forward their views and ideas which is really appreciable and helps to increase efficiency.

The process is very flexible and gives more opportunities for the same. So, it shows more efficiency than that of the individual testing process.

6. Less power is required:

The group testing does not require much power both in terms of manpower and energy. As the work is done in a group, each group is given one person to administer the following process.

Unlike individual testing, each individual does not require personal attention. So, this also forms one of the advantages of group testing.

Disadvantages of Group Testing:

1. The scores are dependent on other things:

In the group testing, the scores totally depend on the reading ability of the individuals. Every individual has to go through the test even if he or she is a member of a group.

So, the scores are highly dependent on the other factors like the reading ability and so on.

2. The results and the information is less accurate:

The group testing is said to be less accurate as the result that we get is combined. This is how the examiner fails to know the output at an individual level.

So, individual performance remains unknown when it comes to group testing.

3. Less cooperation is maintained:

As the work is done through the groups, at times it becomes very difficult to bring in cooperation among the group.

If the group fails to cooperate then the results would get affected at the end. So, this is one of the disadvantages of group testing.

4. The results are examined readily:

The results are not examined readily because at times the tired and the anxious examiner may fail to give proper attention towards the results.

So, due to lack of good and proper attention, the results are highly affected. So, it also forms one of the disadvantages of group testing.

5. Difficult to maintain rapport:

It is difficult to maintain a rapport sometimes because it becomes difficult to control a group especially when the group is large and order-less.

So, due to lack of handling the group, it becomes difficult to maintain a good rapport.

6. The interest is not easily maintained:

It is very difficult to create the same level of interest among all the members of the group. This is because of the heterogeneous nature of the members in the group.

So, due to the lack of creation of interest among the group members, it is difficult to get accurate results at the end of the day.

7. The examiners response in a more strict manner:

Due to difficulty in handling the group, the examiners usually respond in a strict manner. So, this also becomes difficult to prepare and take a step for group testing.

8. Boredom over easy items and frustrated over difficult ones:

It is difficult to work in a group at times due to different situations that arrive in a group. Sometimes the members have to work for easy as well as difficult things.

For example, if the simple things come their way, they may feel boredom and at the same time, if the difficult things come their way, they may feel irritated. So, by this manner, it becomes difficult to work in a group.

So, above are some of the disadvantages of having a group testing. Although everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, still in companies, group testing is preferred, especially when it has to be done on a larger scale.

The companies have many employees within and in order to save time, energy and money, the companies prefer for the group testing process. The individual testing requires double the time required for the group testing.

Individual Testing:

The individual test of intelligence is administered by one individual at a time. The test, in this case, requires more verbal responses in order to examine the individual.

The qualities of an individual are calculated on an individual level. This kind of test is conducted in places like hospitals, clinics, psychologist or the places where a diagnosis is done mainly.

Individual Testing Advantages Disadvantages

Advantages of Individual Testing:

1. More attention is paid:

As the test is done on each individual one by one, the examinee is able is to pay more attention towards that person.

Due to proper attention, the results also come out to be great and it is beneficial for both the individual as well as the examinee.

2. The behavior can be observed easily:

The examinee gets more time to know the individual as the individual is examined individually.

More attention could be given to them, it is possible for the examinee to know the behavior of the individual.

By knowing the behavior of an individual, it is possible to manipulate and get results as expected by the examinee.

3. The examinee can easily convince and encourage the person:

The examinee in the case of individual testing can encourage and convince the individual.

By this manner, the individual can be encouraged and the right path could be shown to him or her. So, this forms one of the advantages of individual testing.

4. The results are accurate:

The results that come out by use of the individual testing process are accurate in comparison to that of the group testing.

Many places prefer the individual testing than the group testing as it gives the end result more accurate and the results are examined from depth.

5. Results and the scores are not dependent:

The results of the individual testing are not dependent on any factors this not only delivers results in a quick manner but also it helps in getting accurate which is useful for the future too.

Also, the results are all made by proper scrutiny by the examinee so, those are not dependent on any external factor.

6. The speed is one additional factor:

As the results are not dependent on any external factors. After examining, the examiner gives the result on the spot which is an added advantage.

The person does not need to wait for the required result. So, the result given is an added factor if compared to that of the group tests.

7. The efficiency is way better than other methods:

As the tests are conducted on an individual level, the efficiency ought to be great because all concentration is given overtime on one individual.

This is not possible in case of the group tests. So, it is also one of the advantages of individual testing.

8. More time to understand the person:

As the individual is in direct contact with the examinee, the examinee gets more time to know the person.

To be very accurate the examinee gets time to know the individual on a personal level. So, it is also one of the advantages of individual testing.

Disadvantage of Individual Testing:

If individual testing has some advantages, then at the same time it also has many disadvantages.

Nowadays, many places prefer group testing but it highly depends on the type of place.

For example, if it is a clinic, it is obvious to have individual testing. Still, some of the disadvantages are as follows:

1. Time-consuming:

The individual testing is quite time-consuming. This is because each and every individual has to be taken into account during the test and one individual can take as much time as needed. So, the process is quite lengthy and time-consuming.

2. Trained and experienced examiner is required:

For such individual tests, the experienced and trained examiners are required.

And at times it is difficult to have the staff which is equally qualified and has the experience which is required for conducting the test.

3. It costs more than other procedures:

As the test is conducted at an individual level, for every individual, stationery is required. If the written test is not conducted then it might be verbal.

Still for verbal test also lots of energy goes especially when done on an individual level.

Questioning every individual and knowing the problems of every individual is a big task for the examinee. So, it forms one of the disadvantages of individual testing.

4. Lots of money and investment is required:

As an individual is to be examined, more staff is needed and for the same, the investment also needs to be more with the company.

The cycle of providing salaries and at the same time providing service to the individuals needs to flow in an undeterred manner.

So, for that to take place, the company needs proper funds and capital. However, it becomes an expensive process to take place.