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How to Stay Positive When You Get Fired: 20 Ways


All the time we hear people say that, don’t be so slow, don’t quit or else you’ll be a looser. Actually life is not a competition where you just win or lose, it’s more than that. Similarly, in this corporate world, having a job makes you feel protected and safe. You find your identity through the work you deliver. Sometime it may seem as the work you deliver is not what you wanted ever. We judge ourselves or others through their job. What would you do when you get fired? How will you take that?

stay positive when you get fired

So when you get fired don’t just start thinking that it’s an end of the world or you are a looser. Take things in a positive manner till you are alive.

Some people take “you are fired” word so serious that they behave in such a manner that his whole time spent in an organization goes waste. To avoid these reactions and behaviors, here mentioned below are some ways which will help us to understand how to handle ourselves after being fired.

Reasons for Termination:

An employer can Terminate an employee using certain reason and that can be as follows.

1. Most of the termination of an employee is made without any certain reasons.
2. And most can be fired due to damage of official property and using the official property for personal reasons.
3. Alcohol consumption during office hours.
4. Wasting company working hours.
5. Fired due to poor performance of official duties.
6. Some employees can be fired due to communication differences between an employer and an employee.
7. And some employees can be fired because of a violation of company rules.
8. Even voluntary resignations are made by the voluntary decision of an employee taking care of company policy.
9. Retirement of an employee is made when they reach a certain age.
10. Even a company can terminate an employee charging some heavy allegation which can be revealing company secrets
11. Misusing company finance.
12. Submission of fake documents during an appointment.
13. Even employees can be terminated because of mergers, takeovers or absorptions by another company.
14. And very commonly termination in the name of inflation or stock market falls.
15. Termination of contracts
16. Termination due to sudden death.
17. And employee termination can be issued if an employee doesn’t report his duties or miss office hours, even after notifying him/her.

How to Think Positive after getting Fired or Laid Off:

1. Positive Approach:

After receiving a notice or call or email about being fired, as human nature goes, we get panicked or devastated. Sometimes these panic modes can get things ugly. That’s why it is always better to calm yourself and to have a positive approach.

The main thing is after being fired don’t just get carried away with the comment other staff passes, take a deep breath and move on with the decision.

2. Never take it personally:

Sometimes people take rejection very personally and react very violently. So avoid such reactions its better to take termination in a healthy way.

When you take your termination personally, you may start feeling as you are a loser. And this kind of feeling can turn you very negative. So never take termination personally. Don’t let any negative thinking take over your mind.

3. Keep yourself calm:

When suddenly you receive a termination letter, you tend to lose temper and in that temper, you may react differently. So instead of losing temper one can take it a normal way. Because getting fired is not an end of the world. We can think better while we are calm and composed.

4. Never lose confidence:

When we get fired, we think that we are not capable of doing anything. Maybe the reason for termination would be personal or anything, we tend to feel lack of confidence. And we feel less awkward before applying for any job. For some people losing job can affect them in a very personal way, they even take extreme steps to get over it.

5. Don’t make it a big deal:

After being fired some people make a scene out of it. Sometimes they even start yelling at an employer. This will ruin your image in your working place. People start pitting you after such reaction.

People even go to such extent that they end up damaging office properties just to satisfy the anger they have on that particular employer or organization.

6. Have a healthy conversation with an employer:

After taking the decision very positively, try to have a healthy conversation with an employer and handle the reason for the firing well. Take a respectable exit from the organization. It will help you feel better about yourself and also helps an employer to be less criticizing. And even being a little hurt from the decision you will feel better about yourself.

7. Check for contract breach or pre-termination:

After receiving a termination letter instead of reacting immaturely, one should check into their appointment letter or contract agreement. Because if your termination reason is invalid then you can always consult a lawyer regarding this or else can communicate directly with the department. And can settle all the doubts or demands clearly.

8. Try not to hide the termination from your spouse or friends:

Disclosure of facts with family and friends helps control your emotions and also a little support from spouse and friends can help you move on. Sometimes when you hide your termination from your spouse and friends just to avoid them, or them, petting you, will just make things worse for yourself. It’s always better to use some support from your well wishers.

9. Take a break or plan about taking a long vacation:

All these times you just been working day and night so it is better to take a break from your life. Taking a break can clear your head and lets you think and explore new ideas.

Sometimes it also inspires you to follow your heart and you may end up starting your own business. Spend your time with those who can support you during this time.

10. Don’t just avoid meeting or spending time with others:

Normally after being terminated, we tend to feel little awkward meeting people. We always try to keep ourselves occupied with something or other. Isolating ourselves from meeting others can make things worse. So it is always better to communicate and converse or meet your friends, family.

11. Avoid conversing with those who aren’t supportive:

Instead of keeping yourself in negative company, it’s always feels great to be with those who understands you, who don’t pity you nor criticize you.

During the tough time we keep our family and friends close, but sometimes we feel that they are only our weakness that’s why we avoid meeting them, but instead of doing that we should meet our family and friends because ultimately they are the only ones who understands us better.

12. Take your own time:

Don’t just grab anything which comes in your way. Be patient and don’t make that mistake which you did while applying for a previous job. Learn from your previous mistakes. Accept all the criticism and mistakes sportingly.

List out all the options you currently have then sort them according to your needs and it will help to be confident enough before starting your new career.

13. Don’t be vulnerable:

When someone loses their job there will be people who constantly make fun of them or pity them, which may convert in to fight because of his vulnerable situation. As mentioned earlier, by keeping ourselves calm can avoid vulnerability.

When someone taunts you or pity or anything, you just have to reply them positively with a smile. Even if they try to instigate you, never lose your temper over time.

14. Don’t be stubborn or rigid:

Sometimes our financial situation can break us apart. At that time our family was less supportive and more practical. During those times if we get a good opportunity then we must consider taking it.

For example, if we offered a temporary job with good pay, then we should consider it, instead of being stubborn or rigid about it. Everyone has their expectation, but sometimes we need to narrow down our expectations for own good.

15. Don’t let negativity enter your head:

In this corporate life, finding a new job is really tough, but it’s tougher for those who thinks what if we don’t get jobs by certain time. This kind of an attitude can turntable down.

By approaching things with mere negativity will take things to very emotional level. That’s why one should always be practical about such things because if you got the skill and talent then you will be definitely offered for a job.

16. Keep yourself occupied:

After losing a job people tend to think more about the new job and this kind of constant thinking can affect our mental level. There is a saying that an empty mind is a devils workshop, so it is better to keep ourselves busy with something we love to do.

Instead of thinking about something negative its better to always think or do something productive. Don’t isolate yourself from others.

17. Explore creative ideas:

In some case after working for so long time, then suddenly you get terminated from your job can give you an idea to start a new life. It means after termination when you take things positively you will end having a business idea.

Some quality time with yourself and family or friends will let you explore your own ideas. Through all th

ese, you may think of being your own boss or start working for something you are interested in.

18. Plan your profession:

After spending quality time with our loved ones and friends, we feel strong enough to make our decisions. Therefore, without wasting any time one should sit down and plan his/ her next move. Whether to continue working for someone or to take some risk of investing on his/her ideas.

Firstly, it’s never late for anything, if you dedicate yourself to work hard and also if you believe in yourself then nothing is impossible.

Secondly, if you want to work for someone, then always think of taking a better job than earlier, who will value your skill and talent with a better pay structure.

19. Start from scratch:

After taking in mind all the above suggestions and thinking, one may feel confident enough to take care of their own responsibility. Once you get out of that low and loser zone, then you can kick start your life with new agendas and plans.

Sometimes it’s true that to learn something great you need to kick start your life. And a career with new ideas and new beliefs can help you grow better.

20. Follow your gut feeling:

If you feel that you have ideas and skills to manage your own firm, then you should think over it and discuss it with your inmates for some support. And always be practical before taking any kind of decision.


And to end this discussion, I would like to mention a quote from Charlie Chaplin saying “ In this wicked world nothing is permanent, not even our troubles” so it’s always better to keep moving instead of blocking yourself inside. Being terminated can be positive or negative, it’s also up to us how we will take it.

One should always move on thinking that if they lost one job then there will surely be some opportunity coming to them in their near future. So by taking in mind these above suggestions, one surely can stay positive when you get fired.