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18 Clever Ways to Remember All Your Shit Easily


A human mind is considered as a workshop of the human body, where all the activities delivered by a human body will be stored and benefited to both the human mind and body. As a matter of fact, memory storage is one of the activities of the human mind. Having an accurate memory or sharp memory power is considered as a great feature for success. It is not possible that all kinds of human beings are capable of tremendous memory power but some of them are capable of such memory power.

ways remember all your shit

Ways to Remember Things:

It is possible that being in a busy life can turn a person into a forgetful and impatient one. To overcome such bad memory and to improve memory, there are certain ways which can help a person to handle his/her memory issues and they are as follows,

1. Check everything twice before leaving a house:

Whenever a person thinks of going out or a person who has to go out of the house daily and being a last one to leave the house, he/she needs to be sure of everything locked or safe before leaving the house. Sometimes it is possible that a person with a bad memory power may just feel a doubt whether he/she have really locked everything. At that point of time instead of ignoring that doubt, a person can recheck everything to be double sure and it won’t take so long time either.

2. Be double sure about electrical devices:

To avoid unwanted situations or accidents, a person needs to be careful with electrical appliances. Because there is a possibility of severe damage through these electrical appliances. A person with memory issues should double check all the electrical appliances to make sure whether it is on or off and then can leave the house without any second thoughts about it. Through these steps, a person can be careful with his/her memory issues and it will also help that person to remember his/her stuff.

3. Always remind yourself about gas or any other hot vessels:

Sometimes it is possible that a person might have left the house in a rush and he/she might have left the gas stove on or else might have left other devices on, therefore in this situation when a person reminds him/herself about it, maybe it would be too late for such reminders. Therefore, to avoid such unwanted situations it is always better to recheck everything, especially those devices or gasoline oriented devices which may cause danger.

4. Never leave the umbrella at home or anywhere else:

Whenever a person plans to go out or anything, especially in rainy season a person carries an umbrella to be safe, but sometimes it happens that the person carrying an umbrella leaves it in a cab or at home or other places because of memory issues. It is not exactly a big problem because its just an umbrella, but because of such small stuffs, a person can forget some precious elements similarly. To avoid such memory issues a person rechecks everything, whether to carry or else to be carried for daily usage.

5. Make small sticky notes on the most visible area:

These kind of reminders are very helpful for a person who seems to forget small things. It will help that person to remember everything before leaving the house or office. Write it on a small note and stick it on those areas which is very common with that person. Through these memory methods, a person can help himself/herself to improve memory power and it will also help them to remember that small stuff in their life.

6. By check listing a day’s work or monthly payments:

It is possible that a person normally forgets things which is uncommon for them. But at times they still forget about things which are very common with them because of stress or work schedule. To avoid such problems a person can prepare a list of things which needs to be completed on a daily, monthly or yearly basis just to remind themselves about this work. This kind of checklists will help a person to remember those stuff without any excuses.

7. By writing memos on the desk, on computers or on phones:

A person starts creating a memo on computers or mobiles so that it can help him/her to remember that important stuff. If a person works in an office it is very difficult to remember all the stuff and some people who can afford a personal secretary then they hire a personal secretary, instead of that a person can write down those meeting schedules on paper board or by creating a memo on phones as a reminder which will remind that person about that meeting through certain kinds of alarming sounds.

8. Make marking containers with erasable labels:

It is most commonly helpful for women who frequently forget about the food left in their fridge or microwave. These marking containers with erasable labels will help them to remind about those leftovers. Instead of keeping it for days and forgetting about it, a person makes use of those marking containers with erasable labels to write time and name of the dish to be used or not.

9. Never forget about medicines, never miss a dose:

It is possible that a person who is very poor with his/her memory power might forget about their medicine intake. To avoid such issues, a person should make sure that they should always carry their medicines and also can create some kind of reminders so that they never miss the dosage. It is very necessary because an unhealthy person should never take risks with his / her life, and to avoid such risk he/she can try these alternatives as a reminder.

10. Stick times on those stuffs which you often forget:

These tile systems will help a person remember about his / her stuffs or will also track those tiles for him/her to avoid such issues. By using those tiles a person can be free of losing his / her stuff because of his / her forgetful nature. If a person loses his / her house key or car key at home it is not that big deal, but if that person loses his / her keys somewhere else, then it is a big issue for that person. Therefore, to avoid such situations, he/she can make use of those tile systems to track their belongings.

11. Keep door hanging with essential everyday stuffs:

Keep hanging a door pouch filled with essential everyday stuff such as keys, mobile, wallet, etc. This kind of door hangings can help them not to forget anything before leaving the house. And using these techniques can help a person to be self-reliant and also will grow or be responsible with their memory issues. This kind of door hanging can help a person to be sure of that stuff to carry without running back home or anywhere else.

12. Always keep a lighter attached to your key chain:

It is possible that a person might have been stuck in some unlikely situations and these small elements can help him/her from those situations. These key chain lighter will be handy and comfortable without any problems. Keeping these key chain lighter can help a person to be responsible for himself/herself or with the people who they really care for. Therefore, never forget to carry a lighter key chain with you.

13. Use of key chain charger:

These key chain chargers are very handy and small. Instead of forgetting mobiles chargers at home or somewhere else, a person can carry a key chain charger as back up. These small elements will help a person to be responsible for himself/herself. And it will also help him/her to overcome such memory issues without any extra round of troubles. Therefore, follow these backup techniques to overcome memory issues.

14. Keep reminders for the important dates of one’s life:

It happens with most of the men’s that they tend to forget the most important days of their life and ultimately these memory issues can bring them serious differences in their life. It happens that a man seems to forget same date which is considered as very important to him, but because of official stress or problems, it is possible that he/she can forget such dates. Therefore, to avoid such situations a person can create a memo for those important dates to remind yourselves.

15. Emergency cash fund in a key chain:

These kinds of emergency cash fund hidden within a key chain can help a person to overcome a sudden situation when a person forgets to carry his / her wallet. Whenever a person forgets to carry his / her wallet and there may be some situations when a person needs his / her wallet, at that time he/she can use those emergency cash fund key chains to overcome such situations.

16. Writing it on notice boards:

To remind some important meetings or some important project completion, a person can start writing it on the notice board so that it will help him/her to work accordingly. These notice boards can also be used at homes to remind some homely good purchase. This kind of techniques will help a person to overcome his / her memory issues once and for all. And will help them to be free of these memory issues tension.

17. By creating organizers:

A person who is very bad with his / her memory can start creating an organizing schedule which helps them to follow those organizers to keep their daily things on track without any change. These organizers will help you finish work accordingly without wastage of extra time. These organizers are helpful for housewives and businessmen as their life is so busy with so many stuff. This kind of procedures or techniques makes their life easier and better.

18. By hanging keys in a common visible place:

To overcome these memory issues, a person should start taking this thing very seriously. Therefore, to avoid this kind of forgetful nature, they can start making some effort over their daily life. Use the most common visible place to keep daily stuff so that the person never forgets to carry them. These kinds of small memory tips will help a person to track their life without any memory issues and will make them self reliant in their life.


To end this discussion, we would surely suggest that if a person is having a very poor memory power, then he/she should make some effort to overcome those memory issues. Or else it is also possible that because of busy and stressful work schedule, a person tends to forget certain things which is very necessary for him / her in a daily basis and sometimes it even happens that a person is so busy in their work that they forget some important person in their life and unfortunately even if a person tries to remember those stuffs, it might be too late to remember about that. Therefore, to avoid such situations, a person can start following above mentioned steps to overcome his / her memory issues.