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Ways your Resume is Boring and Ineffective as Everyone Else


Like the countless other enthusiastic job seekers, you have updated your CV adding your latest skills and abilities to your credentials.

You have added the experience you have gained in the present firm. You are eager to get the best job that your qualifications can get you.

You upload your curriculum vitae in all the prominent job portals like Wisestep, Naukri, Indeed, Monster and Shine awaiting  for a quick response.

Hours turn to days and days roll over to become weeks. Job consultants from some irrelevant firms dial up and ask are you interested in some job that is not even related to your skills, abilities or qualification. You wonder what went wrong.

ineffective resumeSo What Actually Went Wrong?

Before you venture to post your resume on the different job portals, take some time to observe the resume of other individuals who are doing the same. Look at the resume from the perspective of an employer.

Ask yourself what an employer will look for in a resume of an aspiring candidate. Ask yourself why you find the bio-data of these candidates boring and banal.

Here are some of the answers that may pop up in your mind:

  • The resume reflects nothing unique or distinct about you.
  • The certification courses listed without proper details may not satisfy the recruiter.
  • Every other resume follows the same format and so your resume is just one out of the pile the recruiter sees each day.

Why is Your Resume Not Noticed by the Right Firms?

Interviewer reading resume again

Right firms or firms which make the best use of your skills and abilities are seeking candidates who reveal these skills even while applying for jobs online and preparing the resume.

Make sure you reveal your skills even in your resume and give it the importance of the first round of a job application process.

Here are a few ways to let your resume be noticed by the recruiter in diverse types of jobs:

Sales and Marketing Jobs:

Make sure resume is simple and understandable. Upload the resume in all the prominent job websites.

E-mail your resume to companies after taking their contact mail ids from their website. Update your LinkedIn profiles.

Contact your friends in the industry and pass the word regarding your job search. If you put in this much effort to market your product or sell your services, you will definitely be regarded a great candidate for sales and marketing jobs.

You will also gain some work experience in an attempt to find the right job.

Writer, Designer and Similar Creative Jobs:

designer resume

The job of a writer or a graphic designer requires more creativity than other skills. Make sure that your experience and your creativity are clearly reflected in your resume.

A writer must make sure that he provides links to his blogs, articles and bylines for the recruiter to view. He may also add some creative taglines to make his resume attractive.

The designers have myriad options to reveal their creativity through the work they do. They can create info-graphic resume and upload it in different job portals as well as websites like Pinterest and Flickr.

You never know where you get to make a useful contact. Creative people have many job options in websites like Skillpages.

What are the Common Resume Mistakes People Make?

Check out some of the most ridiculous similarities between resumes that make the recruiters ignore your resume:

  • Many people retain the same format for the resume and simply alter the experience while appearing for a job interview. This kind of resume actually looks immature.
  • Individuals tend to pick up standard lines when they speak of their own strengths and weaknesses. Just imagine how boring it would be for the recruiter to call a candidate who has picked up strengths and weaknesses from some job portal research article.
  • Misrepresentation of information is common in job bio-data. The impression you create on the recruiter turns out to be different from what you actually are. It is a very big demerit if you are unable to present the facts in the way they are to be understood.
  • Long and boring resumes are never appreciated by employers. No one today has the time to read complete classics and they opt for abridged novels instead. Same applies to your resume, if it is too long, it must be equally boring to the recruiter.

Should I Rely on Professionals to Create the Perfect Resume?

help in writing resume

Today is the age of instant gratification. Everything in the modern era happens instantly. There are many firms and organizations that provide you with professional customized resume to suit your skills, abilities and qualities.

These services offer quality and are reliable too. They provide the curriculum vitae as per requirement within the stipulated time.

They will offer you unique options which appear too appealing. The question is whether this professionally created resume really serves the purpose. No!

Here is what the purpose of a resume is:

  • To reflect your skills and abilities.
  • To understand your expertise in the particular field.
  • To give a gist about you as an aspirant for the particular position.
  • To know your background and whether you will be a great choice for the organization.

Hiring professional resume writing service simply reveals that you are a lethargic and lazy individual who tries to escape even the simple task of making your own resume. Is that the impression you wish to create?

If you want to be hired into the right firm, make sure you choose the honest approach. There are truly no shortcuts to success. Understand the purpose of a resume and create a resume that fulfils the basic purpose. Luck does play a small role in getting your resume selected but the luck actually depends on your effort. The resume is your first tool to create a lasting impression. So go ahead and create the most impressive resume.