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What Job gives the Most Money: Top 20 Paying Jobs


Everyone likes to land up in a job which is paying better than others. Having to search for such jobs like that is not easier either.

The need to get such one depends on those who intend to become one and the industry you wish to take up.

In general, health care, engineering, science related industries offers comfortable jobs and if having a management degree to complement then your advantage is even better.

what job gives most moneyGood Paying Careers in the World:

The following mentioned is a list of highest paying jobs in the world.

1. Cardiologist:

Health care professionals with special training in treating and preventing diseases of the heart. They also help patients in good health to learn about risk factors and prevent heart disease.

2. General Physician:

The most preferred healthcare profession around the world. It’s the most demanding at times. They mostly function as consultants who take care of patients with special or difficult problems.

3. Surgeon:

Considered as the backbone of hospitals, they provide surgical recommendations when not in operating theatres and every day is not same for them.

Being trained to perform wide range of procedures, this field is to update regularly with technological advances and tools for minimum invasive surgeries.

4. Anesthesiologist:

They are physicians who provide medical care in variety of situations like pre-operative evaluations, airway management, intraoperative life support system, intraoperative diagnostic stabilization, provision of pain control, post-operative management of patients, intensive care units, etc. using their knowledge of pharmacology, physiology and diseases to guide them in decision making.

5. Chief executive Officers:

This is the highest position in the organization or company having to deal with day to day management decisions to implement long term and short term plans.

This position acts a bridge between the management and the board with reporting to the board on behalf of the management. He / She is considered as the director, leader, decision maker, manager etc.

Their roles mainly focuses on advising the board members, motivates the employees, presides over day to day functions of the organizations, drives changes in organization.

6. Marketing Manager:

The role of marketing manager is aimed at developing and implementing marketing strategies for the business. They have to work alongside various departments like manufacturing, supply chain, R & D and sales.

They also concentrate on developing the brand of the company. They are very important in making better business decisions, development of new products, discontinue poorly running advertisement campaigns etc. This is a job that gives you a lot of money.

7. Financial Manager:

Finance department is the most important part of any organizations where activities related to it are carried out by a Financial Manager.

The financial activities like raising funds, allocating the funds, planning for profit earning, understanding capital markets, producing financial reports, helping in directing investment, developing strategies for long term goals. In short they are responsible for the financial health of company or organizations.

8. Operations Manager:

Overseeing all the activities of the organization for the effective production of goods and services are the main responsibility of Operations Manager.

Based on that he/ she would develop strategic plans to implement those long term goals that aligns with the company’s objectives and also improve the overall performance.

9. Engineering Manager:

Basic functions relate to engineering support for production, manufacturing, maintenance, testing of products.

This role supports the various sections through specialized technical support, provide consultation, ensure achievement of plans related to engineering projects, drive performance management programs, and develop projects.

10. Information System Manager:

It’s a high level executive profile who is in charge for computer and technology related activities and manage the work of system engineers, computer engineers, data security experts, computer support personnel.

Mostly they report to CEO. They find ways for increasing the productivity of the business by keeping abreast the advancement in computing.

11. Software developer or architect:

As the name says they design system as per needs of management. They bridge the gap between technical teams and management.

Not only that, this profession also solves business issues using technology they know and drive the business. Their work co-relates with the help desk, IT support teams, data storage.

This profession is highly demanding if the architect is technically sharp as they are required in all businesses today. The basic functionality is to help business run efficiently and provide better service to customers.

12. Information scientist:

Responsibility of information scientist is handling data storage, warehousing them, development of logical and physical data models, distribute data, management of information systems.

Mostly advice end-users on manipulating data, support end-users systems, conduct statistical analysis, implements multiple information systems, support new technologies, formats, conduct research of customer needs and make awareness of the new systems that would benefit the users.

13. Human Resource Manager:

A good team cannot be got into the organizations without a good human resources. Human resource manager enhances and maintains human resources functionality by planning, implementing programs for motivating employees and having effective evaluations technique.

They also oversee the policies, programs and practices in relation to good human resource maintenance which includes training programs, appraisals, selections and recruitment, rewarding schemes etc.

14. Computer hardware Engineer:

The computer hardware Engineer is responsible for maintaining the smooth functioning of systems. They update systems to meet the demands of the business and modify the hardware components of computer system.

In other words the configuration of the system is taken care of and thereby increase the speed and efficient working of the computer.

15. Natural sciences Manager:

This job profile supervises biologists, physicists and chemists wherein the activities related to testing, quality control and production are part of it.

Their functions pertain to co-ordinating, planning and directing activities to ensure they follow government regulations and safety standards.

16. Obstetrician & gynecologist:

It is profession where the individual specializes to take care of female reproductive health.

Their role pertains to caring for pregnant women, provide preventive care, and treat breast cancers, hormonal imbalances and menopause symptoms. Their functions are not limited to the above only. They also involve in infertility treatments as well.

17. Paediatrician:

They are doctors who care for infants and children. They not only provide treatment of diseases but also counsel along with healthcare professional for providing tips on improving eating habits, promoting exercises, improving personal hygiene.

18. Lawyer:

A person who practices law is also considered as solicitor, counsellor, and attorney. Law is a set of rules to maintain the society from wrong doings, maintain the authority of the legal bodies.

They apply their legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individual problems or society based cases. They also provide legal advice in matters related to rights of people, their level of liberties and also represent the government if needed.

19. Airline Pilot:

Pilot not fly passengers from one nation to another nation across the world but also cargo. They have to ensure the safety of passengers while transporting from one place to another.

They use their skills in navigating aircraft through various atmospheric conditions and need to be composed in times of dangers. They operate the aircraft using the latest technology by updating themselves and get the necessary certification for it.

20. Dentist:

A health care professional who diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases of oral cavity. Their main concern is dental treatments like restoring crowns, bridges, orthodontics, endodontic that is root canal treatment, gum therapy. They do perform dental surgery like dental implant placements.

To Wrap Up:

You might have reviewed some of the jobs that are paid very well. But to reach that position you need to attain certain certifications and of course the most important soft skills. Being into a job you could figure out how to enhance your skill set to reach the highest level. It requires you to learn how to adopt them into your life.