A person might never have considered working in a restaurant to make the ends meet? There are actually quite a lot of things that a person can learn as one works in the Food and Beverage industry. It can be very taxing for the person. Even if it could turn out to be a humiliating experience at times, there is cash and lot of other advantages involved in working at a restaurant. There are lot of benefits in working in this industry. This article here takes a look at the various reasons why everyone should work in a restaurant.

everyone should work in restaurantTips for Working in a Restaurant Industry:

1. Multitasking:

One learns to keep the mind alert as well as learn about multitasking on the job. You might have to fetch and carry different things to various people at one go, which is an example of multitasking while on the job. One of the customers would have ordered for something, while the other one calls out a glass of water and so on. The waiter will have to run about trying to carry out all the orders.

2. Learn how to tip:

The best way to learn how to tip a waiter is to fetch and carry at a restaurant. It is only when one has experienced the life as a waiter at the restaurant, that one learns the importance of tipping them an adequate amount for all the hard work they do, in order to ensure complete happiness for the customers. Other than impressing your girlfriend, it would also be helpful for the person. When you work in the restaurant, what you need to know is that the tips have gone up from 15% to 18%, while eating out at a restaurant.

3. Learn your drinks:

Working at the restaurant, a person gets to know about the various types of drinks that are served there. One would also know what to order while out for dinner with the boss. Consequently, they will also avoid making a mistake while ordering. It would also serve well as best topic for starting a conversation.

4. Learn Humility:

Working at a restaurant is not an easy job. While, working at a restaurant one might have to undergo a lot of tension. The clients may be rude and may behave in an insulting manner to the person working at the restaurant. If things don’t go as planned for the customer, the customer is sure to treat him very bad. It could also go on to change the outlook of the person, as they realise that the customers are holding them responsible for the things gone wrong. The person would also have the skill to fix the issue and would be happy to know of it. If ever the person who worked in a restaurant gets to a top position, they would recognise the need for behaving politely and treating everyone right.

5. Work with the public:

In a restaurant, there are so many people that come in and go for so many reasons. In such a scenario, the person who works at the restaurant will also go on to learn on how to work with the public. The person, could learn on when they would have to get the manager to address any issue that copes up with the customer or they could also, handle it on their own. Learning people skills, the person working at the restaurant will also learn how to grin and bear the insults from the customers, as they can’t react in any other way to the customers.

6. Went on to feel empathy for people in Service Industry:

Having worked in the restaurant earlier, one would realise the importance of giving a large tip for the waiters at the end of a dinner. The tip could go on to help the waiter, when in need. One would also know that it is not good to shout at the waiter, in case of any error or inconvenience caused. The reason could be multifold and not just fault of just one individual.

7. Learn to work hard and be punctual:

The work involved at the restaurants are quite heavy. A person working at the restaurant will learn the importance of working hard as well as the need to be punctual in any job. One would have to work hard to complete the job successfully.This could prove stressful and hectic for a person, if a collegue is taken an off for whatever reason.

8. Tolerance and Patience:

A person who has been working at the restaurant will also learn patience and tolerance. Especially working as a server or waiter at a restraunt, one could have felt the brunt from the customers, on food served to them gone wrong. However, even in face of direct rudeness or insult from the customer, the person working in the restaurant will have to grin and bear, because reacting to the insult could cost them their job.

9. Learn to be efficient:

One would also learn the importance or the need to be efficient while doing the job. Efficiency of the person would help one to complete the job successfully.

10. Learn about team work:

In a restaurant, a group of people work together to prepare the food, as is ordered by the customer seated at the table. Thus, working in a restaurant a person can learn the importance, as well as the need for team work to complete the job there successfully.

11. Learn to be diplomatic:

While working at a restaurant, or even training, a person can learn to be diplomatic. One would also learn diplomacy as well as people management skills. Diplomacy is needed to not just handle the chef at the institution but also the customers seated at the table.

12. What makes a good manager:

It is seen that a bad manager is the reason for the workers or the staff opting to go out of the restaurant. The bad management would cause the standard of the food to deteriorate, thus also alienating the customers. Contrary to this, a good manager would encourage the staff to do better. Creating the environment for the chef to prepare the best food, it would also bring in more and more traffic.

13. Learn Self respect:

It is often seen that when one is working in a service industry or at a restaurant, the persons self respect often gets a knock. Some of the customers may look down on you or be rude to you. It could also be the manager who is demanding too much from you. In the meantime, the person could go on to take no notice of all this, even as he regains his self respect.

14. Earn Money:

It is believed that Waiters could be making a lot of money. The amount varies based on the location as well as the restaurants. Other than the salary that they draw at the various restaurants, the person working at a restaurant will also get a percentage as tip.

15. Learn to appreciate good Manners:

Working in a restaurant, one would learn to appereciate good manners, for the reason that it is less seen. Not many customers treat the waiter or the person working in the restaurant kindly. More often than not, they behave quite rudely with the person working in the restaurant. People who have worked in restaurants and experienced the rude behaviour from the customers, will also go on to treat waiters more humanely.

16. Everyone is Important:

Every customer is important for the server. It also tells them that one should go on to treat another person, the same way that they would like to be treated. One might come into contact with all kinds of people and the job of the person who worked in a restaurant is to keep all the customers happy. It would also teach one to be patient.

17. Tip to get along with people:

In a restaurant one would have to deal with all kinds of people. Some could be easy going, while some other people could be aggressive. Some of these people could also go on to be rude with the people who are working at the restaurants. If a person working at the restaurant is able to handle the various customers successfully, then it is obvious that one has learnt how to get along with all types of people.

Finally, one has come to realize that working in a restaurant is like working for the family filled with fun, loyalty, disappointment, high pressure, satisfaction and so on. Every one reading through this, will realize the need for having worked in a restaurant at some point in life or the other, as there are some advantages to it. Working in a restaurant helps the person learn courtesy and perseverance. It will also help one to keep focussed. It would also teach a person the importance as well as the need to work hard to get success.