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How to Accept or Decline Job Offer: 23 Best Tips


It is never an easy process to hunt for jobs. There are a number of complexities that come the way as you’re in the job process. You can be a person who is under pressure to accept  job offer and may also have reasons to decline a job offer too. Accepting a job offer letter has a number of ways and procedures to be followed, in the same manner when you want to decline job offer then it is one of the trickiest situations to handle. Let’s glimpse through a few ways about how to accept a job offer and how to decline a job offer.

how accept decline job offer

How to Accept a Job Offer?

Accepting a job offer is both a happy and tedious process. A job offer is accepted by an employee for a number of reasons. Accepting a job offer letter also offers the employees an excellent opportunity to develop a personal brand and to maintain a proper relationship with professionals.

1. Decision making:

At times the candidate can learn from the interview that the particular employer is not the right one for you. In other ways, you may have multiple offers and hence find it difficult to decide acceptance of job offer or rejecting the job offer. This is where the candidate needs to negotiate in order to decide the best for your future.

2. Decision to accept:

You can decide to accept an offer as that can be your first offer which has all your desires within the organization which meets the criteria you desired in the job description. You can also accept as you negotiated for the terms you desire from the offer.

3. Accepting a job offer:

When discussing about how to accept a job offer, there are many ways which include accepting through phone, through accepting job offer email and in a verbal manner. All modes of accepting offers have few ethics to be followed in order to accept the offer in a professional manner.

4. Accepting through paper and verbal manner:

When you have accepted your job offer in a verbal manner, you should make sure to inform the recruiters that you have discussed with, that you would accept and sign a formal offer letter. You can request them for an offer letter which contains all details and up to date terms regarding employment. If you have made any negotiations the same would be present in the offer letter. You can also call the main person and mention that you have received an offer.

5. Letter of acceptance:

When you have accepted a job offer, the acceptance letter is a proof for accepting so that the details of employment are mentioned and the applicant signs. This is an important way to accept a job offer.

6. Requirements in the acceptance letter:

The job acceptance letter should be a brief one and must contain thanks and appreciation section for the opportunity given. Written acceptance of job offer which confirms the acceptance. All the terms and conditions of employment which includes salary and other benefits related to the position, the start date, address of organization and more should be included. The acceptance letter should be addressed to the hirer who offered you the position with contact details and phone number. The acceptance letter must be checked for grammatical errors and typos. Make sure that your correspondence is professional though you are offered.

7. Steps in accepting a job offer:

These are a few steps that need to be followed while accepting a job offer. When you have first received a job offer make sure to confirm your acceptance by means of writing a letter of acceptance as mentioned above. The letter may include any queries if required regarding the job offer. The letter can be closed with an appreciation for joining the organization.

8. Accepting through telephone:

A job offer can be accepted through telephone. The applicant should be professional while speaking at a call that offers a job. The applicant should never show to be overexcited or overwhelmed. The applicant should first thank the hirer for offering an opportunity and also appreciate the entire individuals who were involved in the interview process. The applicant should accept the job offer and inform them that the acceptance would be confirmed with a signed offer letter promptly.

9. Accepting through email:

When a job offer is sent via email, the applicant should make sure to read through all the details and reply a confirmation by accepting a job offer email as soon as possible. The applicant can also ask for any queries through email and also ask them for a written formal offer letter.

How to Decline a Job Offer?

Declining a job offer can be less fun and tedious process too. There may be a number of reasons for declining or rejecting a job offer. Declining a job offer in a soft manner offers the employees to maintain a proper relationship with professionals.

10. Reasons to decline:

There are a number of reasons to decline a job offer, first and foremost would be that the job role, the culture, the organization was not a perfect fit for you. You may have got a competing offer which must be superior in all ways when compared to the one you have declined.

11. Through letter:

When the candidate has decided to reject the job offer, the candidate must navigate the news to the employer by declining a job offer letter. The declining letter written should be polite, brief and concise. It is important to remember that the candidate should not burn bridges and hence the letter should be formatted in such a way.

12. Show gratitude:

The letter should be professional and formatted in a way so no bridges are burnt down the process. The letter should thank the employer initially who had offered an opportunity to get to the organization and learn about the same. Mention that it was a tough decision to decide for decline of the job. Also, thank them and mention that you may need their assistance in future.

13. Be confident on your decision:

When you have decided to decline the job offer, the employer might want to negotiate with your decision. They may offer you with more salary and enhanced benefits and hence know your bottom line and stick to it, whatever happens.

14. Know your method of contact:

You can contact the employer for mentioning the decline of job offer either through phone or in person. It is always the best strategy to speak directly with the employer through any mode of communication. By this way, you can gain the chance to explain more about yourself and your situation in a clear manner. There are more chances to maintain a positive relationship with the employer when spoken directly. The conversation must be followed up by means of a letter or an email.

15. Best way to decline:

For ones who find it tough to explain the situation over the phone and may find it nervous can decide to write all the reasons for declining in a professional way and send as a letter.

16. Through proper format:

The job rejection should be carried out with a proper job decline letter which follows an appropriate format. The offer rejection letter should possess the name and contact details of the sender followed by the name and contact details of the organization and the specific person. The opening salutation must be dear Ms. or dear Mr. Then the rest of the letter as mentioned above with gratitude and more specifics must be written.

17. Mentioning the truth:

When you have made up your mind to decline a job offer due to few negative aspects about the organization, make sure not to be emotionally hardened while conversing the same. An example would be that the candidate did not like the customer service and hence you did not want to work for an organization which is not good at customer service and their philosophy does not sync with yours. In that aspect, you should mention that you’re looking for a company where your values and the company values sync. This is the truth and would never harm you any scenario.

18. Financial aspect:

The financial term is something that is prevalent all over the world and hence the financial aspect with the job is something mandatory. Any candidate can decline a job offer when they think the salary is not sufficient. Hence denial of job offer is frequent due to salary reasons.

19. Being positive:

A job offer can be declined in a positive manner where the candidate should maintain a proper process that he follows while declining a job offer. The reason for declination and other details are to be expressed in a proper way to the employer.

20. Sample formats:

A number of decline letter samples have been posted online for reference and hence the candidate can research and get to write the appropriate declination letter for rejecting a job. Sample letters of declination through email or letters with valid professional drafted reason in person can be found online.

21. In a friendly manner:

The declination news about the job offer must be informed as soon as possible without delay so that the organization makes other arrangements. Declination has been common in the recruiting process and hence must be done in a polite and friendly manner. It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep a cordial relationship with the organization and decline the job offer in a smooth manner. The declination of job offer can be done by any means either by phone, email or letter and hence should be followed in a professional manner.

22. Declining at the time:

When decided to decline a job offer, the candidate needs to be prompt and should inform at time. Remember to be courteous about the declination so that you would be considered for more opportunities in future. Be more generous and diplomatic and let the hiring manager know that you’re accepting a job role that matches your career objectives.

23. Right tone:

When you know that you’re to decline a job offer, make sure to have the right tone when you speak in person or over the phone to the hiring manager. Do not make the conversation very obvious that you just called up to mention the news of declination. Make sure to speak in a perfect tone which also makes the employer accept your declination decision.

It is really happy news to hear that you are offered a job offer from the best organization and there are few ethics to be followed in order to accept a job offer. As mentioned above, a job role can be accepted by either phone, email or in person. In the same manner, a job can be declined for a number of reasons. Declination of a job is an important decision and hence must be carefully handled in the right manner. Professional and polite ways are to be handled in declination of job offers.

Candidates can research and get through a number of resumes, templates and formats for writing declination of job offers. Job offers can be declined in a graceful and courteous manner so that no bridges are burnt. Make sure that you keep your options open and leave a great impression that lasts all the time. These few tips can be followed for accepting or declination of offers in any organization in a smooth manner.