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29 Awesome Reasons to Love Working and Living in Canada


There is a lot to learn about Canada and plenty of information to explore. Canada embraces approximately 250,000 fresh immigrants a year.

It is easy to find jobs there and Canada has an immigrant program. It provides the immigrants with the facility to become citizen of Canada which is unlike most countries.

The lifestyle of Canada is very affordable and particularly for the people from the developing countries Canada can be believed to be Heaven.

With augmented opportunities for employment and individual growth, it is a nation for those looking for a better quality of life and work. Adhere to the points below for reasons to live and work in Canada.

love working in canada reasonsReasons to Live and Work in Canada:

1. Employment insurance:

Their employment insurance includes facilitation to find jobs, benefits to the family, benefits if you are incapable to work due to sickness, benefits for self employed people, benefits to fishers and benefits to employee’s baby’s health, education and security.

2. Regular benefits:

If you are eligible you get benefits if you have lost your job without any of your own faults and if you are capable to work but are not getting any jobs.

3. Family benefits:

There are benefits for a person who is pregnant or recently given birth, have adopted a child or are caring for a newborn.

4. Compassionate Care benefits:

If you are eligible and if you have a family member with grave illness and who is suffering from risk of death, you are benefited by Compassionate Care benefits.

One is assisted if one has to be away for work to provide support to such family member.

5. Parents of critically sick children:

If one is eligible, he is helped by Parents of critically ill children benefits if he has a child who is critically injured or ill.

6. Benefits for pregnant women:

Maintaining healthy pregnancy is a core to this aid. This includes help and advice for pregnant women, good health and nutrition suggestions etc.

The Canada’s Prenatal Nutrition Program, is created for expecting women facing challenging circumstances.

Most of the services provided by the program include nutrition guidance, food and its preparation training, prenatal vitamin supplementation, breastfeeding education and maternal lifestyle counseling etc.

After the baby is born the Government of Canada offers many services and programs for one to welcome the newborn.

7. Parental and maternity leaves:

If you are expecting a child or have recently given birth to one or caring for a newborn or have adopted a child, you are given sufficient leaves.

8. Childcare benefits:

If your child has a registered birth certificate and if you have applied for the many benefits that Government of Canada provides you, there are following advantages that you receive for your child namely,

  • You can open a savings account for your child’s further education after high school
  • Tax free monthly payment for assistance with the cost of raising the children below the age of 18
  • Child healthcare benefit
  • Child disability benefit s
  • Security benefit.

9. Housing:

There are plenty of hotels and hostel options available in Canada for temporary residence till you buy or rent a home.

While most countries do not let immigrants buy home at adoptive country, Canada allows it!

10. Immigrant services:

If you are working in Canada and want any help or assistance with regards to learning language, filling out forms and getting a place to live etc., you can approach the immigrant services located at various areas for facilitation.

11. High tech Canada:

Canada is ranking high in modern technologies. It is rapidly advancing. Canada is the best place for IT professionals and computer scientists.

Canada has been accountable for many innovations and contribution to technology. Telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and engineering are some of the flourishing industries.

As Canada is considered to have high economy, sophisticated market and highly developed education system thus new products, services and processes is booming in the industry.

12. Banking and Hotel Industry:

There are banks that have profited the country and are flourishing, at the same time there are Hotels that are flooded with accommodations thus they are in need of lot of employees and an employee has many options to choose for a satisfying job. The banks are stable compared to the other nations.

13. Unemployment rate:

Unemployment rate of Canada is around 7% which is very much better and tolerable than other developed countries.

As mentioned above there are many policies and services that benefits an unemployed person to seek jobs.

14. Lack of skilled workers:

There is lack of skilled workers in Canada therefore if you are a professional you will be enjoying a good job title in Canada.

At the same time Canada welcomes immigrants for specialization.

15. Training:

Training opportunities include paid educational leave, apprenticeships and professional training, tuition compensation, and broadly based enduring learning plan.

16. Four Seasons:

You can enjoy the four seasons of Canada unlike your home country. The climate is very beautiful most of the time and working in such atmosphere is always a plus to anyone.

17. Affordable healthcare:

Unlike most countries where healthcare is either awful or like in developed countries it is high priced, Canada offers affordable healthcare to employees with benefits that is mentioned above.

Routine visits and medication are free of charge that means it is publicly paid (tax paid).

18. Cost of living:

The cost of living in Canada is very affordable as compared to other developed countries.

Housing is cheap, food and dining out is cheaper, petrol, gas and cars are cheaper, and even power is cheaper. Thus the cost of living is low.

Cost of transportation may be high in some cities but is definitely cheaper than other developed world’s cities.

19. Diversity:

As a result of all the advantages that Canada has to offer, many people from all around the world are starting to immigrate to Canada. Plus Canada welcomes and accepts all.

As diversity increases in Canada, the many corporations have taken measures to ensure that their work culture represents the miscellaneous Canadian population.

Its Best Diversity Employers competition is being held since 7 years that recognizes employers who have formed outstanding workplace diversity.

20. Individualism:

Canada work culture promotes individualism and self-sufficiency. One can make individual decisions than team consultation.

Rules and ordeal have to be followed and relationships are not emphasized.

21. Status and formality:

When you work in Canada, they expect very informal work relationships. They give value to equal opportunity.

You can honestly say “no” to the officials. You are expected to say what you really want to convey truthfully.

22. Work time:

Work life and personal life has a strong division. In Canada the work hours are 8 hours in a day and 40 hours in a week. Any excess hour spent on work has to be paid.

23. Retirement benefits:

It comprises of three tiers, firstly social pensions, personal savings and employers sponsored pensions. There is no obligatory age for retirement.

Canada’s social security advantages will result in enhanced late retirement and higher early retirement regulations and elevated retirement ages.

24. Statutory holidays:

These days are selected by the Government to honor some special event or occasion. Canadians have various statutory holidays.

Employees are permitted for a single paid leave. Employees who work on such days receive a bonus pay for the time they worked.

25. Vacations:

In Canada, eligible employees have two weeks of yearly vacations sanctioned with pay after the completion of each year of employment.

In some jurisdictions, employees are given additional week of vacations after completion of a specific tenure of service.

26. Workplace wellness programs:

A lot of workplace wellness programs are on the rise. It offers health peril assessment, fitness discount on membership and caregiver facilitation.

It helps in diminishing the number of absenteeism. The mental health of workers is also assessed and it has proved to be effective.

They provide an environment for high standard of worklife and health care for motivated workforce.

27. Low tax for business owners:

The cost of managing a business is very low. Electricity, land and construction rates as well as corporate taxes are low. This is unlike the common conception that Canadians pay lot of taxes.

28. Inducement for entrepreneurs:

The Canadian federal government and provincial government hold a number of resources to help potential Canadian entrepreneurs who look forward to starting up a business in Canada.

29. Work permit benefits:

If you have a valid work permit, your spouse can work too. Your kids can study for free in the pre higher secondary school.

It will give you prospects to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

To Wrap Up:

Canada is ranked as one of the best countries in the world. Human development index ranks the country as 6th which is a measure of common well being and standard of living.

It has an excellent education system and has safe streets; they have long life expectation and the nation is cited as one of the most liberated country.

It has multicultural lifestyle and immigration system is strong as well as advantageous. The weather and lifestyle makes it inevitable to love working in Canada.