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6 Ways to Pump Up Your Career with Google Plus!


Google plus is among the fastest growing social network after Facebook with more than 500 million active users. However, it is not just another social networking site, but it also a network that has the potency to expand your career rapidly in the job market. Without a Google Plus profile, you are depriving yourself of countless of opportunities that could made your dreams come true. In other words, you are missing out on the millions of prospective recruiters who are hunting a candidate like you.

Why should you consider Gplus to expand your career? You may wonder…Let us see why!

1.      Make Instant Connections

Make Instant Connections

Google Plus is a tool that can give you the exposure to the world of prospective employers who may have an interest in a candidate like you. If you are a shy person who hesitates to meet people on social gathering, you can have good chances of making some valuable professional contacts on Google Plus. You can send friend requests to people in your target industry or network with common connections who can introduce you to a right person, a professional or recruiter.

2.      Get Access To Information

Access Information

As a professional, you should have strong command over your trade. With Google Plus, you are able to acquire first hand information from industry experts and professionals who can give you valuable insights on various topics. Google Plus opens doors to plethora of information that you can access to enrich yourself better. Google Communities, a feature of Google Plus, has online communities that held discussions on various topics that you can actively follow. These topics will not only inspire you but also help you grow as a professional.

3.      Google Circles


Google Plus facilitates the users by providing a customized privacy setting. It adds list of contacts in circles (friends in Facebook) and enable users to tweak the privacy level that defines who will see your profile. This is really great for you as you can easily manage your personal and professional contacts. So, your personal contact would not know about the things that you want to share with your employer and your employer wouldn’t see the posts that are meant for your personal contacts.

4.      Showcase Your Expertise


Google Plus can provide you with an exposure to professional world with little efforts. Just post relevant articles that can highlight your skills in a trade. When you update articles on your Google plus profile, you have chances of appearing higher in search results of Google. This means you are more visible to your target job market and attract stake holders who may show interest in your posts. Ultimately, you will be able to capture attention of the employers who will be interested in making a long-term connection with you.

5.      Create An Appealing Profile

Create Appealing Profile

Similar to LinkedIn, Google Plus offers ‘story’ section where you may create a headline that tells your expertise and interest. Use keywords to make your profile stand out in search results of your employer. Include the ‘buzzwords’ that highlight your expertise for the job. Also, include a decent photograph.

6.      Connect With LinkedIn And Facebook

LinkedIn and Facebook

Google Plus, LinkedIn and Facebook collectively have over 2 billion active users. This is a massive audience that you can pool to expand your career. With a Google Plus account, you can bring audience to your LinkedIn and Facebook profile and vice versa. Just make sure that personal and professional details on each of these social sites are in sync.

Hopefully, this article provides you a look into the value that Google Plus holds. Apply a more robust social media strategy to streamline your career development and reach your goals.

About Author:

Lorena Alice is a reticent girl with an obsession with scarves and an intense passion for everything academic. Her passion led her to a prominent company Elite Dissertation, which she’s been serving for over 2 years.