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9 Ways How Plastic Surgery can Boost your Career


Brace yourself and accept the arguable truth that good looking people gain a lot than others who look average.

Recent research shows that job performance, skills and work experience are not the only factors measured by the hirer at times of promotion, raises and hiring. Facial appearance was also counted.

During the 2009 May month, the Harvard study for health and life quality stated that job questers who are convinced as well as captivating had more probabilities of getting employed.

It is also researched that good looking people have the capability to think in an enhanced manner about their worth as well as capabilities.

By this way they gain an elevated amount of income and possess less financial stress. To make one look beautiful, people started utilizing plastic surgeries.

plastic surgery can boost your career

What is Plastic Surgery?

The name plastic surgery can make you imagine that some fake stuff would be attached to the face or other parts as surgery, but that’s not right.

Plastikos’ is a Greek word from which the name originated, which means mold or form. The special category of surgery helps in ameliorating the visual aspect of the person as well as functioning.

Reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries are the two groupings of surgeries available.

With the enhancement in technology and lifestyle, to present themselves in an attractive manner more men and women these days are interested in plastic surgeries.

Adults from the age of 18 to 24 in US are more concerned in enhancing their outer appearance.

University science reports say that 48% of women and 23% of men are concerned in cosmetic surgery. Since plastic surgery improves physical as well as emotional aspects, people opt for it.

Why Plastic Surgery is required?

It is an acceptable truth that beauty sells, and everyone is fascinated towards beauty apart from heart.

More and more people consult plastic surgeons to boost their appearance for career purpose.

The unsure economic times and restricted employment opportunities makes people battle at workplace to guard and elevate their job security.

To present an image of enthusiasm, energy, health and fitness, people opt for plastic surgery.

The NBC poll results that more number of men are turning towards cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their income potential and receive more enhancement in their careers.

How Plastic Surgery can boost your Career:

1. Boosting appearance:

Plastic surgery as referred earlier is the key element to enhance charismatic appearance.

When visual aspect is bettered chances of getting hired and promoted are more. You are judged on your physical appearance.  It may seem to be a bit unjust, but this is the Psychology of men.

For the same, looking good plays a key role in job search as well as promotion.

2. Enhanced self confidence:

plastic surgery boost confidence

A plastic surgery makes you good-looking and induces more of self-confidence. When self-confidence is improved, it means that you can achieve anything and carry on all things well.

By gaining self-confidence one can also do well in an interview and make it successful. Research has stated that confidence can counteract talent and experience.

Hirers too like gutsy employees who stand to be the asset of the organization.

3. Younger look:

A plastic surgery can make you look fresher and younger where one is much cheerful in that manner.

When one is cheerful, he has a much enjoyable tendency at work place. By this way frowning and older counterpart are vanished. You’re loved by all and move about with each and every one at work place.

4. Drive away wrinkles:

plastic surgery for wrinkles

The anger look which is introduced by wrinkles is driven away by undergoing plastic surgery.

Facial expressions are altered by means of this surgery, which would favor a lot in terms of career goals.

The question is that if the hirers would appoint a frowning employee?

Can you get promoted as a new boss when you always hold an angry look?

All these critical questions are solved by plastic surgery, which helps a lot in the career world.

5. Captivating look for boost in sales department:

A youthful and striking look can do well with sales department. As sales department is a job where meeting various clients is mandatory, when a sales executive looks appealing, customers would be pleased and interested to listen to the products for sale.

6. A better looking boss gains more:

Attractive supervisors enthrall their employees and make them follow their instructions. In the same manner a good looking boss can have the proficiency to lure his team mates.

The teammates are also ready to do more for a good looking boss. They like their boss due to his appearance than an old, frowning and angry boss. In this way plastic surgery aids career goals and enhances productivity.

7. Career boost:

plastic surgery boost career

For fields like sales executives, singers, actors, anchoring, air hostess, models, Television artists, it is mandatory for them to look attractive in order to grab others attention.

To achieve professional success, plastic surgery is required. Almost all jobs these days are looking out for pleasing faces which lifts their business.

On the other side, people are also ready to do anything to make them attractive.

8. Earning money:

Climbing up the career ladder is important which can be achieved by having great appearances.

A Yale study also concluded that one’s having great looks earn well than ordinary people. It stated that people looking good in the US earned $230,000 more than people who had below average looks.

Attractive men are able to earn 9% more than unattractive men.

9. Grab in more attention at work place:

Getting back to normal body weight and shape after pregnancy and losing excess fat from the abdomen and thighs are ways which make you look gorgeous.

This can be well accomplished by the various methods in plastic surgery.

When an individual looks beautiful at work place, more attention is turned towards them and they can be nominated for all small success they achieved. In that manner plastic surgery is related to workplace success a lot.

Rewards, promotion, appointment or any other good news in terms of career field can be well achieved with the assistance of plastic surgery.

Career being a fast phase of any individual’s life, having an appealing look can be an advantage.

Technology as well as medicine has opened up number of opportunities for humans. There are a number of books and articles published which predicts the importance of attractive face and its elevation in the career field.

A few of them are.’ why attractive people are more successful’ written by Daniel Hamermesh, another financial performance prediction is the article called ‘A face only an investor could love and a lot more.