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Workplace Transformation: How to Transform Workplace?


Workplace transformation offers many opportunities and benefits as well as some advantages for the employee and even the employer can enjoy it.

It wholly benefits all the members of the organization and gives a good impression on the clients which are introduced to the company for the first time.

It increases the competitive level among the other organization by showing its goodwill and credibility. A good and impressive work zone or layout increases the productivity and creativity of an organization.

Workplace Transformation

By transforming the workplace in a very modern way and less like traditional, the company has already approached its first step towards building its reputation and overall up – gradation and development. It is one of the important factors in creating a healthy work environment.

Let’s study and emphasize the points which recreate as well as transform your workplace environment. The following points are as always:

Workplace Transformation – Changing into a Creative Office:

1. Office Lightning:

Lightning is one of the most important and essential physical factors in the workplace. There are two types of lightning; the lightning obtain naturally known as natural lightning and the lighting obtain artificially known as artificial lightning.

There should be adequate lighting in the workplace or else it may lead to cause problems for the employees and can cause a delay in submitting the given work. To save and modernize the workplace usage of LED light bulbs instead of tube lights will promote a good green environment.

2. Ventilation:

Ventilation refers to providing and supplying clean and fresh air to the office employees. There are two types of ventilation; the workplace should have natural ventilation in the form of adequate doors and windows in the correct place as this method reduces cost.

Artificial Ventilation should be provided in the workplace in the form of ceiling fans, table fans and exhaust fans along with air conditioners and air filters. This will not put any exertion and make it a workable environment.

3. Noise Control:

The workplace environment needs to be quiet so that the employees can carry out smoothly. So then the noise in the workplace needs to be controlled as it may cause in the work activities.

Internal noise needs to control by the employees itself by avoiding personal conversation on the telephone as well as unnecessary talks among the employees. Noise from outside can control by soundproofing the walls.

Minimizing the noise externally and internally will help the employees to give a better outcome and they will not disturb while completing the allotted task.

4. Cleanliness:

For creating a favorable environment for the employees as well as in attracting the outsiders, the workplace should be kept neat and tidy. In doing so, the office employees automatically improve the accuracy as well as efficiency in working.

This will promote a healthy environment that will not make employees sick and instead rejuvenate them to give their best and work hard in giving quality work.

If the employees will not get sick there will be fewer days where employees will take sick leave.

5. Security:

The workplace should be secure for the entire individual in the organization so that they feel comfortable and do their work without fear. There should be CCTV Camera which will record what’s going in the work environment where the boss has a bird’s view of knowing who is doing what.

The boss can know who is utilizing their time properly and how productive the work environment is. Security is important to keep a record of all the happenings and the activities in the office.

6. Safety:

There should be safe in the work area by keeping fire extinguishers on every floor and department. There should be all the types of equipment need in the hour of disaster or hazardous situation. The office should keep medical types of equipment for the employees in times of need.

When safety keeps in the mind, the employees feel safe and comfortable to work in such an environment. This promotes confidence and satisfaction among the workers.

7. Interior Decorations:

An office workplace is a place where the outsiders are coming in contact with the firm so to put in a better performance the workplace must have an appropriate and systematic interior layout. Certain things like the color used in the office, the floor coverings should have a good appearance to be seen by the outsiders.

A certain number of additional things such as having appropriate curtains and plants, wall hangings, etc also add a beautiful appearance to the office, changing the internal system of the office completely. The outsiders will also have a pleasant appearance towards the workplace.

8. Facilitating more supervision:

The layout of the office should in such a way be that it is easy to monitor and control. To change the layout of the workplace one of the most important addition can do is to increase supervision so that the office system functions efficiently if this is done all the ongoing activities in the workplace can monitor and recorded by the supervisor, this helps in building control.

Sometimes it gets difficult for the supervisor to go in and out of the office cabins when the office overcrowd with unnecessary stuff on the way so the one who is doing the layout should keep in mind to keep the layout simple and easy.

9. Increasing Privacy:

There are certain words in the workplace that are confidential and have to be kept secret only towards certain office employees or the owner. For this, the privacy system in the workplace can increase toward storing and keeping the information safe from the outsiders or from a certain number of the organization who can misuse this information and ruin the reputation of the company.

10. The digitalization of files:

In the modern world, this system of storing files in the form of paper have become outdated and consumes a lot of space in the office so, to increase and improve and make changes in the workplace, the files of the firm should be digitized and stored in the hard disk of the companies storage. This will ensure an adequate amount of security to the files and also less physical space required for the storage of such files which will benefit the organization.

11. Adequate Space:

In an organization or an office, there should be adequate space between the cabins to walk around freely without any frustration of overcrowding the area. An open space in the office minimizes obstruction and barriers of shifting the workflow from one place to another. Therefore when an interior designer designs the place, they always keep in mind keeping a proper space between each cabin so the workers and employees can walk freely and the supervisor can supervise easily.

12. Greenery:

When an organization plants trees around the company tower it indirectly promotes planting trees to save our environment and promote green environment awareness among the employees and its surroundings.

Planting more plants and flowers makes the workplace greener and refreshing for the employees to work in. It rejuvenates and spreads a healthier and happier work environment. It removes pollution and increases the oxygen level.

13. Relax and hangout spaces:

There should be areas in the office where employees can take 5 minutes or 10 minutes break from work and can informally connect with other employees. This promotes team building and a healthier relationship among the employees.

The advantages of having such areas are that the employees can refresh their minds from the workload and get back to their work with a clear mind.

14. Employees suggestion:

The suggestion of the employees should take into consideration because they are the ones who associated with the workplace and the organization runs because of them, therefore, the suggestion from the employees will help the designer in knowing the needs and necessity of the people working in that particular organization.

Every organization is different thus the same blueprint can’t use for every company. Before renovating or transforming the office, one should keep in mind the necessities of the office instead of using its methods and ideas which other people won’t be comfortable with.

15. Office Furniture:

The office furniture should set in a very systematic manner, its corner should round and not pointy or it might hurt the employees. Creating such furniture will create safety and decrease the chances of getting injured.

The furniture also determines the creativity of the work area and excellent interior designing. Such furniture gives more of a modernized look which lays a good impression on the clients and the customer that the organization is very productive and creative.

16. Wall hangings:

When positive thought is implanted in a human being that person will give a better outcome and excellent result, therefore it is suggested to create wall hangings that display the aim and vision of that particular company.

The employees should be inspired always by the deeds of the other great fellow being but the boss can’t always invest time in just building up the personality of the employees so the solution to this is that to put maximum wall hangings with different inspirational messages in the work area.

17. Arrangement:

The arrangement in the office should be done smartly and creatively. If the chairs and tables are just stacked up in one place and the place where more chairs are needed but there is no availability of chairs, showcases a bad image of the company and creates havoc in the organization.

Smart arrangement increases productivity in the work area and removes the confusion and tension in the workplace. Therefore, interior designers are called out to help the company with its arrangement.

18. Neat and Tidy:

The office desk and the cabins should be clean so that the employee will not lose the important documents or misplace them. There should be enough supply of the dustbins and cabinets.

There should be an adequate amount of cabinets in the work area so that all the files should be properly stacked and kept neatly. Keeping dustbin promotes a healthy and tidy environment.

19. Unique Identity:

The office layout should be set in such a way that it delivers the uniqueness of the concept of the work that the organization does and should focus on branding itself by the office layout and interior that they carry out.

When the office designs are not copied and a unique concept is been introduced in the company, the clients themselves start believing and trusting the organization because of the creativity that they put.

20. Play zone:

An office or a company should have a play zone so that the employee can rejuvenate from the mind and body.

If the employees just keep on working ultimately it will make them dull and get de-motivated towards dedication shown to the work. This affects their health mentally and physically if there is no movement and can also hamper and obstruct their creativity in action.

To create healthy environment businessmen and owners of the company are creating play areas with ping balls, football tables, etc to accelerate the growth of the employee.

While setting up an organization the owner or the businessman should not only focus on the internal part of the company but it should also focus on the external part of the company. Promoting a healthy environment and transforming the workspace will motivate the employees to give a better outcome and be always enthusiastic about work.

Creating a dull environment will only ultimately hamper the growth of the firm so changing the system of the organization positively will not only help the employees but also the organization as a whole.

The following points should keep in mind while designing and transforming the workspace of an organization. These points will help in considering all the factors which affect the organization layout.