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Top 17 Unconventional Ways to Land Your Dream Job


In today’s world we all know that there are two kinds of jobs. One job is just working for earning income and paying all the expenses without any job satisfaction.

The second one is, love for the job a person does, having the complete job satisfaction and earning their income.

So there is a big difference when the individual is doing a job they love while earning their income in comparison to a job just done for the sake of their survival.

Land Your Dream Job

Landing your Dream World:

So for an individual to land their dream job, which they love, they should know that the world has changed drastically. But know that with the changes in technology, the way of hiring an individual has still remained same as ancient times. Though jobs can be interviewed online and offline in today’s world, hiring still remains the same.

So for the individual to land their dream careers know that the suggestions will be very surprising. So these career advice and suggestions mentioned below will be surprising and unconventional but it will be very effective if done properly.

1. Applying for the jobs which are never listed for:

Know that most of the jobs which are really great are already filled with employees. The company doesn’t post about such jobs first on certain job websites but look for the unique employees. Know that for such jobs the chances of getting it will just be 1% or so.

It will just involve the most extra ordinary candidate out of the others present for the interview. Know that for such jobs, the candidate may even have interviewed before but they may have not been successful. So to land a job especially dream career, applying for such jobs will eventually bring success.

2. Becoming friends with the right people:

Consider becoming friends with people who are working in the companies where the individual may be interested in working. While doing this, the person can learn about these individuals how they are and how they function. And also support these people at all times.

On doing this, slowly they can start gaining trust of the individual. So when there may be an open position, they can inform the person about it maybe in their company or a different company also. This means is known as networking.

3. Any skills will be beneficial:

Developing all the right skills within will always help the person in their life while they are choosing the profession they love. It will help in getting and creating a number of job opportunities for them in their life. Any kind of skills which can help a person be likeable for the others will help a lot.

The companies always appreciate such people as they are determined to deliver good results. So know that the great companies in the world will hire the people who always want to learn as well as aren’t afraid to educate themselves irrespective of their age.

4. Learning from the internet:

The age of technology has been advancing to such a vast extent benefiting every professional person. Know that there is information present on the internet for everything the person needs to know.

A person wanting their dream job in their life always wants to learn and gain their knowledge. So as much knowledge they will be gaining off the Internet, more than that they need to start gaining the knowledge even on the Internet. This will always be beneficial for them for the present and the future.

5. Don’t always rely on the resume:

The resume is the best way of opening a job opportunity for the candidate to show them what has been accomplished in the career. But know that this is a means of telling the company. Showing them will be much more effective. It means that, the person should create a portfolio about themselves describing what they stand for. This portfolio can be added to their profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This is the place where the high professionals will look at it which will help the person in landing their dream job.

6. Don’t keep the focus only on money:

For a person who wants their dream job, know that for such a job whenever they are needed they will have to start doing this job. So this should be considered irrespective to what money they will get for it.

For some individuals, just thinking for the money aspect to the job will not give them their dream job. Know that money is just an illusion standing in the way of the individual and their dream job. Money will just bring power within an individual but never bring the job satisfaction the person really needs in their life.

7. Don’t quit the day job which is in progress:

It means that while the person is looking for a job especially a dream job and discovering about it, do not quit the job that is currently in progress. Know that the time the person has before their day job begins and after it ends is completely theirs. They can do their discovering in that time rather than entirely stopping their job and source of income at this point. At this moment the job is for a shorter period of time. So the energy of the person won’t be completely burned out. Also stress and worries will be kept to a minimum.

8. Leave the old job slowly at a later stage:

Having a day job at this stage for the person ensures that the person still has a source of income for their survival. But eventually in their life they will have to make their next step forward. They will have to leave their old job behind and look forward to their new job that waits for them. But it has to be done cautiously and very slowly so that nothing negative happens in it. Till the person doesn’t have their dream job, keeping their current job safe is highly considerable.

9. Show gratitude towards the current position:

By showing gratefulness, the individual will start appreciating the task he/she has and ultimately that individual will start showing some respect about his work and will be punctual. By being grateful that person’s attitude changes and hence the capacity of the work and responsibility also increases and this will create goodwill among the company which will help in growth of everybody if that person shows gratefulness about the work that he has.

10. Staying happy when currently employed:

One can only be happy when he/she is fully satisfied with what step she is taken. If it is the wrong step the individual won’t be and therefore it will just be a bad reputation in growth in the company.

Ultimately it will be just a cycle no matter where he/she goes so one should be careful before making any decision because there may or may not be a path to just quit and starting something else very differently. Happiness will only make him motivated to do more and achieve more and at the end that person will land up with the dream job.

11. Avoid Distraction:

Often people find difficult to climb that stairs to success because of the
distraction often faced by the individuals at their starting career. The distraction factor has often ruined lives of people and many have lost their job because of this. If a person wants to be successful in getting the desired dream job then that person has to make sure to cut off that leisure time and just spend time in completing the task. It might be difficult to do that but the benefits are greater. One may find time to finish its task on time and will successfully reach the deadline.

12. Make a Personal Diary to Record events happened in the office:

A person who maintains a diary will always find innovative ways to tackle a situation and also learn the technique of executing the task successfully. A Diary plays a very vital role because that will be a assistant to that person in reminding to complete the task.

Some may find it very hectic to maintain a diary but actually it will become a helping hand and a friend in such where there is confusion and chaos. One should learn the art to keep the diary, such that it is easy to read and understand that later on it wont be a problem in understanding the content.

13. Be creative and innovative:

Everyone will have bookish knowledge and also practical knowledge but the person with innovative ideas will always lead the team. Unfortunately such kind of people are very rare in the workplace but it may be a advantage for you to show off your skills therefore one should always have a unique creative thinking and innovative ideas to complete and execute the task. At the end such people will always land successfully on their dream job and get many more opportunities.

14. Look for all the opportunities:

People often make the mistakes of running behind a job which gives more salary but actually the person should go for a job which will not only have a good salary but also a good exposure. Having a job which gives good salary but not a good exposure is always a backlog because if that person thinks of leaving that job in future to see other opportunities, lack of exposure will decrease the chances of getting the dream job. Even though if it is a start of the career, one should seriously take a job which increases knowledge, experience and give good quality exposure.

15. Improving skills:

An employer always looks in individuals what skills they possess because that may be very helpful for them to train the employees easily without any problem. Skills are very important for a person who is starting their career because they will have that time to do that but if that person is working then it will be very difficult to find time in working on his skills. Therefore one should improve their skills about computer especially because of the modernization in the technology.

16. Always take initiative in solving a problem:

Someone who always takes an initiative in solving a problems learns more from his own mistakes or he will learn from the mistakes committed by others and it is a win – win situation for both of them. But when the senior sees or comes to know this attitude of you, in helping others solving their problems, then he will try to give you higher position. A problem solver is always preferred than the problem maker. Therefore if a situation comes to help someone else then always take that opportunity because you are not only helping but you will be doing more than that.

17. Believe in yourself:

When you believe in yourself then that is the time where an impossible situation will find its way out to be a possibility. Believing is the only factor needed to face the situation in a very smart way. One can only make smart move when he/she believes in him/herself. Therefore one should have faith and believe that you are capable of doing things in great way and that is when seniors will start noticing your hardwork.

In, today’s world there is lot of competitions involved in getting the higher position and people often give up half way in achieving that. One should have that aim and determination in completing the task and not giving up in a situation where a lot of difficulty gets involved. If a person wants his dream job to come true then that person has to also work harder to achieve that. One can’t just complete his studies and find his perfect job. Hurdles will come a lot in this journey and one has to learn the techniques to overcome such situation.